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VONETS VAP11G-300 Wireless Wifi Bridge Dongle Wireless Access Points AP for Dreambox Xbox PS3 Network Printer Router ADSL IP Camera (Support Microsoft Windows Linux MAC OS ) by Vonets

  • Operating system independent.More detail guidance can refer our...
  • Support WiFi model. WiFi intelligent bridge function, Wireless...
  • WiFi intelligent repeater mode, it supports WiFi hot spots scan...

Product Description

VAP11G-300 is an environmentally and safe WiFi signal repeater. Working in the repeater mode, VAP11G-300 can be doubled to extend the original WiFi signal coverage, while it can ensure the security of the wireless signal, its working principle is: at the edges of the original WiFi hot spot signal coverage, the VAP11G-300 that in "repeater mode " is able to receive weak WiFi signal, and then zoom in to the normal, safe strength, and after optimization, error correction processing, to achieve signal coverage distance doubled extension under safe. This differs from traditional wireless signal amplifier - only amplifies the signal and ignore the wireless security.
1.WiFi intelligent bridge function, Wireless switch wired, wired switch wireless, intelligent switch;
2.WiFi intelligent repeater mode, it supports WiFi hot spots scan automatically and WiFi hot spot memory function;
3.Support turn off the wifi hotspot function;
4.Support WEB remote firmware upgrade, can get the latest firmware free;
Hardware Specifications:
Interface:1 DC2.0 power hole; 1 dedicated two in one power supply cable, with a set of power supply and a set of 10/100M adaptive Ethernet cable;
Button:Reset button (long press 5 seconds)
Antenna: Built-in 2pcs Smart omnidirectional 2dbm Antennas
Basic Function: WiFi Hot spot scan automatically; WiFi Hot spot memory; wiFi Hot spot switches.
input voltage: DC5V-15V total input power: ≥5W

1*English user manual
1*Retail box

Dreambox 500c Cable Box Receiver

  • adapter
  • cable jack
  • av

Product Description

Dreambox 500 C (Cable) Receiver is the smallest linux tv receiver box, its specification is like 500S (but 500s is for sattlelite) Warning : Any problem, please contact the seller within 7 days after received. The Worlds smallest digital Linux set-top box, just 20 x 13cm!IBM Power PC 250Mhz, 48MB RAM, 100Mbit full duplex Ethernet interface, Card slot, LED status indicationRS232, SPDI/F digital output, single Scart, LNB loopthrough, AND it works on 12V DC, ideal for caravan etc.Universal main Power Supply


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Wireless Mini Wifi Bridge/repeater the Best Partner of IP Device/IP Camera/IP Printer/xbox/ps3/dreambox VONETS VAP11N-300 Professional Wifi Bridge by Vonets

  • The best partner of STB, IPTV, Sky Box, X-BOX, IP camera and SLR...
  • High-speed Stability: Provides up to 300Mbps transmission rates for...
  • WiFi intelligent bridge mode, it supports WiFi hotspot scan...

Product Description

1. In WiFi bridge and repeater mode, VAP11N-300 can double extend the existing WiFi signal range, also can make sure the safety of WiFi signal. The work theory is : on the edge of the original WiFi hotspot signal coverage, put a VAP11N-300 under "WiFi Repeater mode", VAP11N-300 will extend the weak WiFi signal receive to normal and safe strength and after optimization and error correction processing to reach the double extension of WiFi signal range under the premise security. It is different from traditional WiFi Signal amplifier-it just amplifies the signal and ignore the WiFi security.

2. Three Parallel DC power connector DC power interface (ACPI): DC2.5 power hole, DC2.0 power plug, USB interface (for electricity use), it is convenient for customer to share power supply with devices.

3. Wide voltage (DC5V-15V), Low power consumption (<3W), no need special power supply, can reduce electronic waste generated.


Transmission rate : 300Mbps
Transfer Protocol : 802.11B/G/N
No barrier transmission distance : 100 meters
VAP11N-300 main device size : 5.95*3.5*1.1 cm
VAP11N cable long size : 30 cm
box size : 9.5*9.5*2.2cm
box weight: 65g

Package Included:

VAP11N-300 + User's Manual + packing box


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MK electronics 150 Mbps USB Wi-Fi Adapter Network Wlan Adapter Stick Windows Mac Linux Desktop PC Notebooks 150 MBit - Ralink 5370 chipset - also for Enigam2 set top boxes Dreambox by MK electronics

  • ✅ Special Features: 802.11n/g/b 150Mbps Wireless WiFi USB 2.0...
  • ✅ 100% satisfaction assured: High quality chipset Ralink 5370 is a...
  • ✅ Suitability: Suitable for all Dreambox, VU + and GigaBlue Models...

Product Description

To download the driver from this wi-fi adapter please use this Link and follow the instructions: -

This USB dongle from MK electronics portrays a seamless design that makes it more portable and easy to carry! Why invest in this product?

1. The wlan adapter never loses signals, thus you need not to manually reconnect it. 2. You need not to worry about the setup or its performance. 3. Network performance is top notch and you will not get any dropped connections. 4. Easy to install and use. 5. Compatible with a wide range of devices. Invest in this USB wlan adapter and make sure to enjoy your favorite movies, videos and online games in the best possible manner! For us, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority. We endeavor to deliver excellent quality products to our potential customers.



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AeroCool PC DIY Kit (DREAM BOX) by AeroCool

  • Only Limitation is your imagination
  • Open Chassis DIY Kit
  • Be creative and build your unique design

Product Description

Dream Box is a revolutionary DIY kit created by Aerocool to give you the flexibility to build a computer case like no other! Furthermore, you can make anything you want out of this DIY kit. The creation can be a table, a lamp, a cup holder, a coat hanger, a toy and the list goes on and on. There are NO LIMITATIONS! THE ONLY LIMITATION IS YOUR IMAGINATION. Have fun with “Dream Box” DIY kit!! Make your own creations and make your dreams come true. BE UNIQUE! BE COOL! BE AEROCOOL! Customer Service: or call 510-661-9948. RMA Service: or call 510-661-9948.

How to Stream Dreambox Satellite to KODI XBMC

como fazer streaming de uma Dreambox para o Kodi XBMC.

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Dreambox 500HD
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Dreambox Receiver
Dreambox 500 HD Receiver
Dreambox 500 HD Receiver