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DIRECTV HR44 Genie Server by DirecTV

  • Only one Genie allowed per DIRECTV account
  • Requires A 2 YEAR extension of contract, monthly fees will apply by...
  • Includes the new RC71 RF remote

Product Description

DIRECTV's latest, smallest, and fastest Genie server DVR is now also the largest! This unit has the capacity to record up to 200 hours of HD programming!

DIRECTV Swim Mobile RV Portable Satellite Dish Tripod Kit SWM SL3S by Satellite Oasis

  • Handy Satellite Oasis carrying case for accessories
  • Complete Portable Kit with Instructions
  • Includes Tripod, 50ft coax, compass, bubble level

Product Description

The Satellite Oasis Directv SWiM HD tripod kit is the new addition to our highly rating portable satellite dish tripod kit. This kit is compatible with your H25, and Genie model receivers (HR34, HR44, and on). The kit comes with everything you need to have portable satellite TV in HD. With our highly rated instruction booklet, you'll have the kit setup quickly and efficiently.

DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server (Newest Version) by DIRECTV

  • Includes the RC7X RF remote and HDMI cable.
  • Perfect Genie Server for the DIRECTV C61K 4K Genie Client!
  • Newest DIRECTV Genie Server! Get ready for 4K UHD broadcasts!

Product Description

This is the third Genie Server model to be released by DIRECTV and it's the best yet! This is the model that will work with 4K UHD broadcasts when DIRECTV starts to send them via satellite.

This model includes a SWM power inserter, reducing the mess behind your TV. It's also faster than older models and has a simplified motherboard. This unit lacks the component and composite outputs but can display that with appropriate breakout cables from its AV port.


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AT&T Directv C41W Genie Mini Client (DIRECTV HR34, HR44, HR54 Genie DVR is required. Sold Separately) by DIRECTV

  • Also required to be activated as a Leased Receiver as per DirecTV...
  • ships with a new RC71 RF remote
  • Requires a DirecTv Wireless video bridge (sold separately)

Product Description

The C41W is a wireless version of the DIRECTV C41. It works only with Genie servers: This client will only work with the Genie servers - the HR34 and HR44. The C41W REQUIRES A WIRELESS VIDEO BRIDGE, SOLD SEPARATELY. (One bridge can be used with up to 8 C41Ws.) You can attach up to eight clients (any combination of C31, C41, C41W) to your Genie DVR, but only three can be used at any one time. So we recommend just having a maximum of three clients attached. If you need to supply more TVs, we recommend the H25, which can use its own tuner. The C41W ships with the RC71 remote.

DIRECTV SWM3 Complete Portable Camping RV Tailgate KIT Slimline Dish SL3 with 2FT Tripod & COAXIAL RG6 & HDMI Cable for GENIES & H24, H25, HR34, HR44, H44 by PHAT SATELLITE INTL

  • DIRECTV HD Slimline Dish SWM3 LNB Satellite Dish with (1 Output &...
  • 50ft & 9ft RG6 COAXIAL CABLE
  • 12ft HDMI & 8" FLAT CABLE (to run lines through doors or windows...

Product Description

THIS IS FOR A NEW DIRECTV 3LNB SLIMLINE DISH KAKU SL3 SWM WITH 3ft TRIPOD TAILGATING KIT DirecTV SWM 3 LNB Satellite Dish - AU9/ Enables You To Receive Local Channels In HD Via Satellite

Solid Signal goes Hands On with the new DIRECTV HR44 Genie DVR

This is the fastest DVR ever from DIRECTV. All the power of the HR34 Genie including 5 tuners and a 1TB hard drive, plus speed you won't believe.

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  • EPA Presents DIRECTV with Highest ENERGY STAR Honor - 2015 Energy Star® Partner Of The Year Sustained Excellence Award

    04/06/15 ,via Reuters

    DIRECTV has seen incredible market uptake for its efficient Genie ® whole-home HD DVR solution. With the Genie, a customer’s home has one central ENERGY STAR certified DVR (an HR44 ... Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award, demonstrating ...

  • HR44-700 must be powered on for internet to work on C41-500. If i power off the HR44

    02/17/14 ,via DTV USA Forum

    This is a discussion on HR44-700 must be powered on for internet to work on C41-500. If i power off the HR44 within the DirecTV forums, part of the Cable and Satellite Providers category. is the best source of television and technology ...

  • HR44 to be next whole-home HD DVR for DirecTV

    01/11/13 ,via Fudzilla

    DirecTV is not wasting any time releasing its next whole home satellite HD DVR Genie powered box. The new box will eventually replace the HR34, which actually hasn’t been around that long. The biggest improvement you will find in the HR44 is speed ...

directv hr44 whole home genie hd dvr hands on
directv hr44 whole home genie hd dvr hands on
DIRECTV Genie HR44 (6TB External RAID Backup) Server HD DVR
DIRECTV Genie HR44 (6TB External RAID Backup) Server HD DVR
... Hr44 - 700 Hr44 Hr Dvr Direct Tv Built In Wi Fi Satellite TV Receivers
... Hr44 - 700 Hr44 Hr Dvr Direct Tv Built In Wi Fi Satellite TV Receivers
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