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DIRECTV D12-100 Factory Remanufactured Digital Multi-Satellite Receiver by DIRECTV

  • 14 Day Advanced Program Guide®
  • The D12 comes with pre-installed software upgrade that a D11 would...
  • SWiM Compatible

Product Description

The DIRECTV D12 newest receiver is the first to feature the user interface with the look and feel that will become standard across all future DIRECTV receivers. "DIRECTV classifies all new receivers sold by dealers as leased. Also, if you are buying on a used receiver on another listing, be advised that Directv will require you to buy a new access card before you can activate the user receiver. Check it out with DIRECTV before you buy." As of 3/1/06 DIRECTV® now requires a 12 month commitment and all equipment must be returned to DIRECTV® if customer cancels service with DIRECTV®


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Polarized DIRECTV, Comcast, Dish Network, AC Power Cord - 6' (Square and Round). Used for DIRECTV Models D12, H21-H24, HR21-HR24, and HR34. Used for Most Motorola, U-Verse, and Fios Receivers. by THE CIMPLE CO

  • Works with Comcast and Verizon Models: Almost all Motorola
  • High Quality Power Cord
  • Rated 10AMP, 125V, UL Listed, 6 Feet Long

Product Description

High Quality Replacement Power Cord for DIRECTV, Tivo, Motorola, CATV, Comcast, Dish Network, Verizon and other set top boxes. Rated 10AMP, 125V, UL Listed, 6 Feet Long.



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KING VQ4100 Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (for use with DIRECTV) by KING

  • DIRECTV H & HR receivers under 25 (Example: H24) are compatible...
  • Portable satellite TV antenna for DIRECTV service, not compatible...
  • Supports multiple TV viewing,Fully automatic satellite acquisition

Product Description

KING Quest for DIRECTV (VQ4100) is the portable satellite antenna that gives you the freedom to take your favorite DIRECTV programming with you on the road, to the great outdoors, or anywhere in between. Your KING Quest antenna is fully-automatic, and gives you access to your favorite programming. Designed to be highly portable and simple to use making set-up quick and easy. Simply power up the KING Quest through the coax cable and within minutes the antenna will automatically lock-on to the satellite signal. The KING Quest for DIRECTV makes it possible to enjoy your favorite satellite TV anywhere, anytime. KING Quest works for DIRECTV SD programming.The KING Quest is known to work with DIRECTV receiver models D10, D11,D12, H20, HR20, H21, HR21, HR22, HR23, H24 and HR24. It is not compatible with DIRECTV Ka band satellites or SWM only receivers. Made in the USA. The KING Quest antenna works with DIRECTV SD programming with the option of adding a controller accessory (purchased separately) to make the system compatible with DISH HD and BELL TV services as well.



DIRECTV Rc66 Universal Ir Remote Control "Replaces Rc65" H24 Hr24 H25 R16 D12 by DIRECTV

  • Depth - 11.40
  • Model_Number - RC66
  • Width - 4.90

Product Description

Designed to operate all of the DIRECTV receiver and works with any DIRECTV receiver. Extensive universal code library ensures compatibility with most audio and video devices. Four-position MODE slide switch for easy component selection and code search to help program control of older or discontinued components. Guide, list, channel and mute functions.UNIVERSAL REMOTE: TO CONTROL DIRECTV RECEIVERS, TV AND TWO MORE A/V DEVICES WORKS ON DIRECTV RECEIVERS d12,r16,r15,r22,h20,h21,h22,h23,h24,hr20,hr21,hr22,hr23,hr24 BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED MODEL RC66, UPGRADE REPLACEMENT FOR RC65 Replacement Remote for the HR20, H20, HR21, H21, HR22, H23, HR23, H24, HR24, R15, R16, R22,D12 and D11 and older DirecTV Receivers Replaces Remote RC65X, RC65, RC65XMP, RC21, RC24, RC30,RC64 and SOME older versions INFRARED REMOTE (NEEDS LINE OF SIGHT TO RECEIVER) NO INSTRUCTIONS, REMOTES ARE PROGRAMMED THRU DIRECTV RECEIVER'S MENU FOR TV FEATURES.

DirecTV Remote Control RC65X 2 Pack IR Remote Control NEW W/Batteries H24 H25 HR24 by DIRECTV

  • 2 Remote Package
  • Infrared Remote (Needs Line Of Sight To Use)

Product Description

DirecTV RC65X 2 Pack Infrared Remote. This remote is NOT the RF Remote and requires 100% line of sight. This unit comes with 2 AA Bateries includes. Brand new in sealed packaging from DirecTV Works on the following receivers D12 R15 R16 R22 H20 H21 H22 H23 H24 H25 HR20 HR21 HR22 HR23 HR24 ***Sold and warrantied exclusively by MN Nice. Other sellers do not carry a hassle free warranty***

Enjoy the fun with DIRECTV D12 Digital multi satellite receiver There are many good satellite receivers on the market but DIRECTV D12 Digital is probably the best multi satellite receiver that ...

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  • Megan Fox blasts DirecTV over LA Lakers programming: ‘You're ruining my holiday’

    11/10/12 ,via Examiner

    On Friday even Megan Fox blasted the idea of the programming issues with the Los Angeles Lakers. “Direct TV are you kidding me...We have Nash, D12, and Mamba and I can't get any of the games?!? You're ruining my holiday season,” posted Megan Fox on her ...

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    Washington, D.C. (March 6, 2010)-- DIRECTV is planning to store a significantly larger PPV movie service on its new D12 HD satellite, company CFO Patrick Doyle said this week at the Morgan Stanley investors conference. The announcement is important because ...

D12 Direct TV, SD Digital Satellite Receiver
D12 Direct TV, SD Digital Satellite Receiver
Directv D12 back
Directv D12 back
Directv D12 Owned Direct Tv D12 - 100 Sd Digital Satellite Receiver No ...
Directv D12 Owned Direct Tv D12 - 100 Sd Digital Satellite Receiver No ...
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