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NEW Style DISH NETWORK DPP 500+ LNB 118.7 118 500 Plus LNBF PRO PLUS JUST RELEASED by Dish Network

  • The DISH Pro Plus (DPP) 500+ LNBF is a new LNBF for use in Western...

Product Description

The DISH Pro Plus (DPP) 500+ LNBF is a new LNBF for use in Western Arc (WA) installations that include core and international programming. The DPP 500+ LNBF uses DISH Pro Plus technology to simplify installations. Like the current DP 500+ LNBF, the DPP 500+ receives signal from the 110°, 118.7°, 119° and 129° orbital locations with the additional bracket and LNBF. The improvement to the new DPP 500+ over the DP 500+ is the integrated switch. The DPP 500+ supports up to 3 dual tuner receivers with no external switch required.

DUAL TWIN Y Yoke Bracket for Dish 500 perfect for: 110/119 or 91/82 FTA, dish network or bell express VU by Dish Network

  • Place 2 DSS d shaped LNBs in the holder
  • Y YOKE BRACKET FOR 119/110, OR 82, 91
  • Easy attachment for your existing dish500

Product Description

These Dish 500 LNB Bracket Y Yoke adapter will fit dual dp500, legacy, Dish Pro Dual LNB's, Twin LNB's, Quad LNB's. and direct tv's lnbs. These were manufacture in that way to fit the square type lnbs. Use for 119 and 110 receptions or bell express 82 and 91. Screws are not included. This converts a standard dish with a single or dual LNB to two single or dual LNB's.

Dish Network Hopper with sling 3 - Newsest Model - 4k HDDVR 16 Tuners by DISH

  • 2 Terabytes of Internal Storage. Record Up to 500 hours of HD.
  • View content in 4K
  • 16 Tuners allows user to Record up to 16 shows at once, Connect up...

Product Description

Dish's upcoming Hopper 3 is one turbo-charged, feature-packed DVR. Not only does it have 16 tuners and Netflix integration in its universal search results, but there's a new proprietary "Sports Bar Mode" that allows you to play four live HD channels simultaneously on one 4K screen. The thing is fast, too. Powered by the Broadcom 7445, a quad-core Arm processor, the company says the new DVR operates at seven times the speed of Hopper 2. It's got 2 terabytes of internal storage, enough to save up to 500 hours of HD content, and is the first DVR to use USB 3.0 connectivity for external storage expansion, which allows for 10x faster transfer speeds. Or, you can watch Netflix, which is integrated into the Hopper 3 and even its universal search. YouTube is coming later this year to do the same thing. Watch Netflix, play games, or listen to Pandora. Hopper 3 is packed with tons of apps for everyone in your family. If you can think it, you can find it. Look up titles and actors across your channel lineup, recorded programs, Netflix, and On Demand shows with just one search. Hopper Remote with Voice coming soon. With built-in 4K support, you can watch a variety of On Demand movies, shows and Netflix in 4K quality. Hopper 3 has all of your favorite features from Hopper and Hopper with Sling, plus new features you're sure to love. Allows additional USB external storage. -The Best of CES 2016, Best Home Theater Gear-PC Magazine -CES Editors' Choice- -"The Hopper 3 Is the Most Ludicrously Powerful Cable Box Ever"

Factory Remanufactured Dish Network HD Satellite Receiver/DVR ViP722k by Dish Network

  • Caller ID on screen
  • Stores up to 500 hours of programming
  • Watch & record on 2 TV's in HD and SD

Product Description

High definition receiver for 2 TV's with simultaneous recording, displays up to 9 days of program listings/information, Dish Network interactive TV, HDMI & HD component video outputs.

DISH Network Satellite 500 w/ DPP Twin Pro Plus LNB by Dish Network

  • Receives some International programming from Dish Network on...
  • Includes the Dish 500 antenna and the Dish Pro Plus Twin LNB -
  • A dual tuner receiver only requires a single cable when used with a...

Product Description

20" Dish 500 with no LNBs

Aligning the Dish PART 2: Locating the Satellite Signal

Part 2 of 3 videos to help you align your own satellite dish while camping or out in your RV. This is an in-depth look for those who want to do it themselves.

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DISH 500 Satellite Dish Network Antenna w/ LNB (Complete Set)
DISH 500 Satellite Dish Network Antenna w/ LNB (Complete Set)
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Dish Network 500 Satellite Dish with Quad LNB