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XM Sirius High Gain Interoperable Magnetic Satellite Radio Car Antenna by XM

  • XM Satellite Radio magnetic roof mount antenna
  • This antenna leaves a small footprint on your vehicle, allowing for...
  • This 23-foot Antenna Cable will work on even the largest cars and SUVs

Product Description

This is the original replacement XM Satellite Radio magnetic roof mount antenna for XM Radio receivers. This is the same antenna that comes with most XM Radio vehicle kits and receiver bundles.
Please note that this antenna will NOT work with any single (pink) or dual (yellow/green) antenna connections found on other XM Radio receivers such as the original SKYFi car cradle, unless used with a FAKRA adapter.
Small Footprint
This antenna leaves a small footprint on your vehicle, allowing for a clean and professional-looking install
Extended Length Cable
This 23-foot Antenna Cable will work on even the largest cars and SUVs
Direct OEM Replacement
All of our antennas are direct OEM, XM Approved replacement antennas
Safe For All Car Finishes
Rubber feet to avoid scratching
Easy No-Drilling installation
Mounts using magnetic rubber coated feet for easy installation
Compatible with:
SiriusXM Lynx (Home/Car Cradle)
SiriusXM Edge (Home/Car Cradle)
Pioneer XMp3 (Home/Car Cradle)
Audiovox XMp3i (Home/Car Cradle)
Pioneer Inno (Home/Car Cradle)
Samsung Helix (Home/Car Cradle)
Samsung NeXus25 (Home/Car Cradle)
Samsung NeXus50 (Home/Car Cradle)
Delphi SKYFi3 (Home/Car Cradle)
Delphi SKYFi2 (Home/Car Cradle)
Delphi SKYFi (Home/Car Cradle)
Delphi Roady XT (Home/Car Cradle)
Delphi Roady 2
Delphi Roady
Audiovox Xpress (Home/Car Cradle)
Audiovox Xpress EZ (Home/Car Cradle)
Audiovox Xpress R (Home/Car Cradle)
Delphi Xpress RC (Home/Car Cradle)
Audiovox Xpress RCi (Home/Car Cradle)
Audiovox onyX (Home/Car Cradle)
Audiovox XR9 (Home/Car Cradle)
Delphi MyFi (Home/Car Cradle)
Pioneer AirWare (Home/Car Cradle)
Giant Tao (Home/Car Cradle)
AGT Sportscaster
Sirius XM MiRGE (Home/Car Cradle)
XM SkyDock (Car Cradle)
Altec Lansing XM3020
Altec Lansing XM3120
Belkin F5X007



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Browning BR-TRUCKER Satellite Radio Trucker Mirror-Mount Antenna with Large Built-In Ground Plane by Browning

  • 3" ground-plane plate
  • 3-way stainless steel mirror mount & bolts
  • Compatible for use with XM & Sirius services

Product Description

Avoid satellite signal dead zones. The Tram Satellite Radio Mirror Mount Antenna is compatible with Sirius and XM services and mounts to your mirror to extend your radio's range.



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Winegard Pathway X2 PA6002R Satellite TV Antenna and DISH Wally Receiver Bundle (Dual Arc, 2 TV Viewing) by Winegard

  • Dual Arc - Receives both Western and Eastern arcs for maximum SD/HD...
  • Simple to Use - 100% automatic, set your state and the X2 will do...
  • DISH Programming - Receives standard and high definition DISH...

Product Description

Designed exclusively for DISH Network satellite TV programming, the Pathway X2 antenna offers a whole new look at automatic satellite TV acquisition. Powered through the DISH receiver, the Pathway X2 requires no separate power cord. Simply activate the receiver through an existing DISH account or subscribe to a new Pay-As-You-Go programming package that doesn’t require any activation fees or 2 year agreements. A unique feature to the Pathway is the ability to point to either Western or Eastern arc satellite orbitals, offering the most programming available. The larger reflector size also provides superior signal performance compared to other automatic portable satellite systems. Lightweight yet rugged, the Pathway X2 antenna offers the fastest and easiest set up. Features 2 coax inputs to allow for multiple receiver hook-up, an easy grip carry handle, and a security eyelet molded into the base so the antenna can be locked up. Includes one 25’ coax cable. Stores to 15” x 21”. Weight 16 lbs. Compatible with Carryout tripod mount (sold separately). Not compatible with Carryout ladder mount. Made in the U.S.A.



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KING VQ4100 Quest Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (for use with DIRECTV) by KING

  • Use as either portable antenna or roof mounted (mounting feet...
  • Portable satellite TV antenna for DIRECTV service, not compatible...
  • Supports multiple TV viewing,Fully automatic satellite acquisition

Product Description

KING Quest for DIRECTV (VQ4100) is the portable satellite antenna that gives you the freedom to take your favorite DIRECTV programming with you on the road, to the great outdoors, or anywhere in between. Your KING Quest antenna is fully-automatic, and gives you access to your favorite programming. Designed to be highly portable and simple to use making set-up quick and easy. Simply power up the KING Quest through the coax cable and within minutes the antenna will automatically lock-on to the satellite signal. The KING Quest for DIRECTV makes it possible to enjoy your favorite satellite TV anywhere, anytime. KING Quest works for DIRECTV SD programming.The KING Quest is known to work with DIRECTV receiver models D10, D11,D12, H20, HR20, H21, HR21, HR22, HR23, H24 and HR24. It is not compatible with DIRECTV Ka band satellites or SWM only receivers. Made in the USA. The KING Quest antenna works with DIRECTV SD programming with the option of adding a controller accessory (purchased separately) to make the system compatible with DISH HD and BELL TV services as well.



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WSP7759 - TRAM 7759 Satellite Radio Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna by Tram

  • Width - 4.00
  • Depth - 14.00
  • Height - 2.25

Product Description

Avoid satellite signal dead zones. The Tram(R) Satellite Radio Mirror Mount Antenna is compatible with Sirius(R) services and mounts to your mirror to extend your radio's range. This antenna is ideal for professional truckers.

Portable Amateur Radio Satellite Antenna

A small hand held portable amateur radio dual band 2 meter / 70 cm satellite antenna.

What’s Canada Buying? – July 9, 2015

  • “Canadian Army to Test NovAtel’s GAJT-AE GPS Anti-Jam Antenna Electronics”
  • Remember the plan for smallish “eye in the sky” planes ? The latest: “LETTER OF INTEREST – INDUSTRY INFO. …. Manned Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (MAISR) Platforms — The purpose of this notice is to update industry on the Manned Airborne...
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Introduction to Satellites

For our purposes, we will be considering artificial satellites; those made by people and placed in orbit around the Earth. In the beginning, satellites were made and used by military and civil organizations for the purposes of surveillance and communication. The benefits of using satellites to overcome geographical distance and line-of-sight issues became very clear very early. How do we ensure... Source: Embrace Space!

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