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Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna 150 Miles Long Range with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation, UHF/VHF/FM Radio with Infrared Remote Control by Tree New Bee

  • * Reception: VHF/UHF/FM, * Reception range: 120miles (Channel...
  • * Dual TV Outputs
  • * High Sensitivity Reception

Product Description

Super Active , Rotating & Powerful Receive Antenna. High quality far ranging reception. UHF/VHF TV and FM radio with Infrared Remote Control. Parabolic focusing reception. Built-in high gain booster. Built-in low noise circuit. 360 all directional rotation. With infrared remote control. Can operate antenna manually. Easy to install and operate. AC 110V/60Hz.



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Winegard RV-5095 Winegard RV Antenna by Winegard

  • RV Electronics Winegard Antenna 75 Ohm Rv-5095 Winegard

Product Description

Winegard Winegard RV Antenna has the same great features as other Sensar antennas, but no built-in amplifier.


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HDTV Antenna, Indoor Digital TV Antenna 80 Miles Range with Newset Amplifier Signal Booster - 4K Local Channels Broadcast for All Types of Smart Television - Updated 2018 Version by Mexonga

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are factory Outlet, can provide...
  • [UPGRADED TO 60 - 80 MILE RANGE]: This indoor HDTV antenna included...
  • LONGER CABLE - 13.12ft Antenna Cable with 3.28ft Signal Booster :...

Product Description

Do you find yourself watching more programming via on-line services such as Netflix versus live TV from Shaw or Telus? Did you know that you can get local HD channels?
If you’re one of the estimated 2.11 million Americans who has decided to cut the cord and live without cable TV, you probably rely on an antenna to watch your local TV channels. While services like YouTube TV and Hulu now offer live local network TV channels, those bundled packages come at a price that, while typically less than a cable package, is not exactly cheap. The streaming services also are not all-inclusive yet and might leave out local channels that are independently owned or not part of a major broadcast network.
So to stay on top of live local programming without having to shell out additional cash or lose any of your favorite local TV channels, quality reception is a must-have.

Size:12.64 x 9.25 x 0.02 inches
Frequency Range: VHF 174-240Mhz, UHF 470-862Mhz
Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
V.S.W.R:less than or equal to 1.5, Max:1
Gain:25 dBi(with amplifier)
Impedance: 75 ohm
Noise Figure: <3dB

What you get with the antenna
1x HDTV Antenna with integrated 16 foot Coaxial Cable
1x Detachable Amplifier
1x USB power adapter with spare cable
1x Adapter 5V 0.1A
1x Instruction manual
1x 3M Adhesive Mounting Stickers

1.Check to make sure you have correctly connected the hd antenna to tv.
2.Move the antenna,find a good signal receiving place without any obstacle and re-scan for channels.
3.You would better to keep the antenna away from the sources of interference, keep the antenna away from those big power consumption devices, such as air conditioner, elevator, hair dryer and microwave oven etc.



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ANTOP AT-416B UFO 360 Degree Smartpass Amplified Outdoor/Attic HD TV Antenna with Built-in 4G LTE Filter 30/40 Mile Long Range Omnidirectional Home/RV TV Antenna 16' Coaxial Cable, 4K UHD Ready by ANTOP

  • Antenna effectiveness is influenced by the distance from signal...
  • All ANTOP products come with 24-hour access to on-line customer...
  • Its UV coating, weather resistant finish and compact design make...

Product Description

Channel reception quality will vary depending on what’s being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers, and your surroundings
BEFORE PURCHASING this antenna, please CHECK OUT what channels are available in your area

ANTOP’s New Generation Digital Technology
- Smartpass Amplifier, exclusive ANTOP technology
- 4G LTE Filter: blocks 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free digital reception.
- High Gain reception technology.
- Durable exterior, waterproof design with UV coating.
- Supports VHF & UHF digital signals.
- Mounting accessory options.

By following the simple tips below, you can enjoy FREE TV with you ANTOP Antenna
- Re-scan the channels after each switching of the Smart Switch.
- Scan channel monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed.
- Do not put or hide the antenna in/behind any metallic objects.
- Install the antenna as high as possible and near the window for better reception.
- Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference, such as air-condition, power station,elevator etc.

Range: 30 to 40 miles from point of signal origination
Power Supply: DC 12V
Reception Pattern: Omnidirectional
Polarization: Horizontal
Color: Piano White
Size: Ø4.40in
Exclusive Technology: Smartpass Amplifier, Built in 4G LTE Filter
Smart Switch On: Long range reception
Smart Switch Off: Short range reception

What’s in the box
AT-416BUFOSmartpass Amplified Digital Outdoor/ Indoor (Attic) HD TVAntenna
AC/DC Power Adapter
Power Inserter with Smart Switch
Outdoor Bracket
Mast Clamp Kits
16’ Coaxial Cable
Instruction/User Manual


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Chaowei DVB66 TV Antenna for Digital TV Indoor - Portable Indoor Outdoor TV Antenna for ATSC Television,PCI/USB TV Tuner - With Magnetic Base by Chaowei

  • Free for Life - Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again!...
  • Portable Pole Design - Extremely well made,perfect for optimized...
  • Tiny but Powerful - Smart TV Antenna,it goes almost unnoticed and...

Product Description

Stytle:35 Miles

Chaowei Portable Digital TV Antenna is an indoor outdoor HDTV TV antenna,working best for TV Tower 10-35 miles away, NO amplifier

Pls check the available channels and signal strength in your area by visiting"" or "tvfool" or "AntennaWeb"

1, If you are 35-50 miles away DTV Station and if the signals are weakened,pls try to couple with Chaowei AMP1801 TV signal amplifier booster,DVB66 TV Digital Antenna will outperform an 50 mile amplified antenna by leaps and bounds.

2.Small antenna but strong.It is acceptable for all portable applications: portable tv,PCI/USB TV tuner,mobile TV,ATSC tuner,RV etc.Good for car,truck,trailer.

3.If attach the magnetic base antenna to a largest and tallest piece of metal available near your TV will improve the reception.And the magnetic base makes it setting a lot more stable and sturdy than other products out there.

4.Setting Options-Put on top of any iron surface like file cabinet,metal rack,DVD player,cable box;Or sit on tv,hidden behind TV/door/bookcase,even mount on roof if the cable allowed,it would work like a deep space satellite dish!!

Chaowei Indoor TV Antenna Specs:

Frequency:VHF-Hi 170-240 MHz,UHF 470-860MHz




Volts: 5V/25mA

Operation temperature: -30~85℃


How well it works,depends on many factors,specifically the distance to the TV tower,signal strength,terrain,building construction,trees and elevation all affect TV reception

If your antenna is not working:

1) Make sure your TV has a builtin ATSC tuner;if NO, pls get a HDTV receiver/set-top box to work;

2) Make sure there are available digital channels in your area,and the signals are strong;

3) Try to moving it around your house or Pointing it in various directions and Auto tuning again,then re-run a channel scan.

Replace your RV's Winegard Sensar TV Antenna with a Jack OA-8000.

In this video we replace our Winegard Sensar TV Antenna with a newer design Jack OA-8000 replacement head. This antenna is available in a retrofit kit which ...

Winegard reveals the Rayzar Automatic fully automatic Over-The-Air HD TV ... - Coolest Gadgets

Winegard might sound as though they are a company that is involved in wine insurance or some sort of the equivalent, but they are really a leader when it comes to antenna design, development and manufacturing. In fact, Winegard is currently showcasing its first-of-a-kind Rayzar Automatic, which is a fully automatic HD TV antenna that has the ability to quickly scan for all available local...


National RV rally celebrates 65 years - WANE

Other events throughout the weekend include exclusive tours of the facility, a guided sculpture tour of works on display throughout downtown Decatur, wine tasting and social “hour” with the artists, an evening family-movie-in-the-park, and much more.

For complete list of scheduled events, click here .

Location: Bellmont High School, 1000 E....


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RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
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digital tv antenna tv aerial tv antennae f type plug uhf yagi vhf yagi