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Product Description

It works for all the following FTA receiver models: Ariza 400/500
Ariza 700/750
Blackbird ST1000/2000
Conaxsat Mini/Nano/Duo/Trio
i-Link 210 & 8000
Coolsat 4000/5000/6000
Coolsat 7000/7100
Coolsat 8000/8100
Digiwave 7200S/6800
Evolution X0.01
Extremeview Magnum
Fortec Mercury II
Fortec Lifetime Ultra
Homesat V6
Megasat YT6688
Mvidea FS 4000
Neosat Lite
Neosat SP-6000
nFusion Nova/Solaris/Phoenix
Orasat 3.0
Orasat 5.0
Pansat 2700/3500/6000HX/9200HD
Pansat 2500
Sonicview 1000/4000, 360 Premier, 360 Elite, 8000HD
Viewsat Platinum/Extreme/Ultra/Lite
Captiveworks Cw 600 700 800 600s 650
(Note: Premium model only, will NOT work for CW600 Standard model)

Captiveworks CW800S Free To Air USB PVR Satellite TV Receiver by CaptiveWorks

  • USB 2.0 Host Support (MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer)
  • USB port for easy software updating with a USB flash drive.
  • 6,000 Channel Programmable

Product Description

The CaptiveWorks 800 is a standard definition FTA receiver with DVR functions (digital video recorder) from CaptiveWorks. If you like the flexibility of programming the FTA satellite receiver to record a channel while you away you will love the CaptiveWorks 800. Simply connect an external USB DVR hard drive and then this receiver can record. It has a USB port for easy software updating with a USB flash drive. A great value! CaptiveWorks CW-800S Technical Summary MPEG-2 Digital and Fully DVB-S Compliant SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/KU Band Satellite User Friendly OSD Menu with Full Function Installation by Easy Setup Guide PVR Ready With Time Shift by add a USB PVR / DVR Hard Drive 100 Satellites, 6000 Channels and 5000 transponders Brilliant On Screen Graphic Small Picture in Graphic and Zoom Function 8 Favorite Groups and Parent Lock Function EPG, including 4 days data fast download and timer Supports DiSEqC 1.0/1.2/ 1.3 (USALS) and 22KHz Tone Fast Channel Switching 256 Color Graphic User Interface High Sensitivity QPSK Tuner and Demodulator Multi Timer Function and Favor Network Search and Easy Tunning Multi Languages Support 20 Audio PID (Language) RS232 Port for Additional Information Service and Upgrading Software Multi Pictures Selection,4/9/10/12/13/16 PLL RF Modulator Ch3/Ch4 with NTSC M 14-83 4:3,16:9. Letter Box and Pan & Scan LNB Power Overload Protection Universal Remote Controller(TV/VCR/DVD/STB) VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display Components output:Y,Pb,Pr. Digital Audio output (S/PDIF) Blind Scan S-Video Output Zoom and Games PIP (Picture in picture) View JPEG / Play MP3 / MPEG2 Player USB 2.0 Supported

Coolsat 7000 Time Machine USB Free-to-Air PVR by Coolsat

  • Up to 40 min. Time machine, Recording & Play back using 1 GByte...
  • Max 500 GByte external USB 2.0 Host Hard Disk Drivesupport for Time...
  • Support 9 Day EPG and Blind Scan

Product Description

Freetech inc is the pioneer in the fta business. From the company who broght everyone HD receiver first in the market. Again, we now proudly introduce to you the extraordinarily advanced Time Machine. This state of the art receiver is by far the best. Coolsat continues with innovation, bringing new technology in "The Time Machine". With New exciting features yet to be seen in the industry, Coolsat now introduces new unparalleled advancements reaching far beyond today and moving into the future! Coolsat 7000 micRo PVR Features Up to 40 min. Time machine, Recording & Play back using 1 GByte internal internal memory (extended to max 4 GByte) Max 500 GByte external USB 2.0 Host Hard Disk Drivesupport for Time machine, recording,Playback & powerful Trick Mode. Support 9 Day EPG USB 2.0 Host support (MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer) MPEG-II Digital & fully DVB Compliant Blind Scan Multi-LNB Controled by DiSEqc Control Version 1.0, 1.2, and USALS Multi Satellite Search On-Screen Display with 65,535 Color Full resolution Favorite Channel Groups Powerful Channel Control by Favorites, Lock, Skip, move and Delete Channel Sorting by Alphabet, Transponder and CAS Multi Language Support (OSD & Menu) Closed Caption Support Maximum 10,000 Channels Programmable Multi-Picture Display Parental Lock / Receiver Lock CVBS Video & Audio Output via RCA Component Y/Pb/Pr Output via RCA S-VHS Video Output Optical & Coaxial Output for Digital Audio Software & Channel Database Upgrade via RS-232 and USB Preimum Grade Universal Remote Control

Solucion Captive Works s800 y s700 con Dongle NAGRA 3 IKS En este video mostramos el funcionamiento del receptor captive works s700 y s800 con dongle para conexion a servidor privado nagra 3 .

Receptor FTA CaptiveWorks600
Receptor FTA CaptiveWorks600
Satellite Stuff - AZ BOX, IKS, SKS, IBOX, DISH, LNB • trinituner
Satellite Stuff - AZ BOX, IKS, SKS, IBOX, DISH, LNB • trinituner
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