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Factory Remanufactured Dish Network VIP 722 (Certified Refurbished) by Dish Network

  • TV Resolutions 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, (1080p for applicable...
  • Supports two independent TV's, with DVR, a remote control for each tv.
  • Picture in Picture

Product Description

The latest in technology from Dish Network. The ultimate receiver, for the price. Two tv's can independently watch two shows simutanously. With DVR fuctionality, and over 180 HD Channels, there is no comparrison.


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Dish Network Wally HD receiver by Dish Network

  • Compatible with Tailgater
  • Over-the-Air Broadcasts Available
  • Netflix®, Game Finder and other apps.

Product Description

The Wally brings premium quality to a standard receiver! This feature-rich satellite receiver sports a modern look and brand-new user interface. Wally's technology enables users to enjoy a variety of apps and other great features. The Wally will be recommended for a non-Hopper solution without DVR capabilities. The Wally can only be paired with other Wally's. They can not be combined with other receiver families on the same account. Features HD single-tuner operation. New user interface with HD graphics. Sleek design allows for multiple installation options. Ethernet connectivity (optional USB Wi-Fi adapter available). Two USB 2.0 ports. HDMI port. DVR using optional external Hard Disk Drive. Netflix®, Game Finder and other apps. Bluetooth audio support (with use of USB adapter). Mobile antenna support. Over-the-Air (OTA) channel integration with separate OTA adapter. Supports 4K programming.

DISH Network 625 Duo DVR Receiver (Remanufactured)

  • Audio/Video (RCA) output (SD). Part# 139927
  • Display resolution: SD (480i). Supports Dolby Digital audio
  • If you only have hd receivers please call dish network prior to...

Dish Network 6.0 IR. UHF. Pro Tv2 DVR Remote Control Receiver 522 625 by Dish Network

  • Easily convert to IR by flipping blue to the green plastic key
  • Batteries not included
  • Original remote for Dish Network DVR Models 522, 625

Product Description

Dish Network 6.0 DVR- PVR UHF - IR Remote Control. Dish Network 6.0 Uhf - IR Version Remote Control is the direct replacement Remote #2 for Model numbers 522 - 625 Dish Network Receivers also will work as #2 UHF type with Model numbers 222 - 622 - 722 - 942 Dish Network Receivers. Warranty: 30 days. Warranted by Jims Better Deals

Factory Remanufactured Dish Network Hopper Whole Home DVR System with Built-in Sling Box (Dish Network Certified) by Dish Network

  • Compatible with both Eastern Arc and Western Arc Dish 1000
  • The Hopper and Joey system, replaces existing equipment. In other...
  • To hook the Hopper up to three other receivers, you need a Solo...

Product Description

Hub for the Whole-Home TV entertainment system, Hopper is a 2-terabyte HD DVR with 3 satellite tuners and provides full DVR functionality to the other TVs in the home through thin client receivers (Joey) making up the Whole-Home DVR network. This Version of the hopper comes with the Sling adapter built into it so you don' need to buy one along with it.

Dish Network 722 Training HD DVR (877) 576-7100

Dish Network instruction training on the Dish Network VIP 722 HD/DVR from Todd Addy at SilverStar Satellite your preferred local Dish Network Retailers. this is ...

Take Dish Network Anywhere You Go

Now you can carry DISH Network anywhere. You must be wondering how this is possible. Yes you can do this through portable satellite video player, which perfectly fits in your pocket. This device has been made to store movies, music, TV shows and digital data in its hard drive memory. Most importantly even if you are not a DISH TV customer you can still own the device from any satellite TV...

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Dish Network Dvr Receivers Make Your TV Viewing Experience Simply The Best

Dish Network Dvr Receivers Make Your TV Viewing Experience Simply The Best

Dish Network Dvr Receivers Make Your TV Viewing Experience Simply The BestAnodized aluminum. Casing available in Silver white dark sound only AA batteries which last up to hours. If your brake isn’t as good as from the with experience panels may seem like really huge effort. Lighting and sound beams and there...

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  • Opting out of Dish Network, Looking for Whole House OTA and Streaming Setup

    12/18/14 ,via Tom's Guide

    The Dish system uses 2x receivers, with each one sending signals to TV1 and TV2. Each receiver has a DVR, and we record regularly. PC/network Along with these, I have a Windows Home Server 2011 box and several PCs running Windows 7 Ultimate. One PC has an ...

  • Onkyo TX-NR636 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver

    08/11/14 ,via

    The company introduced the new port first in its budget-oriented AVRs, the $499 TX-NR535 and the $699 TX-NR636 ... receiver into my secondary home theater, which is pretty lean in terms of sources at the moment, housing only my Dish Network Joey DVR ...

  • Dish Network begins shipping wireless Joey video system

    06/19/14 ,via Fierce Cable

    Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) has begun shipping its Wireless Joey video distribution system, which connects to the company's Hopper whole-home DVR and up to three wireless client receivers that connect TVs to the home. The unit, which will cost customers $7 ...

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dish network receiver dvr in Satellite TV Receivers
DISH Network ViP 612 High Definition DVR Satellite Receiver
DISH Network ViP 612 High Definition DVR Satellite Receiver