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Dish Network 20.1 IR Remote Control TV1 by Dish Network

  • Authentic Dish Network 20.1 remotes use 4- AAA batteries and will...
  • The 20.1 remote is the upgrade for the 20.0 and contains more codes...
  • The 20.1 can learn codes from other remotes.

Product Description

The 20.1 will control all Dish receivers in IR mode. IR requires that you point the remote directly at the receiver. Newer receivers like the Hopper and Joey will need to be set to ir mode to use this remote since they originally shipped with a UHF remote that does not require direct line of sight with the receiver.


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Dish 54.0 Voice Command Remote Control for Hopper by DISH

  • Remote Locator: Simply push a button on your DVR and your remote...
  • Backlit Keys: Your keypad illuminates automatically whenever you...
  • Personalization: Program hot keys to launch Netflix, record shows,...

Product Description

Just say what you want! It used to be crazy to talk to your television. Not anymore. With the new Voice Remote, you can access everything you need-without the touch of a button. Take the guesswork out of navigating your Hopper system by using voice commands to find your programming, tune to channels, and more! Can't find your remote? Don't panic! Simply press the Locate Remote button on the front panel of your receiver. With customizable buttons, you can turn closed captioning on and off, launch Netflix®, turn on Picture-in-Picture (PiP), record a program, and more, with just one click. Too dark to see the buttons on your remote? Activate the backlighting on your remote by simply picking it up, moving it, or shaking it gently in a dark room. 2 AA batteries required (not included).


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Dish Network 40.0 Remote Control for Hopper/Joey Receivers by Dish Network

  • Replacement remote for Dish Hopper and Joey Receivers
  • Only works for Hopper and Joey
  • Can operate the Hopper by UHF signal

Product Description

Item is brand new and ships within 24 hours. Remote control comes in plastic baggies with room stickers.


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Dish Network 21.1 IR/UHF PRO Universal Remote by Dish Network

  • Replaces lost or broken remotes
  • Works with major brands
  • Learns commands from your original remotes

Product Description

The 21.1 is the replacement for the 21.0 and supports more TV's. This remote works with most Dish receivers except the Hopper and Joey.



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Dish Network 21.0 IR/UHF Pro Remote TV
Product Description

Dish Network 21.0 IR/UHF Pro Remote TV

How to program your DISH NETWORK Remote to operate your TV.

Detailed video instructions on how to program your DISH NETWORK Romote to control your TV by Andy DeGraw of MidSouth Satellite.

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How to Set Up Your DISH Network Remote. How to Program the Remote to ...
How to Set Up Your DISH Network Remote. How to Program the Remote to ...
Dish Network Remote Control 4.0, IR/UHF PRO
Dish Network Remote Control 4.0, IR/UHF PRO
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