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Satellite Finder FTA DVB-S Digital Sat Signal Meter, Satlink WS-6906 Outdoor Satellite Signal Detector TV Equipment with 3.5 Inch LCD Screen, Work with External FTA Satellite Dish by VOdmy

  • ☛Easy to Operate: You can manually import North American Satellite...
  • ☛What's included: a WS-6906 satellite finder;a black protective...
  • ☛Automatically Calibrates Function: The meter never needs to be...

Product Description

★Brief Introduction:
1.WS-6906 has a GREEN "LOCK" indicator light to positively ID the satellite you are looking for.
2.Channel picture, signal strength and signal quality can be showed on LCD Screen after you set up your local DVB-S Parameter.
3.Using the parameters of satellite, you can set and align a satellite dish quickly.
4.WS6906 Meter can easily and accurately aim your dish plus View the channel while aiming the dish.
5.It includes high capacity Lithium Battery 3000mAh which works for more than 4 hours after fully charged.

- 3.5 inch High definition TFT LCD Display
- Fully DVB-S/MPEG-2 compliant
- SCPC&MCPC receivable from C/KU band satellites
- PAL-NTSC auto-conversion
- Support Auto ,NIT and PID search
- Measure Parameters: intensity, quality and bit error rate
- Supports DiSEqC 1.0/1.2, 0/22Khz Tone
- Support both AV out and AV in
- Both light and beep for the indicator of signal locked
- RS232 port for software upgrades
- Built-in speaker
- LNB short protect and alarm
- Easy Graphic Menu Interface
- 8.4V/3000mAh Li-ion battery included
- Max operating time: 4 hours

★Package Include:
- 1 x WS-6906 Satellite Finder
- 1 x Black Protective Bag
- 1 x USB Upgrade Cable
- 1 x Strap
- 1 x Car Charger
- 1 x Power Adapter
- 1 x AV Cable
- 1 x User Manual


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Satellite Finder, V8 Finder, Free Sat FTA, 1080P full HD DVB-S/S2 Digital Satellite Signal Meter, free to Air Sat Finder with 3.5 inch LCD Screen Supports Adjusting Sat Dish and Surveillance Camera by AMDMY

  • 【What you Get】: A V8 finder digital satellite Meter; A AV cable; A...
  • 【Enjoy FreeTV】: Freesat V8 can help you to enjoy many free...
  • 【Fully DVB Compliant and More Functions】: Fully DVB Compliant, live...

Product Description

Product Feature:

System capabilities: Full HD DVB-S/S2 Complian, fully DVB compliant, Live FTA Digital Picture and Sound.
Display: 3.5 inch LCD Colour Screen. Video Decode: AC-3, MPEG-2 MP/HL; H.264 BP MP&HP/L4.1; AVS profile/L6.1/4.0/2.0
PAL/NTSC: Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
OSD Language: English\German\French\Portuguese\Spanish\Italian\Russian\Turkish\Polish\Arabic \Farsi\Espanol\Deutsch
OSD Color: 16-bit OSD with anti-flickering

Channels Number: 6000 channels TV and Radio programmable
Favorites: 8 different favorite groups selection
Channel Search: Channel search in automatic, manual and network search
Channel Edit: Various channel editing function (favorite, move, lock,skip,delete,rename,find,sort)
Easy Menu: Plug and Play installation, with an easy to use Menu System
Save Channel: Automatic save for last channel

Electric Performance:
★ System resource:
Flash Memory: 64Mb Serial Flash
DDR3 Memory: 1Gb DDR3
★ LNB/Tuner input:
Connector: F type,male
Frequency range: 950MHZ-2150MHZ
Input Impedance: 75Ω
Signal lever: -65dBm~-25dBm
Active Ant Power: 13/18V DC 400mA MAX,Overload Protection
LNB switch control: 22KHz
DiSEqC: Ver 1.0/1.1/1.2
★ Demodulator:
Front end: QPSK(S);QPSK,8PSK,16APSK,32APSK(S2)
Modulation range: 2Mbps~45Mbps
SCPC and MCPC Capable: Yes
Spectral inversion: Auto conversion

Power Supply: DC12V/3000mA (Input 100V ~240V, 50/60Hz)
Battery: 7.4V 3000mAh Li-ion Battery
Color: Yellow with Blue

Main Item Size: 15.9 * 9.4 * 4.4cm / 6.26 * 3.70 * 1.73in
Package Size: 23.5 * 18.5 * 5.8cm / 9.25 * 7.28 * 2.28in
Main Item Weight: 431g / 15.18oz
Package Weight: 812g / 28.64oz

Package Includes:
1* Digital satellite finder meter
1* AV cable
1* Car charge
1* Power Adapter
1* English User Manual
1 * Carrying Bag
1 * Strap of Carrying Bag


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AGPtek Good For Campers Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder Meter For Dish Network Directv FTA LCD Graphic Display Backlight Compass Buzzer Control by AGPTEK

  • High quality component. Anti-corrosion connectors
  • Sensitive meter for in-line use; pocket size and light weight
  • With electronic buzzer. Easy operation, attenuation, audio tone and...

Product Description


Very powerful Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder which is able to find satellites in a very quick way about within 15 minutes if no accident. It is very lightweighted and compact,very convenient to use.Anti-corrosion connectors also make sure long time use and it is very worthy of trying.

Input Frequency: 950-2150 MHz
Input Level Min: -40dBm
Input Level Max: -10dBm
Input Impedance: 75Ω, F connector
Output Impedance: 75Ω, F connector
Power Supply: DC 13/18 V
Operating Range (LNB gain): 52-60dB

Package Included:
1* Instructions
1* Digital Satellite Signal Meter Finder
1* Compass for free

Q &A:
1. how to install the satelite finder and detect the signal?
a>. Connect a jump cable from LNB to the satellite finder's "Satellite" port. Connect the "Receiver" port, a DC 1318V power which comes from the satellite receiver
b>. Make sure that the satellite finder is properly connected. Plug in the AC cord and turn on the satellite receiver
c> Set the dB to be 1 or 2 by ATT button, the signal LED will show from 15 to 30, then you can adjust the dish postition, when you hear the buzzer alert and the value of signal strength getting more and more, it means you get the statellite signal
d>. Set the dB to be 3 or 4, adjust the dish again and again until the value of the signal strength is maximum. Then you can see the LOCK light in the satellite receiver, if the lock light is lighting it shows you find the desired satellite. Otherwise you need to adjust the dish again


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GT MEDIA V8 Finder Satellite Signal Meter Freesat TV DVB-S2 Receiver Sat Detector, HD 1080P Free to Air FTA 3.5" LCD Built-in 3000mAh Battery for Adjusting Sat Dish by GT MEDIA

  • 【Fully HD DVB-S/S2 Compliant】V8 Satellite Finder have 3.5-inch LCD...
  • 【Professional after sales service】If you have any questions, please...
  • 【Full Satellite Selection】SAT digital locator with Bluetooth....

Product Description

** "GT MEDIA" is the official authorized seller of the "GT MEDIA" brand. The product is sold in our store are 100% original **

** More information about the product, you can find related videos on Facebook **

1 × Digital satellite meter
1 × User'S manual
1 × AV cable
1 × Car charger cable
1 × Adaptor
1 × Carry bag & Carrying strap

Brief Function:
1. Fully DVB compliant,Live FTA Digital Picture and Sound
2. 3.5 inch LCD Colour Screen
3. Lithium-ion 3000mA Battery,Normal work up to 4 hours
4. Support AV in and AV/HDMI out function
5, Support 13V / 18V / LOCK status panel LED display directly
6, Support battery power display
7. Software Upgradeable via USB
8. Technical support

Main Features:
System Capabilities:Full HD DVB-S/S2 Compliant, Fully DVB compliant
Video Decode:AC-3,MPEG-2 MP@HL;H.264 BP MP&HP@L4.1;AVS profile@L6.1/4.0/2.0
PAL/NTSC:Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
Channels Number:6000 channels TV and Radio programmable
Favorites:8 different favorite groups selection
OSD Language:English\German\French\Portuguese\Spanish\Italian\Russian\Turkish\Polish\ Arabic\Farsi\Espanol\Deutsch
OSD Color:16-bit OSD with anti-flickering
Channel Search:Channel search in automatic, manual and network search
Channel Edit:Various channel editing function (favorite, move, lock, skip, delete, rename, find, sort)
Easy Menu:Plug and Play installation, with an easy to use Menu System
Soft Upgrade:Software upgrade through USB
Save Channel:Automatic save for last channel
Power Supply: DC12V/1500mA(Input 100V ~240V, 50/60Hz)


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KKmoon Digital Satellite Finder Satellite Signal Meter Mini Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter with LCD Display Digital Satfinder with Compass by KKmoon

  • ❤❤No external power or batteries required, power supplied from your...
  • ❤❤Designed with a compass for easier and quicker tuning.
  • ❤❤Mini size and light weight, really portable.

Product Description

❤❤The digital satellite finder is microprocessor controlled, making it very reliable and accurate. Signal strength is presented graphically on the LCD display in form of thermometer-scale and in numbers (0-99). It can also present pitch tones (the higher tone the better signal) on a buzzer. The digital satfinder is very sensitive and can detect the weakest of signals, strong incoming signals (powerful satellite, big dishes) can easily be attenuated for better readout.

Mini size and light weight, really portable.
Designed with a compass for easier and quicker tuning.
LCD graphic display with LED backlit to show the satellite signal intensity.
Connect to your LNB and receiver to the satellite finder to track the clearest setting for the satellite you wish to tune to.
No external power or batteries required, power supplied from your satellite receiver.
With buzzer and attenuation control function, easy user-friendly operation.

Material: ABS
Impedance: 75Ω
Gain: ≥10dB
Power Supply: DC13-18V
Frequency Range: 950-2150MHz
Input Level Range: -40~-10dBm
Operating Range: 52-60dB
Operating Temperature: 0-40℃
Item Size: 13 * 6.5 * 2.7cm / 5.12 * 2.56 * 1.06in
Item Weight: 87g / 3.08oz
Package Weight: 145g/ 5.14oz
Package Size: 16.5 * 10.5 * 5.5cm / 6.49 * 4.13 * 2.16in

❤❤Package List:
1 * Satellite Finder
1 * User Manual (English)

Satellite Finder Digital SF-95DR

Como Usar Satellite Finder Digital Modelo SF-95DR.

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Handheld Multifunction 3.5" LCD Digital Satellite Finder - Black
Handheld Multifunction 3.5" LCD Digital Satellite Finder - Black
Image by
SF-9505A-Satellite-Meter-Digital-Satellite-Finder-LCD-Signal-Meter ...
SF-9505A-Satellite-Meter-Digital-Satellite-Finder-LCD-Signal-Meter ...
Digital Satellite Finder With 3.5inch LCD Display
Digital Satellite Finder With 3.5inch LCD Display