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Factory Remanufactured Dish Network 322 Satellite Standard Receiver (For 2 TVs)

  • dish pro plus tuners
  • Two tuners for independent viewing of satellite TV programming in...
  • Parental control locks, themes lists, favorites lists, browse,...

Product Description

DISH 322 features two tuners for independent satellite TV viewing on two separate televisions, all in a slim-line chassis design. FRONT PANEL FEATURES - Buttons: Power, Channel Up, Channel Down - Indicator Lights< - Green tuner is on LED indicates the TV2 tuner is on - IR remote sensor, IR blast emitter (TV1 only) - Door and smart card receptacle (unused) REAR PANEL FEATURES - 2 satellite tuner inputs 1 UHF Pro remote antenna input - 1 telephone jack< - 3-prong power cord< - TV1 Connections - 1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs - 1 S-video output - 1 RF modulated output (channel 3/4) - 1 TV antenna/cable input - TV2 Connections - 1 set RCA-type audio/video outputs - 1 agile modulated output (channels 21-69; 73-125); mono audio SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions (approx.): ht (approx.): lbs. - Color: Matte black with silver buttons - DISH 322 Standalone Receiver Part number: 119941 - DISH 322-22D System (includes DISH 500 antenna and DISH Pro Twin LNBF) Part number: 119970 Number of Satellite Tuners - 2 Independent TVs Supported - 2 Supports HDTV - No Digital Video Recording - No DISH Home Interactive TV - Yes On-Screen Caller ID - Yes Optical Digital Audio Output - No Remotes - 2 DISH Pro Plus Compatible - Yes Software Upgradeable via Satellite - Yes We are a dish network dealer. This item is brand new with all parts. This receiver must be added to your account before we can ship. If you don't have an account we can get one set-up for you.

Dish Network 3.4 and 4.4 Remote Set for 322 Receiver Upgrade for 3.0 and 4.0 by Dish Network

  • Batteries not included
  • 3.4 - 4.4 Remote's Controls 3 extra Components TV. DVD. VCR. And more
  • Up To Date Micro Chip Processor (May work for newer Components that...

Product Description

(3.4 - 4.4 Remote Set) This Listing is for a Dish Network 3.4 IR #1 with Green Color Coded ID. Pad. and 4.4 IR / UHF #2 with Blue Color Coded ID Pad Remote. (3.4 IR #1. And 4.4 IR / UHF #2 Remote's are a Upgrade replacement for Remote for 322 receiver) is Brand New Grade A #1 Quality. Dish Network Remote Control Set. This Set is a direct replacement Remote's #1 and #2 for Model number 322 Dish Network Receiver.



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Dish Network 4.4 FOR #1 OR #2 IR/UHF Pro Remote 322 by Dish Network

  • will work with virtually every model of Dish Network Receiver

Product Description

Product Description This remote is designed to work with the model 322 receivers, but will work with virtually every model of Dish Network Receiver. Please contact Dish Network if you are unsure of which remote to purchase for your receiver model. Technical Details •Four-function remote control •Will operate up to four devices: satellite receiver, TV, DVD, VCR, sound system, etc. •These can be used as IR or UHF remotes (the tab can be switched to be either #1 or #2)

Dish Network 3.0 Ir Remote Control #1 by Dish Network

  • • Four-function remote control
  • • Emits IR (infrared / line-of-sight) signal
  • • Will operate up to four devices: satellite receiver, TV, DVD,...

Product Description

Dish Network 3.0 IR Version Remote Control is the direct replacement Remote #1 for Model numbers 322 Dish Network Receivers. Features: It will control all Dish Network (IR) (Infrared) Receivers except Dishplayer 7100 - 7200 Receivers Compatible with Dish Network Legacy Receivers Model number 1000, 2150, 2700, 2800, 2900, 3000, 3500, 3700, 3900, (Infrared only) Compatible with Dish Network Dishpro Receivers Model number 301, 311, (Infrared only) Four function Remote Control will operate; TV, DVD, VCR, Sound System, ETC.


  • remote will work with Dish receivers

Product Description

This is a new 3.4 TV1 Dish Network remote control. This remote will work with Dish receivers: 322, 301, 311, VIP211, VIP222

DISH Network 322 Receiver DISH Network 322 Receiver available at ebay.

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    04/21/06 ,via The Consumerist

    ... charged to your account for each dual tuner receiver (models 322, 522, 625, and ViP622 DVR) activated. This fee will be waived on a monthly basis for each such receiver that DISH Network confirms has been continuously connected to your same land-based ...

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DISH Network DISH 322 Dual Output Satellite Receiver (DISH-322) 119941
DISH Network DISH 322 Dual Output Satellite Receiver (DISH-322) 119941
... dual tuner receiver $ 159 qty 2x dish322 dishpro dual tuner receiver
... dual tuner receiver $ 159 qty 2x dish322 dishpro dual tuner receiver
DISH Network DISH 322 Dual Output Satellite Receiver (DISH-322) 119941
DISH Network DISH 322 Dual Output Satellite Receiver (DISH-322) 119941