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DISH Network Satellite 500 w/ DPP Twin Pro Plus LNB by Dish Network

  • A dual tuner receiver only requires a single cable when used with a...
  • Use it to look at the 119 and 110 orbital locations. The DPP Twin...
  • Includes the Dish 500 antenna and the Dish Pro Plus Twin LNB -

Product Description

20" Dish 500 with no LNBs

Dishnetwork Dish 500 Plus with New Lnb for Sat 110,119.118.7 by Dish Network

  • complete 500 plus dish for the 110°, 118.7°, 119° , and can receive...

Product Description

complete 500 plus dish for the 110°, 118.7°, 119° , and can receive 129 satellite with upgrade. It comes complete with all the parts for a 500 plus set up including a dp34 switch and dp single LNB and can easily be upgraded to a 1000 HD dish by adding a dpp44 switch and another dp single LNBF (Sold Seperately).

videopath dish pro plus 33 multi-dish switch by Dish Network

  • Three output ports for opperating up to 3 single tuner or 3 dual...
  • One Dpp 33 Switch will opperate: HIGH DEFINITION receivers, Dual...
  • For use with Dish 1000, 1000+ , Dish 500, Dish 500+, Dish 300 or...

Product Description

Recieve up to four satellite sigals. Including HIGH DEFINITION or forgein programing satellites (119,110,129, 148,61.5, 121,105 or 118)

DUAL TWIN Y Yoke Bracket for Dish 500 perfect for: 110/119 or 91/82 FTA, dish network or bell express VU by Dish Network

  • compatile with all dish 500, bell or dishnet
  • Place 2 DSS d shaped LNBs in the holder
  • Easy attachment for your existing dish500

Product Description

These Dish 500 LNB Bracket Y Yoke adapter will fit dual dp500, legacy, Dish Pro Dual LNB's, Twin LNB's, Quad LNB's. and direct tv's lnbs. These were manufacture in that way to fit the square type lnbs. Use for 119 and 110 receptions or bell express 82 and 91. Screws are not included. This converts a standard dish with a single or dual LNB to two single or dual LNB's.

Factory Re-manufactured VIP 722K Dual Tuner HD DVR Dish Network by Dish Network

  • View HD and SD programming2 TV1 display resolutions: 480i, 480p,...
  • Independently watch TV in two rooms, or watch one show while...
  • Supports two independent viewing TVs - a remote control for each...

Product Description

DuoDVR ViP 722k - High-definition receiver for 2 TVs The DuoDVR ViP 722k connects to two TVs - one high-definition (HD) and one standard-definition (SD). View on separate TVs and simultaneous recording while watching another program. 500GB hard drive.

Aligning the Dish PART 2: Locating the Satellite Signal

Part 2 of 3 videos to help you align your own satellite dish while camping or out in your RV. This is an in-depth look for those who want to do it themselves.

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DISH 500 Satellite Dish Network Antenna w/ LNB (Complete Set)
DISH 500 Satellite Dish Network Antenna w/ LNB (Complete Set)
Dish Network 500 Satellite Dish with Quad LNB
Dish Network 500 Satellite Dish with Quad LNB