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Dish Network 40.0 Remote Control for Hopper/Joey Receivers by Dish Network

  • Can operate the Hopper by UHF signal
  • Replacement remote for Dish Hopper and Joey Receivers
  • Only works for Hopper and Joey

Product Description

Item is brand new and ships within 24 hours. Remote control comes in plastic baggies with room stickers.


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DISH Network Wireless Joey Whole- Home DVR Client by Dish Network

  • Graphically rich UI for intuitive, simplified navigation
  • Connect wirelessly to a wireless joey access point (sold...
  • Supports DVR features including live TV pause, 10-second instand...

Product Description

Wireless Joey provides an identical experience to a wired Joey, with full Hopper functionality including the PrimeTime Anytime® and AutoHopTM features, and the ability to view, record, pause, rewind and fast forward TV content.

Factory Remanufactured Dish Network Joey Whole-Home DVR Client (Dish Network Certified) by DISH

  • Thin-client receiver that communicates with the Hopper providing...
  • The Hopper and Joey system, replaces existing equipment. In other...
  • Will NOT work with Hopper3 system, (A Joey 2.0 is required for the...

Product Description

The Joey communicates with Hopper to provide full HD DVR functionality and shares the same user interface as the Hopper.The Joey is the smallest set-top box in the world offering full HD DVR functionality.

Dish Network Hopper with sling 3 - Newsest Model - 4k HDDVR 16 Tuners by DISH

  • A Dish Network subscription is required.
  • HYBRID 1000.2 LNB and the Hybrid Solo Hub IS REQUIRED for use with...
  • View content in 4K

Product Description

Dish's upcoming Hopper 3 is one turbo-charged, feature-packed DVR. Not only does it have 16 tuners and Netflix integration in its universal search results, but there's a new proprietary "Sports Bar Mode" that allows you to play four live HD channels simultaneously on one 4K screen. The thing is fast, too. Powered by the Broadcom 7445, a quad-core Arm processor, the company says the new DVR operates at seven times the speed of Hopper 2. It's got 2 terabytes of internal storage, enough to save up to 500 hours of HD content, and is the first DVR to use USB 3.0 connectivity for external storage expansion, which allows for 10x faster transfer speeds. Or, you can watch Netflix, which is integrated into the Hopper 3 and even its universal search. YouTube is coming later this year to do the same thing. Watch Netflix, play games, or listen to Pandora. Hopper 3 is packed with tons of apps for everyone in your family. If you can think it, you can find it. Look up titles and actors across your channel lineup, recorded programs, Netflix, and On Demand shows with just one search. Hopper Remote with Voice coming soon. With built-in 4K support, you can watch a variety of On Demand movies, shows and Netflix in 4K quality. Hopper 3 has all of your favorite features from Hopper and Hopper with Sling, plus new features you're sure to love. Allows additional USB external storage. -The Best of CES 2016, Best Home Theater Gear-PC Magazine -CES Editors' Choice- -"The Hopper 3 Is the Most Ludicrously Powerful Cable Box Ever"

Factory Remanufactured Dish Network Joey 2.0 Satellite Receiver (Dish Network Certified)

  • Requires Hopper 3 DVR
  • Joey 2.0 is not compatible with all Hoppers (only the Hopper 3) as...
  • The Joey 2.0 allows customers to expand their service to multiple...

Product Description

The Joey communicates with Hopper3 to provide full HD DVR functionality and shares the same user interface as the Hopper. The Joey is the smallest set-top box in the world offering full HD DVR functionality. Box comes with: 1 RECEIVER 1 1 REMOTE 1 RCA 1 HDMI 2 AA BATTRIES

How To: Hopper - Joey Installation - Dish Network Hopper - Joey Components and Installation - Dish Network.

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  • What drives Paul McCartney?

    07/09/15 ,via SmartBrief

    DISH Network's Joe Clayton, who announced his retirement in February, transformed the company after becoming its CEO in June 2011, said DISH founder and Chairman Charlie Ergen. Clayton played an integral role in the launch of the Hopper DVR, Sling TV and ...

  • Now streaming on Joey: Dish brings Netflix to more set-top boxes

    04/15/15 ,via Digital Trends

    Dish Network became the first pay-TV provider to ... streaming app comes to set-top boxes today If you’ve ever used Netflix on the Hopper, you should feel right at home with the Joey app. Pressing the blue button on your Dish remote will bring up ...

  • DISH launches Netflix for Joey, Vevo on Hopper

    04/15/15 ,via

    Dish Network has launched Netflix for Joey clients with second-generation Hopper systems, allowing easy viewing of Netflix content in multiple rooms. The Netflix app will be available on connected Joey, Super Joey and Wireless Joey clients in the coming weeks.

New Dish (Bell) Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR System • Shaw Gateway ...
New Dish (Bell) Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR System • Shaw Gateway ...
Dish Network JOEY Set Top Box for HOPPER
Dish Network JOEY Set Top Box for HOPPER