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5. Aiming the Dish - MP1 Winegard Carryout Portable Satellite Antenna

Part 5 - Aiming the Dish: A simple overview of how to set up your Winegard Carryout MP1 and DISH Network 211K receiver in your RV.

Big Wheels are Rolling Again!

The answer was a clear view of the sky so Craig could get the broadcast of the Women's World Cup soccer games with our rooftop Winegard satellite dish. I have to point out that it's rare that the dish can't see the satellites, but of course this had to be the time when it was not possible with all of the trees overhead and the sheer mountain wall that loomed over us to the south. Most of the... Source: Merikay's Dream

June 4....Mesa to Holbrook, AZ

If you are following this blog for the bicycling info, you might want to skip the blog for the next week! This is about Pam traveling from Mesa, Arizona to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a very large motorhome! Some friends and family want to know where I am and how I'm fairing as I travel across tornado alley! After spending 5+ weeks back home, spending time with my Dad, I had to fly back to Mesa... Source: The travels of the Rambling Roses

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  • Winegard Carryout portable sat. dish. $350. 707-482-0544

    05/30/15 ,via Del Norte Triplicate

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  • Deputies: Manhunt continues for armed carjacking suspects who shot 2 people

    03/15/15 ,via Orlando Sentinel

    Orange County Sheriff's Office Lt. Mike Crabb said the carjacking of a white Toyota happened at 2 a.m. Saturday morning in the area of Winegard and Lancaster roads. Then around 9 p.m. Saturday, the vehicle reappeared in the same area with three or four men ...

  • Woman killed as she crossed Sand Lake road

    12/08/14 ,via Orlando Sentinel

    Though the crash occurred at Sand Lake road and Winegard road, FHP Spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Montes said that the woman was not using a crosswalk or intersection when she was hit by the Dodge Neon. The driver was identified as Alfred Collazo Dejesus ...

Winegard GM-MP1 Satellite Dish Antenna
Winegard GM-MP1 Satellite Dish Antenna
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Winegard PA-6002 Pathway X2 Satellite Dish Portable RV Parts
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