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DirecTV SWM LNB SL3S4NR2-14 SWM3 Directv DTV LNBF Swim Satellite HD 101 103 99 by DIRECTV

  • Compatible with DIRECTV receivers...
  • Receives primary DIRECTV services MPEG4

Product Description

THIS SALE IS FOR A NEW DirecTV SWM LNB SL3S4NR2-14 SWM3 Directv DTV LNBF Swim Satellite HD 101 103 99. DirecTV KA/KU SWM 3 LNB Satellite Dish - AU9, Enables You To Receive progrmming In HD Via Satellite, from 3 satellite 101/99/103 into one wire solution SWM. Required For DIRECTV High-Definition Programming. SWM: SINGLE WIRE MULTISWITCH Receives Satellites: 99 (KA) 101 (KU) 103 (KA) USED FOR HD , LOCAL CHANNELS (WHERE AVAILABLE) AND BASIC PROGRAMMING Compatible with DIRECTV receivers D12,H20,H21,H23,HR20,HR21,R22,HR22,hr23,r15,r16,H25,H24,HR24,hr34,hr44 Certified to work with DIRECTV PROGRAMMING FROM SATELLITES 101,99,103 Receives primary DIRECTV services MPEG4 lnbf for orbital location 101-99-103 satellites INCLUDED: SWM 3LNBF SL3 GREEN LABEL 101-99-103


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Generic Dual Output KU band LNB High Gain Universal Ku Band Twin Output Hd LNB Lnbf Two Output LNB by VANPHO

  • Twin Output LNB
  • Ku LNB
  • Ku Band LNB

Product Description

Digital ready
Low noise figure
Easy installation
Low power consumption
Environmental protection
High quality weather protection
1) Input Frequency: 10.70~11.7GHz(LOW BAND);10.70~12.75GHz(HIGH BAND)
2) Output Frequency: 950~1950MHz(LOW BAND);1100~2150MHz(HIGH BAND)
3) LO Frequency: 9.75/10.6GHz;9.75/10.75GHz
4) Noise Figure: 0.1dB(Typ.)
5) Conversion Gain: 60dB(Typ.)
6) F/D Radio: 0.6
7) Input Interface: Wave guide WR-75
8) Cross Pol. Isolation: 20dB(Typ.)
9) Image Rejection: 45dB(Min.)
10) Polarity Switching Voltage:Vertical: 12-14.5V ;Horizontal:16-18V
11) Operating Voltage: Vertical:11.5 ~ 14 Vdc ;Horizontal:16 ~19 Vdc
12) Band Switching Pulse: 0/22kHz tone
13) Gain Flatness: ±0.5dB/27MHz
14) D.C.Current Consumption: 160mA(Max.)
15) LO phase noise: -70dB/Hz at 10kHz;-90dB/Hz at 100kHz;-110dB/Hz at 1MHz
16) Output power(at 1dB gain compression): 10dB(Min.)
17) Out put VSWR: 2.5:1(Max.)
18) Output connector: 75Ω F type female
19) Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +60℃
20) Storage Temperature: -55℃ ~ +80 ℃


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Turbot Full HD KU Quad Universal LNB with High Gain and Low Noise by Turobot

  • FULL COVERAGE OF KU-BAND: For Free To Air receiver and superior Ku...
  • SUPPORT: Low power consumption, Easy installation
  • LOW NOISE FIGURE: Low noise figure single LNB allows reception of...

Product Description

Specifications :
Input Frequency Range: Low Band:10.70~11.70GHz; High Band:11.70~12.75GHz
L.O. Phase Noise: -50dBc/Hz@1KHz; -75dBc/Hz@10KHz; -95dBc/Hz@100KHz
Output Frequency Range: Low Band:950~1950MHz; High Band:1100~2150MHz
Image Rejection: 40dB(Min.)
Noise Figure: Low Band:0.6dB(Typ.); High Band:0.6dB(Typ.)

Package Contents:
1 x Quad LNB

DIRECTV AU9-SL3-SWM Three LNB Ka/Ku Slim Line Dish Antenna SL-3 LNB Combo by DIRECTV

  • National HDTV channels offered by DirecTV
  • Receive 99°, 101°, 103° satellites
  • SWM technology dish Single Wire Solution

Product Description

This is a new dish from DIRECTV with three LNBs to receive 99°, 101°, 103° satellites. This dish operates with the new MPEG4 H20 HDTV receiver (where local HD programming is available). Reflector size: 22.5" x 32.5" Use it for HD local channel programming from DIRECTV Built-in 8-channel multi-switch which allows you to connect multiple receivers at once. includes required 21v Power Insert-er. Add it from the drop down menu above.

Instalacion del LNB en la antena y su cofiguración. HD

En este video se ve la Instalación de un LNB en la antena... ¿Como funciona la antena? ¿Que es el LNB? ¿Como se Hace la cofiguración de la antena en el ...

Multichoice - Marketing - Multichoice Full Of It

A little while ago I recd an sms telling me I could exchange my working Dual View decoder for an Explorer at a special price. I have just fought the traffic and taken time out of my very busy day to visit Multichoice Umhlanga and exchange my old decoder. After sitting and waiting for my number to be called the very helpful assistant said no problem she could do the exchange, gave me the price... Source: latest reports feed

Sky Service Call at The Ashford International Hotel

I was recently contacted by the Ashford International Hotel.

They have a twin screen Sky HD set-up in their sports bar, and it was becoming a very poor viewing experience for their customers; with a blocking and freezing picture.

Upon checking the signal quality and strength with my meter, it was low and fluctuating.

I made my way up to the roof where the...

Source: ashfordvision's Blog

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  • Triax and Astra present new IP-LNB

    06/26/15 ,via Advanced Television

    The new Triax IP-LNB is based on SES’ SAT-IP standard protocol technology and will deliver eight concurrent satellite programmes in SD, HD or even Ultra HD quality via IP to portable devices like, tablets, smartphones and to PCs or TV sets. This new ...

  • Baton Rouge developer set to convert old LNB building into hotel

    05/13/15 ,via 14 News

    An old state office building will be renovated into new hotel in Downtown Baton Rouge. The plans were announced Wednesday to convert the old Louisiana National Bank building at Convention and Third Streets into a 148-room Marriott Autograph hotel. In 2014 ...

  • Norsat Awarded Approximately $1M Contract to Supply Portable Satellite Terminals to Defense Media Activity (DMA)

    04/15/15 ,via Reuters

    The GLOBETrekker 2.0 has an integrated Norsat LNB, Norsat 50W ATOM BUC, a modem specified by the customer, an MPEG2/4SD/HD Encoder and a DVBS/S-2 modulator to provide superior portability. The GLOBETrekker 2.0 packs into three airline checkable cases and ...

Дети-Маугли: Мальчик-обезьяна из ...
Дети-Маугли: Мальчик-обезьяна из ...
Вожжи для детей Bambino красные
Вожжи для детей Bambino красные
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Дети нарисовали мир
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