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DIRECTV D12-100 Factory Remanufactured Digital Multi-Satellite Receiver by DIRECTV

  • SWiM Compatible
  • Standard-definition
  • Upgraded version of the DIRECTV D11 model.

Product Description

The DIRECTV D12 newest receiver is the first to feature the user interface with the look and feel that will become standard across all future DIRECTV receivers. "DIRECTV classifies all new receivers sold by dealers as leased. Also, if you are buying on a used receiver on another listing, be advised that Directv will require you to buy a new access card before you can activate the user receiver. Check it out with DIRECTV before you buy." As of 3/1/06 DIRECTV® now requires a 12 month commitment and all equipment must be returned to DIRECTV® if customer cancels service with DIRECTV®

DirecTV H25-100 HD Receiver SWM System Only by DIRECTV

  • Not compatible with Tailgater Dish,King VQ4100
  • Also required to be activated as a Leased Receiver as per DirecTV...
  • The H25 Is A Smaller Hd Receiver Designed To Work On SWM Dish ONLY

Product Description

The DIRECTV H25 HD Receiver is a great way to ensure your customers get the best DIRECTV experience possible. When combined with DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR Service† the H25 allows customers to enjoy recorded content from any connected DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR. The new, compact size allows for even more flexibility during system set up. The H25 is the ideal solution for customers who require HD service without DVR capability. FEATURE BENEFIT Standard-definition (SD) and high definition (HD) enabled View standard definition content and high definition content DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR Service capable Watch recordings from your HD DVR, with proper connection 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p picture output and multiple screen formats supported Enjoy the picture at the proper resolution. Also choose your screen format: full screen, stretched, letterbox, pillar box, or crop mode 3D compatible Enjoy HD 3D with a compatible 3D TV and 3D glasses, and HD Access. Visit for a list of compatible televisions 7-day Advanced Program Guide® Search the channel guide up to 7 days in advance for what you want to watch Interactive TV enabled* Take advantage of DIRECTV interactive features like DIRECTV ACTIVE®* Search for shows Search for your favorite shows via person, title, keyword or channel HDMI, Component (DIN 10-Pin), Composite, Optical Digital outputs Optimize your experience with the connection you choose, even all digital HDMI Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound capable** Listen to 100% digital superb theater quality sound with additional hardware On-Screen Caller ID† View and log Caller ID information provided by your local phone company† Parental locks/control Enjoy peace of mind about what content children watch by locking out specific programming

Standard DIRECTV Receiver (Lease) by DIRECTV

  • 1 Standard DIRECTV Receiver
  • 1 Standard DIRECTV® Receiver

Product Description

Standard DIRECTV Receiver (Lease)

DIRECTV H25 High Definition MPEG-4 Satellite Receiver for use in SWM System by DIRECTV

  • May require to be activated as a "Leased" Receiver as per DirecTv...
  • For Use in a SWM system only.

Product Description

May require a two year contract extension with DIRECTV. Only compatible with SWM (single-wire multiswitch) systems.

Directv Kaku Slimline swm Dish 5 Tripod Camping Tailgate RV 50 feet rg 6 wire power 21 v 4 way splitter lnb swm 5 by DIRECTV


Product Description

COME :SWM 5 KAKU DISH COMPLETE 1 LNB 1 POWER 21 V,1 SPLITTERS 4 WAY ,1 DISH KAKU COMPLETE 1 TRIPOD 3 FOOT 1 REEL 50 FT RG 6 WIRE 1 JUMP 1 FLAT RG6 WIRE 1 BARREL1 SIGNAL FINDER 4 SCREWS TO ATACH THE TRIPOD ALL NESESARIE SCREWS Compatible with DIRECTV receivers D12,H20,H21,H23,H24,H25,H24,HR20,HR21,R22,HR22,hr23,HR24,HR34,HR44,r15,r16 Certified to work with DIRECTV PROGRAMMING FROM SATELLITES 101,99,103,119,110 Receives primary DIRECTV services MPEG4 Connect up to 2 receivers GALVANIZED STEEL lnbf for orbital location 101-99-103-110-119 satellites

Enjoy the fun with DIRECTV D12 Digital multi satellite receiver There are many good satellite receivers on the market but DIRECTV D12 Digital is probably the best multi satellite receiver that ...

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D12 Receiver
D12 Receiver
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Directv D12 back