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Science Purchase Digital Satellite Finder by Science Purchase

  • Easily find and tune your satellite dish to peak signal.

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Satellite TV Finder lets you easily tune your satellite dish while outside. Determine the direction of the strongest satellite signal. Great for remote satellite antennas. Easy satellite alignment for dishes on homes, RVs and motor homes. Make adjustments yourself without a secondary helper


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1byone Amplified RV Antenna with Omni-directional 360° Reception, 70 Miles Outdoor HDTV Antenna Caravan TV Antenna, Suitable for Both Outdoors and RVs, Anti-UV Coating ,Waterproof and Compact by 1byone

  • Save Your Installation Fee: Tools-free and easier installation....
  • New Concept Design: Modern and upgraded Outdoor & RV antenna. Sleek...
  • Free for Life - Never Pay Your Cable or Satellite For Television...

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1byone Outdoor RV & TV Antenna

1. Receives free broadcast High Definition TV signals (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox). Supports 1080p HD.

2. Fast and easy set up with 3 steps - Unwrap, Plug it in and Scan channels.

Locate Digital TV Broadcast Towers

The distance from the broadcast towers will vary based on the location of your home. Visit and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This information will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and aiming your antenna for the best results.


1. If you use a flat HDTV, pls go through your TV manual to make sure your TV is with built-in tuner for freeview.

2. You should retune your Freeview TVs and digital boxes from time to time to ensure you are receiving all available services. Retuning takes only a few minutes and can be done with your remote control.

3. Make sure your tuner is HD tuner, otherwise you can't watch HD channels.

4. The signal quality determines how many channels you can get as well as the picture quality. After you get this antenna, hook it up to your TV, and try to find the best point to place the antenna, you can get more HD channels than you think you would.

5. We make a commitment that all our TV antennas have a 12-month warranty. If you are not satisfied with the channels you get, please DO contact us. We will take care of your issue immediately and help you solve any problems you come across while using our antenna.


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DIRECTV (now ATT) Legacy to SWM Conversion Kit for Trailer, Campers, Homes, DVR over a Single Wire, Portable Dishes (Antennas), SWM-840, SWM8 Kit by THE CIMPLE CO

  • Perfect for RVs, Campers, Trailers, Mobile Dishes that are usually...
  • Complete Kit; includes SWM Multi Switch (SWM-8), Power Supply (29...
  • Required for use of any DTV / ATT H25, H44, HR34, HR44, HR54 and...

Product Description

THE CIMPLE CO, A Family Company located in the USA, is proud to offer this DIRECTV (now AT&T) Legacy to SWM Conversion Kit for all DIRECTV Non-SWM Systems. This compact kit comes complete, with the SWM Switch, Power Supply, Splitter, and even includes high quality coaxial cables to connect the power supply and splitter to the main switch. This Kit works with all DIRECTV / ATT dishes, including: the legacy 2 Line "Basic" or "Round" 18 inch Ku 101 Satellite Antenna (Dish); the "Para Todos" or 18x20 Multi-Sat Phase III Ku 101, 119, and 110 Satellite Antenna (Dish); the AU9, "Slimline" or Ka/Ku 101, 119, 110, 103, and 99 Satellite Antenna (Dish). This kit also allows the add-on of DTV / ATT "International" Ku Linear 95 degree Satellite Antenna (Dish) that is required to add International programming (such as Hindi, Brazilian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipino, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese) also known as "DIRECTV Mas." This kit is a direct replacement for Winegard Trav'ler SWM-840 Kit, with the addition of the included coax that is not available in the older kit. The SWM-8 Switch allows for connection of 8 tuners which can connect up to 8 receivers, or 4 DVRs, or 1 Genie and 3 clients, with 3 spare tuners. The SWM8 switch is compatible with all DIRECTV receivers dated after ~2006 and includes models: Some D11, All D12, R16, H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, H25, H44, HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24, HR34, HR34, HR54, HR54K, C31, C41, C51, C61, and C61K. The kit comes complete with instructions and free technical support. We back our product 100%, with returns, as well as free technical support.

Product Description

LeaningTech 95DT Satellite Signal Finder Meter is a tool that enables you easily tune your satellite dish while outside. It can help you to find the strongest satellite signal direction and it is suitable for remote satellite antennas. Our LeaningTech 95DT can help you alignment satellite for dishes on homes, RVs and motor homes easily without others help.


1. Pls removed all the external amplifier which are connected to the antenna before connect.
Then connect the antenna cable to the left F Female and connect the battery pack cable to the right F Female.
2. Adjust the antenna to the best position by watching the meter's reading. Higher up the scale may find a better signal. If the finder's reading becomes full scale, adjust the level control knob to reduce the reading to around 5 (Turning the knob clockwise will decrease the reading), continue to move the antenna until you have the highest possible meter reading.
3. Remove the finder and replace any amplifier that was disconnected.

-If there is an internal amplifer your antenna, (eg: 01MM-SQ01), it should be powered by an external power supply via a DC power inserter. Make sure the power inserter is positioned between the finder and the antenna.

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DISH VQ4400 Tailgater Portable/Roof Mountable Satellite TV Antenna (for use with DISH) by KING

  • Supports single TV viewing
  • Portable satellite TV antenna for DISH service. Sign up for...
  • Fully automatic satellite acquisition

Product Description

Take your DISH Satellite TV Service anywhere in the continental US! The DISH Tailgater is a fully automatic portable HD Satellite Antenna that sits on the ground OR permanently mounts to the roof of your RV. The Tailgater is ideal for RVs, sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, tailgaters, long haul truckers or anyone with an active mobile lifestyle. Enjoy SD or HD DISH Satellite programming no matter your destination (does not provide service while moving). Enjoy your favorite TV programing anywhere, anytime. Special DISH Solo HD Satellite receiver not included. Kit includes antenna and coax cable only. Compatible with DISH HD Solo receivers (411, 211, ViP211K and ViP211Z). DISH satellite service required; no long term contract necessary. Made in the USA.

RV Satellite TV, Making a Choice

I get asked all the time...What do I use for a Satellite TV provider on the road? Seeing that I seem to keep getting asked this for some reason, I thought their may ...

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Seattle Washington Motorhomes RVs Satellite TV Dish Antennas Installer ...
Seattle Washington Motorhomes RVs Satellite TV Dish Antennas Installer ...
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