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RunningSnail Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio For Emergency with AM/FM, Flashlight, Reading Lamp And 2000mAh Power Bank by RunningSnail

  • Multiple Ways to Charge: Hand crank, solar charging, Micro USB...
  • Hand Crank Self-charge for Outage: 2000mAh rechargeable battery...
  • Table Lamp & 1W LED Flashlight: It can be used in emergency and...

Product Description

The RunningSnail MD-090 is a multifunctional crank radio,
- Receives AM/FM/7 NOAA Weather Channels;
- SOS Alarm with flashing red light;
- 1W Bright LED Flashlight, Zoom adjustable;
- 4 LED Reading Lamp, so you can do some reading on your camp trip;
- 2000 mAh Battery will provide long lasting hours of radio time and flash light time;
- Solar panel will provide continuous power to the radio , your battery will never die;
- Hand crank self powered system;
- Micro USB, to charge the radio via USB cable;
- Support AAA dry battery for backup(not included);
- Waterproof Level: IPX3, can be used during rainy weather.

AM/FM & NOAA Weather Alert
TThe MD-090 can provide up to date weather information.
- AM:520-1720Khz;
- FM:87-108MHz;
- NOAA:162.40-162.55MHz.

LED Flashlight & Reading Lamp
- The The MD-090 come with a 1W very bright ZOOM LED torch, support you to walk on the outside at night, also can adjust the light zoom to control the lighting range;
- There is a 4-LED Reading Lamp, enables you to read on the the night of the camping trip or replaces the table lamp at home.

2000 mAh Big capacity Battery
- 2000 mAh battery can support about 12 hours LED flashlight or reading lamp working, or 4~6 hours radio working;
- Charge your phone via the USB cable,Simply plug your phone into the USB port and turn on the USB switch.

More power to you
- Hand Crank: 1 minute hand cranking supports 25 minutes of light and 10-15 minutes of radio power;
- Place solar panel in direct sunlight for solar charging;
- USB & AAA battery(not included)

Package Content
1 x RunningSnail Hand Crank Radio;
1 x USB Charging Cable;
1 x User Manual.

Seller Warranty
- 30-Day Money Back Guarantee;
- 12 Month Replacement Warranty;
- Lifetime Support Guarantee.


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TIVDIO V-111 Portable Shortwave Travel Radio AM/FM Stereo with Clock and Alarm (Black) by TIVDIO

  • Automatic radio station search and store function;small radio has...
  • Digital Back-light with sleep timer; Sleep timer up to 90 minutes;...
  • AA batteries used in the transistor radio allow you to operate it...

Product Description

V-111 battery operated radio
travel radio also functions as a 12-hour alarm clock
Automatic searching and storing of radio stations makes the radio easy to operate for seniors
0.33lb Small and Lightweight
V-111 pocket radio will accompany you and your family on vacation, fishing, business trips and at work. The alarm clock will wake you up in the morning and get you started on your day.

V-111 shortwave radio
The two AA batteries used in the radio allow you to operate it even when the power in the house is out,Perfect for hurricane,storm,Blizzard etc emergency status
The package includes earbuds, which allow you private FM stereo listening
The built-in bright LED backlight enables you to use the radio even in a dark environment
The small radio has 60 presets, 20 on each band, which reduces your search time when listening
Automatic search(for FM;AM/SW manually search) makes it a cinch to tune in the best stations

transistor radio battery operated with Favorite key to enter your favorite station directly: you can set up a regular listening FM frequency, after setting it successfully, you can listen it just press the Favorite button, which do not need to spend too many steps to find your favorite radio station

Frequency Range
Power Supply:DC 5V or 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Antenna Length:17 inch
Dimension:4.9 x 3 x 0.8 inch
0.33lb Weight
Sleep timer up to 90 minutes
Lock switch to prevent accidental operation
V-111 small battery radio with DSP technology,and what is DSP
DSP(Digital Signal Processor)is signal modulation technique, now most of the radios are built with DSP function, with DSP can improve the radio receiver sensitivity

What's in box:
1 x V-111 World band radio
1 x Lanyard
1 x Earbud


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RTL-SDR Blog R820T2 RTL2832U 1PPM TCXO SMA Software Defined Radio with 2x Telescopic Antennas by RTL-SDR Blog

  • The multipurpose portable dipole kit is great for beginners! Use it...
  • Can tune from 500 kHz to 1.8 GHz and has up to 3.2 MHz of...
  • Several improvements over generic brands including use of the...

Product Description

Quickstart Guide:
V3 Features Guide:
Antenna Guide:

This is an RTL-SDR software defined radio receiver with RTL2832U ADC chip, R820T2 tuner, 1PPM TCXO, SMA F connector and aluminium case with passive cooling. Tunes from 500 kHz to 1.8 GHz with up to 3.2 MHz (2.4 MHz stable) of instantaneous bandwidth. (HF works in direct sampling mode). Perfect for use as a computer based radio scanner with free software like SDR#, HDSDR, SDR-Radio, GQRX or SDR Touch on Android. Works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and single board computers like the Raspberry Pi.

Great for many applications including general radio scanning, air traffic control, public safety, ADS-B aircraft radar, marine AIS, ACARS, trunked radio, P25/MotoTRBO digital voice, POCSAG, weather balloons, APRS, NOAA APT/Meteor M2 weather satellites, radio astronomy, DAB, or as a low cost panadapter with a standard ham radio.

As of Sept 28 now comes with a dipole antenna kit which is perfect for beginners. The short antennas are great for ADS-B, and the longer antennas work well at lower frequencies. When used in a v-dipole configuration the antenna works well for 137 MHz weather satellites and the ISS. Use in a vertical configuration for terrestrial signals. The two mounts and 3m of RG174 cable allow you to easily mount the antenna outdoors.

This model has several improvements over other models. It uses the improved R820T2 tuner, a 1PPM TCXO, has better components, a redesigned PCB, cooling improvements, extra ESD protection and an SMA F connector. It also has a software activatable bias-tee for powering devices such as LNA's and active antennas. Full info available on the improvements available here

Requires USB 2.0 or newer. Manuals: Quickstart setup Guide:, the V3 features guide rtl-sdr/v3, and the dipole antenna guide



SiriusXM SXSD2 Portable Speaker Dock Audio System for Dock and Play Radios (Black) by SiriusXM

  • 2.1 system with separate tweeters, midrange speakers and a powerful...
  • Compatible: XM Onyx EZ, Stratus 7, Siriusxm Onyx Plus, Starmate 8,...
  • Has a headphone jack for private listening and a aux in jack to...

Product Description

Enjoy high quality sound from your Satellite radio anywhere you go. With the SiriusXM docking station you can simply take your radio, plug it into the dock, and you will be ready to listen to your favorite station. The dock can be used with a conventional AC outlet. If you want to take it out doors with you it will run off of 8 D-cell batteries giving you complete mobility with your music. The handy remote that comes with the dock allows you to control you radio and the docking station from a distance. If you ever want to play music from one of your other media devices you can just plug it into the docking station using the aux in jack. When it is late at night or if you just want to listen to your music privately, you can always use the headphone jack and listen with some headphones. You want quality sound for your favorite XM station; you get that with the SiriusXM docking station. A 2.1 speaker system with separate tweeters and a subwoofer supply you with a superb sound experience.


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16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player with FM Radio/ Voice Recorder, Lossless Sound, Metal Touch button , 1.8 Inch Color Screen, 50 Hours Playback, HD Sound Quality Earphone , with an Armband, Black by Grtdhx

  • 【Bluetooth】 Support Bluetooth version over 2.0 and below 4.0....
  • 【Long Battery Life & Fast Charge】 Up to 50 hours of playback with 3...
  • 【Multi-functional】 Scientific step count with the pedometer inside...

Product Description

MP3 Player Brand introduction: Grtdhx The company specializes in electronics, digital and other products. And with a high-tech certification company. The company from product development, design, paste board, patch, a series of processes are completed within the company. Effective control of product quality, with good quality credit to customers a better user experience. Feature *Good exterior: the device is made of metallic material, high strength/shocking and crushing resistance *Lock Button:Key lock (to avoid misuse,To operate Open the lock key operation ) *FM Radio: insert the earphone into socket, used as the antenna of FM radio.FM doesn't work without earphone *Lossless sound: the MP3 player has an equalizer to tune the sound to your liking *Independent boot key: long press to switch on/ off the mp3 *Browsing : support JPEG, BMP, GIF format *Video : support AMV AVI format ( Need to convert through the conversion tool128 * 160 size format) *Compatible System:Windows7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/2000/Mac OS 10 *Language: English/Franais/Janpanese/Italiano/Portuguese/Spanish and so on *Please note that this mp3 player doesn't support OGG DRM Audiobooks Specifications *Size: 3.5 x1.57 x 0.4 in *Weight: 3 ounces *Color: Black *Screen: 1.8" color screen *Battery: built-in 500mAh Li battery *Storage: 16GB internal memory *TF Card: Support, up to 128G Package included *1 x MP3 16GB *1 x Earphone *1 x Audio Cable *1 x Micro USB Cable *1 x Armband *1 x Storage bag *1 x User manual Warranty  At Grtdhx, we truly care about your customer experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

PAC-12 / JPC-7 Portable HF antenna - first look

I picked up a new (used) portable HF antenna made by pacific antenna....well maybe. There seems to be some link between the pac12 and the jpc7 (as per the ...

Meet the Rapper Who Recorded an Entire Album in the Apple Store - Mic - Mic

Prince Harvey understands how to hustle in 2015.

While working on his debut album, the 25-year-old New York City rapper suffered the kinds of setbacks that would have killed the drive of a lesser artist. "First, my computer basically crashed," Harvey told Mic . "I got it fixed at the Apple Store for free, but then my computer got stolen by my landlord. I just had to keep...


No one is safe: $300 gadget steals encryption keys out of the air, and it's ... - Fox News

Just when you thought you were safe, a new hacking toy comes along and rocks your world. Imagine a tool exists that lets hackers pluck encryption keys from your laptop right out of the air. You can’t stop it by connecting to protected Wi-Fi networks or even disabling Wi-Fi completely. Turning off Bluetooth also won’t help you protect yourself.

Why? Because the tiny device that can...


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Rating of condition is 9.00 of 10.
Rating of condition is 9.00 of 10.
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Details about USED OEM Motorola Portable antenna for 7/800MHz NAR6595A
Details about USED OEM Motorola Portable antenna for 7/800MHz NAR6595A
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