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AT&T Directv C41W Genie Mini Client (DIRECTV HR34, HR44, HR54 Genie DVR is required. Sold Separately) by DIRECTV

  • ships with a new RC71 RF remote
  • Requires A 2 Year extension of contract, monthly fees will apply by...
  • Only for use with a HR34 or HR44 Genie system

Product Description

The C41W is a wireless version of the DIRECTV C41. It works only with Genie servers: This client will only work with the Genie servers - the HR34 and HR44. The C41W REQUIRES A WIRELESS VIDEO BRIDGE, SOLD SEPARATELY. (One bridge can be used with up to 8 C41Ws.) You can attach up to eight clients (any combination of C31, C41, C41W) to your Genie DVR, but only three can be used at any one time. So we recommend just having a maximum of three clients attached. If you need to supply more TVs, we recommend the H25, which can use its own tuner. The C41W ships with the RC71 remote.

DIRECTV HR34 Home Media Center DVR by DIRECTV

  • Unit is considered Leased once activated by DIRECTV
  • DIRECTV permits only one Genie per account.
  • Two-year commitment to DIRECTV service may be required upon...

Product Description

Brand New, never opened from the original box


Free shipping

4TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR34, HR44 and HR54 Genie DVR. +4,000 Hours Recording Capacity and! by DVRdaddy

  • Simple Plug and Play Installation - no tools required. No need to...
  • Great 1 Year Warranty by Manufacturer and 30 Day 100%...
  • Easy Do it Yourself instructions are provided. *DVR unit not Included.

Product Description

This Brand New External eSATA DVR Expander Includes 4,000GB (4TB) Hard Drive which provides +4,000 hours of standard recording capacity. Simple Plug and Play Installation and we optimize this hard drive specifically for DVR use and hard drive "Acoustics" have been set to "Whisper Quiet" and the "Performance" settings have been adjusted for DVR use as well.


Free shipping

Lot of 4 DirecTV RC73 remote controls for Genie HR34 HR44 all HD DirecTV brand receivers by DIRECTV

  • Uses both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology
  • Save when you purchase a 4 pack
  • Compatible with older DIRECTV receivers in IR mode only

Product Description

With the revolutionary Genie® Remote, it's now easier than ever to find what you want to watch and control your entertainment.

• New sleek and ergonomic design, almost 20% smaller than our standard Universal Remote
• Fewer buttons and streamlined layout. Now you'll know what every button does!
• Faster response time than our standard Universal Remote, so your receiver reacts instantly to every button-press.
• Uses both infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) technology.

Genie Remote is compatible with Genie® (model HR44 or above), Genie® Lite (model H44 or above), Genie® Mini (model C41 or above), 4K Genie® Mini (model C61K or above), and Wireless Genie® Mini (model C41W or above) in RF mode-no need to point. It's also compatible with all DIRECTV receivers and DIRECTV Ready TVs in IR mode (requires pointing at the equipment).


Free shipping

Polarized DIRECTV, Comcast, Dish Network, AC Power Cord - 6' (Square and Round). Used for DIRECTV Models D12, H21-H24, HR21-HR24, and HR34. Used for Most Motorola, U-Verse, and Fios Receivers. by THE CIMPLE CO

  • Works with DIRECTV Models: D12, H24, HR21, HR22, HR23, and HR24
  • High Quality Power Cord
  • Works with Comcast and Verizon Models: Almost all Motorola

Product Description

High Quality Replacement Power Cord for DIRECTV, Tivo, Motorola, CATV, Comcast, Dish Network, Verizon and other set top boxes. Rated 10AMP, 125V, UL Listed, 6 Feet Long.

DIRECTV HR34 "Genie" with HD User Interface FIRST VIDEO - Solid Signal Review

The HR34 finally gets the HD menus that other DIRECTV receivers have had for some time. Take a fresh look at the HR34 with this Solid Signal review video.

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  • Free Genie® HD DVR Upgrade from DIRECTV*

    04/28/15 ,via The Detroit News

    Get DIRECTV now to receive a free, multi-room Genie HD DVR upgrade. The Genie HD DVR is DIRECTV's most advanced HD DVR system ever. A single Genie HD DVR box can power your whole home. No ugly wires and boxes in every room. Just pair your Genie HD DVR with ...

  • DirecTV launching 4K video on demand service for Samsung TV owners

    11/14/14 ,via Electronista

    Customers will need an Internet-connected Genie HD DVR model HR34 and above, and a Samsung UHD TV that is DirecTV 4K ready. Pricing for 4K movies will range from $4 to $16, and will be on a per-movie basis. Titles initially available are Forrest Gump ...

  • DirecTV launches 4K UltraHD video-on-demand with 19 titles

    11/14/14 ,via Boston Herald

    To access the UltraHD content, DirecTV customers will need an Internet-connected Genie HD DVR (model HR34 and above), and a Samsung Electronics UltraHD TV that is certified "DirecTV 4K Ready." "The picture quality and depth of detail that 4K provides is ...

directv s five tuner rvu ready hr34 dvr revealed
directv s five tuner rvu ready hr34 dvr revealed
DIRECTV Genie (HR34)
DIRECTV Genie (HR34)
... GENIE-OWNED-HR34-HD-DVR-Digital-Satellite-Receiver-Direct-TV-HR34-700
... GENIE-OWNED-HR34-HD-DVR-Digital-Satellite-Receiver-Direct-TV-HR34-700
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