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Super Buddy Satellite Meter by Super Buddy

  • Powers 13v/18v/21v/29v for use with DISH, Directv SWM, and Wildblue
  • Field replaceable F81 connectors
  • Includes Training video (DVD format)

Product Description

The Super Buddy 29 has all of the great features of the standard Super Buddy satellite meter plus an internal combo 21 volt / 29 volt module to power the new DIRECTV SWM LNBs and the WildBlue / Telesat / Xplornet TRIAs!


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ZZcell Battery For Applied Instruments SuperBuddy 21, Super Buddy 29 Satellite Signal Meter 742-00014/3300mAh by ZZcell

  • Compatible Part Numbers: Super Buddy 21, SuperBuddy 29
  • Original Part Number: 742-00014
  • Capacity: 3300 mAh

Product Description

This battery is fresh, brand new and ships direct from the United States. . ZZcell Batteries are sourced from leading manufacturers of high performance batteries for portable electronic devices. . . All the products are guaranteed to meet or exceed original manufacturer's specifications and awarded with ISO:9001, CE and RoHS Certifications.



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Little Buddy Super Mario Bros. 6" White Yoshi Stuffed Plush by Little Buddy

  • Limited availability
  • Cute and Collectible
  • Official Licensed Plush By Little Buddy USA

Product Description

Yoshi is one of the heroes of the Mushroom World, an ally of Mario and Luigi as well as the protagonist of his own series. He is a member of the Yoshi species and has aided his brethren in saving their homeland on multiple occasions. Yoshi has also saved other kingdoms from the villain Bowser as well. In his youth, Yoshi managed to rescue and protect Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from the wrath of Kamek and the Koopa Troop. According to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Yoshi is the only one of his species who can speak the language of the other characters, though it seems that is not his first language, as in other games, it is needed to be translated through parentheses.

Super Buddy Meter Replacement Battery for 21 and 29 by Satellite Oasis

  • 6 cell NiMH Battery Pack
  • 7.2v 3300mAh
  • Replacement instructions included

Product Description

Time to replace your aging Super Buddy meter battery? This battery is built to for compatibility with the Super Buddy line of meters. Install the battery yourself and save money! Replacement instructions included. 6 month warranty.

HQRP Battery for SuperBuddy, Super-Buddy 21 29 Satellite Signal Meter Applied Instruments 742-00014 + Coaster by HQRP

  • HQRP® Rechargeable Battery plus HQRP® Coaster;
  • Battery Voltage: 7.2V; Capacity: 3300 mAh; Ni-Mh;
  • 200 Days warranty!

Product Description

Compatible with: SuperBuddy 21 29 Satellite Signal Meter Applied Instruments Super-Buddy 742-00014

DirecTV Installation with Super Buddy Meter

How-to Video for aligning DirecTV satellite dishes with Applied Instruments SUPER BUDDY Satellite Meter. For more information on the Super Buddy; visit us at: ...

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Super Buddy 29 Satellite Meter Powers SWM & WildBlue
Super Buddy 29 Satellite Meter Powers SWM & WildBlue
Super Buddy 29 Satellite Signal Level Meter
Super Buddy 29 Satellite Signal Level Meter