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DIRECTV HR54 Genie Server (Newest Version) by DIRECTV

  • DirecTv will ONLY allow ONE Genie per account.  Two-year commitment...
  • Records up to 5 channels at once. Works with wired and wireless...
  • Newest DIRECTV Genie Server! Get ready for 4K UHD broadcasts!

Product Description

This is the third Genie Server model to be released by DIRECTV and it's the best yet! This is the model that will work with 4K UHD broadcasts when DIRECTV starts to send them via satellite.

This model includes a SWM power inserter, reducing the mess behind your TV. It's also faster than older models and has a simplified motherboard. This unit lacks the component and composite outputs but can display that with appropriate breakout cables from its AV port.

NOTE: "If you encounter any service issues such as crackling/flickering/Intermittent Loss of Picture on the TV, we advise to contact your service provider immediately so the service provider can reset Satellite receiver codes for the receiver and Trouble shoot the Configuration Errors if any. If you need any further assistance you can contact our 24/7 support team and we will be glad to assist".

DIRECTV HR24 HD DVR Receiver - Residential by C-Wave

  • Weight: 8.3 lbs.
  • This Unit Is Deca Compatible To Run Internet And Satellite Through...
  • Operates Quietly And Is Energy-Star Certified. Comes With A...

Product Description

DIRECTV HR24 High Definition DIRECTV PLUS DVR Receiver. For use with Residential accounts only. DIRECTV's HR24 HD DVR is the best solution for watching and recording TV. Record two programs at the same time, stream on-demand video, watch Youtube Videos and listen to Pandora, all from the same device. Sleek design with a touch sensitive panel. Operates quietly and is energy-star certified. Comes with a self-programming remote. DIRECTV requires a 24 month(lease) commitment on all activated receivers. Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p picture resolution outputs and multiple screen formats. 500gb Hard Drive Allows you to record up to 100 Hours of MPEG4 HD or 400 Hours of SD Programmning. With a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR receiver and your PC connected to your home network, you can watch your recorded programs on your computer. Pause live TV for up to 90 minutes and use rewind, instant replay and slow motion on live or recorded TV. Compatable with DIRECTVs Single Wire Multiswitch(SWM) system. View photos on your TV screen and listen to music stored on your PC with DIRECTV Media Share. Take advantage of DIRECTV interactive features like DIRECTV Active. Get weather information, lottery results and horoscopes onscreen. This unit is DECA compatible to run internet and satellite through one cable(DECA System required). H24 and HR24 installed on systems that DO NOT have a SWiM Switch require B-Band Converters. 3D Ready Receiver. This receiver is NEW. Dimensions Width: 15" Height: 2.2" Depth: 9.6" Weight: 6lbs.


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2TB DVRdaddy External DVR Hard Drive Expander For DirecTV HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, HR44, HR54 Genie DVR. +2000 Hours Recording Capacity and! by DVRdaddy

  • Great 1 Year Warranty by Manufacturer and 30 Day 100%...
  • Increase Video Recording Capacity +2,000 standard hours of...
  • Simple Plug and Play Installation - no tools required. No need to...

Product Description

This Brand New External eSATA DVR Expander Includes 2,000GB (2TB) Hard Drive which provides +2,000 hours of standard recording capacity. Simple Plug and Play Installation and we optimize this hard drive specifically for DVR use and hard drive "Acoustics" have been set to "Whisper Quiet" and the "Performance" settings have been adjusted for DVR use as well.

AT&T Directv HR24 High Definition DVR HD Satellite Receiver by DIRECTV

  • In The Box - Receiver, Power Cable, Access Card, 6-Foot HDMI Cable,...
  • 2 satellite tuners for access to SD and HD DIRECTV programming - 14...
  • Fully compatible with All RV Directv Dishes

Product Description

Maximize your DIRECTV experience with the HD DVR. It doesn't get any better than this. With the flagship DIRECTV Plus HD DVR, you open the door to the entire universe of entertainment and features DIRECTV has to offer. Record, watch, and delete shows in any room, with just one HD DVR. Get access to 400 of the newest movie releases, plus thousands of VOD titles at no extra charge. Even use your iPad as a remote. And a whole lot more. High Definition DVR receiver, remote control and a 6' HDMI cable included. DIRECTV approved. Additional features: Pause and rewind live HDTV for up to 90 minutes. Watch YouTube videos right on your TV. Control what you watch-back up, slow down, or use instant replay. Share your favorite shows on Facebook or Twitter. DIRECTV is the only TV provider to earn the EPA's ENERGY STAR award for Excellence for its energy-efficient receivers. Quickly find what you want to watch with any keyword. Set your DVR from anywhere with your cell phone or computer. Record a single episode or an entire series with a click. Watch 3D TV. Only DIRECTV offers 24/7 3D programming. Get real-time scores of any major game at the press of a button. Control what your kids can watch with easy-to-use parental controls. DECA compatible. MPEG-4 format compatibility. Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p picture resolution outputs and multiple screen formats. 500gb hard drive allows you to record up to 100 hours of MPEG-4 HD or 400 Hours of SD programming. Automatic Power Saving mode: Receiver goes into standby after 4 hours of inactivity.


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KVH Industries 190660 Vehicle Receivers by KVH

  • Refurbished
  • 8 lb., includes RF Remote control, HDMI, comp., Svideo, A/V cables,...
  • 500GB hard drive (400hrs SD, 100hrs HD record time), 2.8"H x15.2"W...

Product Description

DIRECTV HR24 Sat TV Receiver/DVR, MFG# 190660, 500GB hard drive (400hrs SD, 100hrs HD record time), 2.8"H x15.2"W x 11.8"D, 8 lb., includes RF Remote control, HDMI, comp., Svideo, A/V cables, supports MPEG 2&4, has multiunit interface. Refurb.

DIRECTV Genie - The Most Advanced Whole Home HD DVR - Genie, only from DIRECTV, serves your entire home. So now you can enjoy a full HD DVR experience on every TV in your home, without ...

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Subscribers to CBS All Access can watch on, or via mobile apps for iOS and Android, the CBS Roku channel, and Chromecast.

Sling TV – $20/month + add-on packages

Sling TV , Dish Network ’s newer internet TV service aimed at cord cutters is primarily about watching live cable TV shows, but its biggest draw is that it has scored a deal with ESPN....


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If the cable box has one redeeming quality, it’s the ability to flip on the TV and start watching something. No disrespect to streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu, but sometimes finding the perfect video feels like too much effort.

That’s why as a cord cutter I’ve been enjoying Pluto.TV , a free service that tries to mimic the cable box experience, only with Internet channels...


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    Wife just purchased Samsung smart tv with direct tv std receiver. Other Samsung tv has dvr with HDMI dvr receiver. According to Directv techs they have no clue. Samsung techs have different opinions. One says "cannot use to Samsungs in same room ...

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    08/28/14 ,via Tom's Guide

    My dad just switched to Direct TV yesterday from cable but got a package that did not include a DVR (I was ready for the whole home DVR they advertise). I want to used my Media Center PC running Windows7 Pro as a DVR if I can schedule recordings ahead of time.

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    Anyway consumers should not need to set up Web-to-TV ... that Sunday Ticket would become available to everyone. After all, no one now could think the NFL is losing popularity, while Nielsen’s scoring of new-viewership habits such as next-day DVR of ...

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DirectTV Genie DVR Feeds Content Simultaneously, Supports Up to Four ...
DirectTV Genie DVR Feeds Content Simultaneously, Supports Up to Four ...
directtv plus hd dvr with the latest dvr and hd technology rolled into ...
directtv plus hd dvr with the latest dvr and hd technology rolled into ...