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FTA Universal Ku Band LNB, Dual, 0.3dB Satellite Dish LNBF, Linear, Polarized (0.3 dB, Dual) by Cables Direct Online

  • Noise 0.3dB
  • O/P Freq: 950-2150MHz
  • Gain: 50dB-60dB

Product Description

This Universal Ku band LNB can receive signal from all linear polarized Ku Band Satellites such as: Galaxy 19 (97W), Galaxy 25 (93.1W), Galaxy 3C (95W), Galaxy 16 (99W),Galaxy 18 (123W), Galaxy 27 (129W), AMC 21 (125W), SatMex 5 (116.8W), SatMex 6 (113W), AMC 2/4 (101W), AMC 6 (72W), Horizons 2 (74W), AMC 5 (79W), AMC 9 (83W), AMC 3 (87W), Galaxy 28 (89W), Amazonas (61W), and more satellites

Avenger Universal Ku Band Single LNBF KSC321S-2 9750 0.2dB Noise by DMS International by DMS International

  • Input: 10.70 - 12.75 GHz
  • Noise: 0.2 dB
  • Gain: 60 dB

Product Description

The Avengers KSC321S-2 LNB is a universal single LNBF with a L.O. of 9750. This LNB can be used anywhere for FTA (Free-To-Air) Satellite receivers.


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NEXspark Standard Linear OEM LNB Ku Band Single FTA Satellite Dish 10750 950-2000Mhz by NEXspark

  • Conversion Gain: 58dB
  • L.o: 10.75GHz
  • Noise Figure: 0.3dB

Product Description

This Standard KU Band Single LNB has a super low 0.3dB noise figure. The lower number the better and the stronger the signal reception! Use this LNB with any Free To Air receiver for excellent and superior Ku band reception! Superior signal from Galaxy 19, AMC3, SES1, AMC6, G3C, AMC21, and all other Ku satellites!


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  • Complete with all hardware including the bolt/nut to attach to the...
  • Has a molded in LNB rotation scale
  • Has a vertical height adjustment scale

Product Description

Universal Single LNB Bracket is perfect if you want to add a LNB to any dish!


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SATlink WS-6906 3.5 - Inch DVB-S FTA Data Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter by Unknown

  • l  Support both AV out and AV in, Auto Satellite and PID Search
  • l  Supports DISEQC 1.0/1.2, 0/22Khz Tone
  • l  Aim your dish plus View the channel while aiming the dish easily...

Product Description

As a convenient satellite validated tool, the technical index has surpassed the mid-range Digital Satellite Searcher.

Support language: English, French, Farsi, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish.
3.5 inch High definition TFT LCD Display
Support both AV out and AV in
Support Auto Satellite and PID Search
Measurement type: strength\quality; bit error rate
Input Impedane:75
Input Frequency Range: 950 to 2150MHz
Input Level:-65to -25dbm
Supports DISEQC 1.0/1.2, 0/22Khz Tone
Both lock light and beep for the indicator of signal
3 Operation Modes: Digital TV; Digital Radio; Favorite
EPG for on Screen Channel Information
Easy Graphic Menu Interface
RS232 port for software upgrades
8.4V/3000mAh Li-ioN Battery included
Max operating time: 4 hours

Package Content:

1 X WS-6906 Satellite Finder
1 X Black Protective Bag
1 X Strap
1 X USB Upgrade Cable
1 X Car Charger
1 X Power Adapter
1 X AV Cable
1 X English User Manual
1 X CD

Please note:

1.WS-6906 Satellite Signal Finder Meter is only used for satellite signal strength measuring.
The strength of the satellite signal is depended on the area you are in instead of our WS-6906 Satellite Signal Finder Meter.Besides, WS-6906 Satellite Signal Finder Meter is only used for free satellite signal finder and SD TV signal finder.

2.If you have issues when using WS-6906 Satellite Signal Finder Meter, such as it doesn't work, pls don't hesitate to contact us via E-mail, we will provide you excellent in-line service to solve the problems. Your satisfaction is our goal.

3.WS-6906 is not capable for dish hybird system,dishnetwork satellites,directv SWM dish, and analog signal.

hispasat capturado con lnb de directv fta antena parabolica offset 60 cm

hispasat capturado con lnb de directv fta antena parabolica offset 60 cm nota: la intencion de este video es demostrar que si se pueden capturar canales fta del ...

“That's what Cuba does to you. It leaves you wanting more” -

Some serious must-click link stuff from Jorge Arangure Jr. of Vice Sports . The first in a series called “The Cuba Diaries,” which chronicle Arangure’s visit to the country.

He touches briefly on baseball in this first installment, but this is a scene-setter which explains how Cuba is, at the moment, anxious. In transition from what it has known for the past half century to what it...


Neotion, Broadpeak, Eutelsat team for FTA OTT - Rapid tv news

Targeted for smartphones, tablets and 4KTV screens, the solution combines Neotion’s DVBeacon platform and Broadpeak’s nanoCDN system so that Eutelsat’s SmartLNB and DTH operators can deliver live OTT TV channels and interactive services.

Explaining the rationale for the launch, Neotion says that with the inexorable rise of mobile and tablet video consumption, it is key to enhance...


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  • Triax and Astra present new IP-LNB

    06/26/15 ,via Advanced Television

    Triax, global supplier of innovative, high-tech solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals, and Astra presented a new eight- channel IP-LNB (low-noise block converter) from Triax at their respective stands at ANGA COM.

  • Multichoice blocking FTA channels on their new decoders?

    08/22/14 ,via Bundles Facebook

    The new Multichoice decoder might be based on Linux but it is greatly disappointing that viewers are not able to view FTA channels on it. This forces subscribers to make less than ideal set ups or not to view the channels altogether. This threatens the ...

  • Mini AV STB FTA set up confusion.

    01/12/14 ,via Geekzone

    Is there any way I can check for an LNB output without special equipment? I have a good quality multimeter. gregk: [snip] First, just FYI, Turksat... was fine. We had all the usual FTA channels, many of them duplicated, triplicated and more. Can you be ...

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lnb hd doble 0 1db lnb universal antena 60cm lnb hd doble 0 1db lnb ...
lnb hd doble 0 1db lnb universal antena 60cm lnb hd doble 0 1db lnb ...
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Satellite-FTA-LNB-Brackets-LNB-Bracket-Holder-Mount-for-C-band-Free ...