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AIM Advanced Installation Signal Meter for DIRECTV Satellite Dishes by DIRECTV

  • One USB port.
  • LCD display screen.
  • Rechargeable battery.

Product Description

The AIM is a DIRECTVTM specific satellite installation meter that tunes to any DIRECTV transponder including national and local spot beams. It powers all LNB's including SL3 SWM and SL5 SWM. DIRECTVTM approved. Features:


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AGPtek Good For Campers Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Meter For Dish Network Directv FTA LCD Graphic Display Backlight Compass Buzzer Control by AGPTEK

  • High quality component. Anti-corrosion connectors
  • With electronic buzzer. Easy operation, attenuation, audio tone and...
  • Powered by the receiver, nice tool for campers. PS: work great with...

Product Description


Very powerful Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder which is able to find satellites in a very quick way about within 15 minutes if no accident. It is very lightweighted and compact,very convenient to use.Anti-corrosion connectors also make sure long time use and it is very worthy of trying.

Input Frequency: 950-2150 MHz
Input Level Min: -40dBm
Input Level Max: -10dBm
Input Impedance: 75Ω, F connector
Output Impedance: 75Ω, F connector
Power Supply: DC 13/18 V
Operating Range (LNB gain): 52-60dB

Package Included:
1* Instructions
1* Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder
1* Compass for free

Q &A:
1. how to install the satelite finder and detect the signal?
a>. Connect a jump cable from LNB to the satellite finder's "Satellite" port. Connect the "Receiver" port, a DC 1318V power which comes from the satellite receiver
b>. Make sure that the satellite finder is properly connected. Plug in the AC cord and turn on the satellite receiver
c> Set the dB to be 1 or 2 by ATT button, the signal LED will show from 15 to 30, then you can adjust the dish postition, when you hear the buzzer alert and the value of signal strength getting more and more, it means you get the statellite signal
d>. Set the dB to be 3 or 4, adjust the dish again and again until the value of the signal strength is maximum. Then you can see the LOCK light in the satellite receiver, if the lock light is lighting it shows you find the desired satellite. Otherwise you need to adjust the dish again



Product Description

THIS SALE IS FOR A NEW DIRECTV ASL-1 SWM Alignment Signal Locator Tool for ACCUTRAC, DIGISAT SATELLITE LEGACY METER. The ASL-1 allows you to use "legacy meters" (all satellite meters that are not "SWM" compatible) to peak (aim) a SWM system, such as a system with a SL3S SWM or a SL5S SWM LNB. Note that a SWM-PI 21 VOLTS POWER SUPPLY is required, even if the legacy meter provides LNB power.

DirecTV SL3 HD Portable Satellite Dish Mobile tripod kit Rv Tailgating Camping by Directv SL3

  • DIGITAL SATELLITE METER Satellite Signal Meter with Audio tone,...
  • DIRECTV HD Slimline Dish SL3 LNB Satellite Dish with (4 Output)...
  • CD Installation Instructions

Product Description

This is a Brand New DIRECTV High Definition portable satellite Kit is great for Camping, RV'ing, tail gate events. You will receive this sturdy 3 foot heavy duty tripod with a 24" mast a DIRECTV Slimline DISH With SL3 LNB, a Liquid field compass and a 50 feet of RG6 coax cable with connectors on each end. Also included a bubble level making your dish pointing set-up a simple process. ATTENTION: This unit is compatible with all Directv receivers EXCEPT the H25,HR34 and HR44 (Genie). These are SWim only receivers. The High Definition RV & Tail Gate Kit Includes:

atellite Signal Strength Meter Audio Tone Signal Meter Finder Level Strength SF99 Signal Meter 950-2250 MHz Squawker Dish TV Antenna Signal Locator Tester by NAC Wire and Cables

  • Power: DC 13-18V (Supplied from Satellite Receiver)
  • Easily set up satellite dishes on RVs, motor homes, picnic tables,...
  • Frequency: 950-2250 MHz

Product Description

Receive satellite dish reception in seconds with this easy-to-use DSS Satellite Finder! This tool is a must for RV / motor home enthusiasts who take a satellite dish with them on the road, or for home users. This indispensable product lets you easily make adjustments yourself, without having to shout back and forth with a second person at the TV location

Fast DirecTV or Dish Network satellite dish alignment meter finder

Update 1/31/2014: Use Discount Coupon Code C555 to get $5 off your next online order. (Limited time offer). Order meter from here: ...

DirecTV satellites blast off on Ariane 5 rocket - Spaceflight Now

An Ariane 5 rocket fired into space from a tropical spaceport in French Guiana on Wednesday, successfully delivering two television broadcast satellites into high-altitude orbits for DirecTV and Sky Mexico.

Crowned with the DirecTV 15 and Sky Mexico 1 communications satellites, the 18-story rocket lit its Vulcain 2 main engine, passed a final preflight health check, then ignited...


Arianespace ready for final Ariane-5 flight of 2014 with DIRECTV-14 and GSAT-16 - SpaceFlight Insider

The DIRECTV-14 satellite is the sixth satellite built by SSL (Space Systems/Loral) for operator DIRECTV. The high-capacity spacecraft is based on the SSL 1300 platform, DIRECTV-14 is a 20-kilowatt class Ka-band and reverse-band digital broadcast satellite that will be used to deliver Ultra HD and other new consumer services for DIRECTV.

DIRECTV-14 delivers hundreds of channels of...


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    Deployment of the satellite’s antennas, unfurling of its power-generating solar panels to a span of 147 feet — 45 meters — and testing of DirecTV 15’s satellite bus should be complete by around June 10, then ground controllers will activate the ...

AIM Satellite Meter Advance Installation Meter IN STOCK!!
AIM Satellite Meter Advance Installation Meter IN STOCK!!
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finder meter directv dish fta hd monitors signal strength meter
finder meter directv dish fta hd monitors signal strength meter
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Satellite Finder Signal Meter for SAT DISH LNB DIRECTV For Sale
Satellite Finder Signal Meter for SAT DISH LNB DIRECTV For Sale