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SATlink WS-6909 3.5 - Inch DVB-SandDVB-T Combo Satellite Signal Finder Meter by SATlink

  • High quality and stable performance: it's with a microprocessor...
  • It's with auto-protection for LNB short-circuit.
  • Channel picture, signal strength and signal quality can be showed...

Product Description

It can at most show five channels' signal at the same menu which is very helpful for adjustment.
Supports both AV IN and AV OUT for camera, LCD, etc.
Built-in large capacity 3000mAH Li-ion battery.
Matched with a high quality protective case.
Support language: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Greek. English user manual is included in the CD disk.


Connector IEC Female 9.5mm
Frequency range: VHF and UHF
Bandwidth: 8/7/6MHz
Input impedance: 75 ohm
Demodulator: DVB-S
Front end: QPSK
Demodulation Range: 2Mbps~45Mbps
SCPC and MCPC Capable: Yes
Modulation: COFDM
Constellation: QPSK,16QAM,64QAM
Transmission mode: 2K,8K
Guard interval: 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16,1/32
FEC: 1/2,2/3,3/4,4/5,5/6,7/8
System resource:
Processor: 32bit processor (133MHz)
SDRAM: 4 * 16Mbyte
FLASH: 8Mbyte
Video decoder:
MPEG2: Main Profile @ Main Level
Data Rate: up to 15Mbits/s
Resolution: 720 * 576, 720 * 480
Video Format: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
MPEG Audio:
Type: Mono
Sampling rates: 32, 44.1 and 48KHz
Data Tranfer: Connector USB type
Power supply:
Li-ion Battery: 8.4V/3000mAH
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: DC 12V
Plug Standard: EU
Item size: 16.5 * 9 * 4.5cm
Item weight: 454g
Package size: 26.5 * 21 * 7cm
Package weight: 1214g
Package including:
1 * WS-6909 Satellite Finder
1 * Yellow Protective Case
1 * Car Charger
1 * Power Adapter
1 * AV Cable
1 * CD

Satlink WS-6909 3.5'' DVB-S & DVB-T Combo Signal Finder , WS 6909 Digial Satellite & Terrestrial Signal meter by SatLink

  • The color of the protect bag(black/yellow),will be different...
  • For the charger plug,if you have special requirement about the...

Product Description

Satlink WS-6909 Combo is an simple Messcomputer for DVB-S+T
Satlink WS-6909 Combo has a built in TFT LC Display with 3,5" / 8,9cm
Satlink WS-6909 Combo is excellent for DVB-S+T antenna Installitions
Satlink WS-6909 Combo can also use as a DVB-S+T Receiver on a TV
Satlink WS-6909 Combo work with files from USB-stick (Format JPG + MP3)

Satlink WS-6905 DVB-T can be connected as a standard receiver to a TV. In addition, the device has an AV input. At this, other playback devices or AV surveillance cameras to be connected!

Multimedia Player
Display of photos stored in JPG format and play MP3 files from your own USB drive!

For the first time in a economical digital meter, you are now able to view the actual channel on the screen of the meter. Now you can quickly and accurately align the satellite AND you can instantly check the stability of the channel right on the screen of the meter. Transponders, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarity, and other settings can be modified by the user. There is never a need to send your meter in for a upgrade.
Meter never needs to be returned for re-calibration due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter. Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.

Medidor de campo Satlink WS- 6909 Tdt Sat

Medidor de campo Satlink ws 6909 tdt sat.

Satlink WS-6909 Combo
Satlink WS-6909 Combo
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Satlink WS-6909 Combo
Satlink WS-6909 Combo
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Satlink WS-6909 DVB-S & DVB-T Combo , Digital Satellite Finder Meter ...
Satlink WS-6909 DVB-S & DVB-T Combo , Digital Satellite Finder Meter ...