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  • Replaces the RC71 and RC72 with better support for new TVs

Product Description

The newest remote from DIRECTV, the RC73 has an all-new design re-engineered to give you faster access to the functions you need. This remote fits your hand well and simplifies operation. The RC73 will also control your TV and/or receiver for the volume and power functions, once you've told the remote what model components you have. When used in RF mode, this remote is faster and more accurate due to the RF4CE protocol. This two-way protocol confirms each button press, so no missed digits in three-digit channels! In IR mode, this remote is compatible with all legacy and current DIRECTV receivers. In RF mode, this remote will only work with the DIRECTV HR44 Genie and the Genie clients C41 and C41W. (When in RF mode, it will still use IR for TV/AV functions.) Compatible with older DIRECTV receivers when in IR mode On-screen tips help you use the buttons effectively Can be programmed to control RVU TVs 2014 or newer Toshiba DIRECTV-ready TVs require this remote Works with all DIRECT-ready (RVU) televisions All new combined pause/play button All new design puts the most frequently used buttons in easy reach Volume and channel rockers move easily with a push of the thumb Easy battery life indicator - Solid green=OK, fast green=replace soon, slow green=replace now Self-programming when used with a DIRECTV Genie DVR or client RF4CE 2-way technology for better RF signal reception with less key bounce Turn TV and receiver on with one button Press and hold {ENTER} to change TV input


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2 Pack - DIRECTV RC66RX IR/RF Remote Control by DIRECTV

  • Save when you purchase a 2 pack
  • Works with DVR Receiver Models R16 and R22; HD Receiver Models H21,...
  • More codes than the RC64R and RC65R models

Product Description

Save when you purchase a 2 pack. The RC66RX has more codes available than it's predecessors (RC65RX, RC65R and RC64R). It can do everything the Infrared(IR) can do, and more. It's Radio Frequency (RF) capable, so you don't have to point your remote at your receiver to control it. You change channels from other rooms. Older model receivers may require an antenna to use this remote in RF mode (look for remote antenna input on the back panel of the receiver). This remote will also work in IR mode if your receiver is not RF capable (must change remote to IR mode).

DIRECTV C41W Wireless Genie Mini (Client) by DIRECTV

  • Only for use with a HR34 or HR44 Genie system
  • Also required to be activated as a Leased Receiver as per DirecTV...
  • Requires A 2 Year extension of contract, monthly fees will apply by...

Product Description

The C41W is a wireless version of the DIRECTV C41. It works only with Genie servers: This client will only work with the Genie servers - the HR34 and HR44. The C41W REQUIRES A WIRELESS VIDEO BRIDGE, SOLD SEPARATELY. (One bridge can be used with up to 8 C41Ws.) You can attach up to eight clients (any combination of C31, C41, C41W) to your Genie DVR, but only three can be used at any one time. So we recommend just having a maximum of three clients attached. If you need to supply more TVs, we recommend the H25, which can use its own tuner. The C41W ships with the RC71 remote.


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DIRECTV CCK-W Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (DCAW1R0-01) by DIRECTV

  • Compatible with the following three most common networking...
  • Instant Access to DIRECTV Cinema offering over 6000 shows and movies
  • Use the DIRECTV iPad App to turn any iPad into the ultimate DIRECTV...

Product Description

DIRECTVs new all-in-one solution for providing wireless connectivity for those who do not have a coaxial connection near their home network.It combines the function of a traditional wireless networking adapter and a Broadband Cinema Connection Kit.

DirecTV SWM SL5S Portable Satellite RV Dish Kit Camping Tailgating with Tripod SWiM by DIRECTV

  • Aline the tripod with the level. (Mast must be perfectly level)
  • Set up your Tripod and center mast.
  • With your 50 ft cable, Connect one end to the Satellite dish and...

Product Description

The Directv HD Satellite dish RV tripod kit from is the perfect solution for taking your HD Directv satellite service with you on the road (RV Satellite, Camping). If HDTV is what you're after while traveling, this is the perfect kit. The kit comes with everything you need to get your DirecTV satellite TV service on the road. All you need is your satellite receiver, your TV, and 120V power and you'll be ready to watch TV.

Get Rid Of Cable Commercial Compilation - Direct Tv

All of Direct TV 's "Get Rid Of Cable, Upgrade to Direct TV commercials.

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Tour de France : être le speaker,...

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Direct TV Repair Customer Service . Friendly service for account time ...
Direct TV Repair Customer Service . Friendly service for account time ...
Direct TV now offers live TV on iPad
Direct TV now offers live TV on iPad
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Nuevos canales en el Direct TV