Trump Defamation Trial Is Delayed

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The trial of E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit against Donald J. Trump was suspended Monday because of illness among jurors — and one of his lawyers’ parents.

One juror was on his way to court when he began to feel flulike symptoms and called the courthouse to report he was feeling ill, Judge Lewis A. Kaplan told lawyers for Mr. Trump and Ms. Carroll.

Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, who was exposed to Covid during a visit to her parents, said she had tested negative but was still feeling symptoms.

She asked Judge Lewis A. Kaplan to postpone court for the day.

“I’d like to have the full panel,” Ms. Habba told Judge Kaplan.

She then asked if the trial could be postponed until Wednesday, noting Mr. Trump had reminded her of the primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

“I would need his testimony to be Wednesday,” Ms. Habba said.

Roberta Kaplan, Ms. Carroll’s lawyer, said she would prefer to continue on Tuesday.

“I’d like to get this trial over with,” she said.

Judge Kaplan said he would consider Ms. Habba’s request.

On Monday morning, Mr. Trump’s motorcade had headed to the downtown Manhattan courthouse where a jury will decide how much money, if any, he must pay Ms. Carroll for defaming her in 2019. That was the year she first accused him of raping her decades earlier in a department store dressing room, and the question of whether Mr. Trump will testify continues to loom whenever the trial resumes.

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