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Input Frequency: 3.4-4.2 Ghz. LO Stability: +/-10 kHz. Noise Temperature: 20 K. Output Connector: Type F Female. LO Frequency: 5.15 GHz. Conversion Gain: 62 dB The 3000 Series is Norsat's premium quality C-Band LNB. The preferred LNB for all C-Band applications. APPLICATIONS Low data rate digital video A reference LNB for Rx test and service SCPC digital or analog audio applications Low speed SCPC data from 19.2 - 512 Kbps, or any higher data rate


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ASC1 DiSEqC 1.2 Satellite Dish Actuator Positioner and Polar by Titanium Satellite

  • User selectable LNB /switch power of 13/18, 18/13, fixed 18 or...
  • Automatic or manual control of 199 satellite dish motor positions...
  • Lifts the heaviest dishes 36Vdc (max) / 5 amp (max)

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Searching for the highest quality and value with features that no other satellite dish controller can match? The ASC1 is simple to install and easy to use. Automatic dish positioning and polarity control with any DiSEqC 1.2 satellite receiver.

Do you remember when you could simply change channels on your C-band receiver and the your BUD dish automatically moved and the polarity was automatically selected? If the signal was weak or it had interference, you would press the skew left or right to raise the signal strength, attenuate interference and improve the picture quality? Titanium Satellite remembers and decided that it was time to once again make it easy to watch satellite TV, scan for new channels and provide the optimized reception that is required for reliable reception of the new demanding digital modulations!

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Enjoy the performance of a polorotor feedhorn and the convenience of automatic polarity and optimized skew offset with fine tuning. Don't juggle a legacy analog/4DTV IRD remote just to move the dish and switch polarities! Now any member of the house can simply change channels on your favorite digital DVBS/S2 receiver and the dish will automatically move and the polarity and offset skew is automatically selected.

The ASC1 is truly a heavy duty and quality built, high grade controller that provides features and functions that are not even available on expensive controllers costing 10x more! The ASC1 has another great feature not found on any other consumer positioner. Update with new firmware, back-up the user database by saving the satellite positions, names and polarity settings with skew offsets as a PC file. The machined aluminum housing with louvered side panels and integrated lifting handles are assembled with contrasting Allen Head hardware. The ASC1 looks great and protects your investment from bumps and drops.

Replacement Remote Control for GENERAL INSTRUMENTS 41443400100, 47343000100, 922, DSR922, URC941 by Redi-Remote

  • Redi-Remotes are not equipped with laser pointers or LED lights.
  • Redi-Remotes cannot be programmed to control any auxillary devices....
  • Remote measures 7 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 3/4"

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This is a custom built replacement remote made by Redi Remote for the GENERAL INSTRUMENTS remote control number URC941. *This is NOT an original remote control. It is a custom replacement remote made by Redi-Remote* This remote control is specifically designed to be compatible with the following models of GENERAL INSTRUMENTS units: 41443400100, 47343000100, 922, DSR922, URC941, 473430001, URC941, 4DTV, DSR400 SERIES, DSR406, DSR922 *If you have any concerns with the remote after purchase, please contact me directly* There is a cover over the lower half of the remote. This will slide down to reveal the lower half buttons.

Cband NPS 4DTV Satellite Install 2 of 5

Cband 4DTV Satellite Install Motorola dsr-922.

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4DTV DSR922 Satellite Receiver
4DTV DSR922 Satellite Receiver
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Motorola is ending 4DTV support 12/31/2010. Don’t be left in the ...
Motorola is ending 4DTV support 12/31/2010. Don’t be left in the ...
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Washington's Authorized Local Satellite TV & Internet Retailer of ...