E.U. Presses Israel on Gaza’s Future and Palestinian Statehood

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On Monday, Mr. Netanyahu told representatives of hostage families that there was “no real proposal” from Hamas, but that Israel had put forward its own offer, without elaborating on its details, according to a statement from his office.

As Israel has wound down its operations in northern Gaza, it has pushed ahead with its invasion of Khan Younis, where hundreds of thousands of displaced civilians have sought shelter in schools, hospitals and tent cities.

Israeli officials have said the campaign in the city — which they describe as a Hamas stronghold — was targeting the group’s leadership, and they have accused Hamas of using hospitals and other civilian infrastructure to hide its operations. But civilians, many of whom have been uprooted several times since the start of the war, have been left with no refuge.

Naseem Hasan, an ambulance officer at Nasser, said in an interview that tanks were about 100 meters (about 328 feet) south of the hospital and “can target anyone.” He said one ambulance carrying a person who had been shot in the head was not able to reach Nasser on Monday morning and had to go to a hospital in Rafah, a journey that took three hours.

In a statement, the Red Crescent said the presence of Israeli troops near Al-Amal Hospital, which it operates, meant that its ambulances could not reach the injured in Khan Younis. It said that anyone attempting to move around the area was coming under fire.

Ms. Farsakh, the Red Crescent spokeswoman, said that emergency medical crews had been receiving calls from people who were wounded across the area, including at a school in Al-Mawasi. But crews were unable to respond “because they are being targeted,” she said.

The Israel Defense Forces said in response that it was operating in Gaza “while adhering to the principles of combat and international law. The I.D.F. is fighting a terrorist organization that embeds itself in the civilian population, and skilled and experienced units are working to dismantle the Hamas military framework, while staying aware of the complexity of the task.”

Ameera Harouda, Abu Bakr Bashir and Johnatan Reiss contributed reporting.

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