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KING OA8000 Jack Replacement Head HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna by KING

  • Compact design is up to 70% smaller than traditional TV antennas
  • Install in just minutes, without special tools, on your TV or home
  • Sleek hdtv antenna to replace your old over-the-air antenna

Product Description

The KING OA8000 Jack Replacement Head is a sleek HDTV antenna that gives you more than expected from such a small package. Ideal for your RV or home, the KING Jack Head will replace your old over-the-air antenna easily. The wider reception range makes it easier to find a signal and scan for available channels. Less directional than traditional RV antennas. It's designed for digital with better reception of UHF signals where over 80% of new DTV channels are broadcast. It also provides great reception of remaining VHF channels. The compact design is up to 70% smaller than traditional RV antennas and offers less wind resistance. The Jack Head is also simple to install in just minutes, without any special tools, on your RV or home. The RV bracket allows the antenna to be mounted in either direction to clear A/C, vent, or other roof obstructions.


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1byone Amplified RV Antenna with Omni-directional 360° Reception, 70 Miles Outdoor HDTV Antenna Caravan TV Antenna, Suitable for Both Outdoors and RVs, Anti-UV Coating ,Waterproof and Compact by 1byone

  • New Concept Design: Modern and upgraded Outdoor & RV antenna. Sleek...
  • Save Your Installation Fee: Tools-free and easier installation....
  • Free for Life - Never Pay Your Cable or Satellite For Television...

Product Description

1byone Outdoor RV & TV Antenna

1. Receives free broadcast High Definition TV signals (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox). Supports 1080p HD.

2. Fast and easy set up with 3 steps - Unwrap, Plug it in and Scan channels.

Locate Digital TV Broadcast Towers

The distance from the broadcast towers will vary based on the location of your home. Visit and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This information will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and aiming your antenna for the best results.


1. If you use a flat HDTV, pls go through your TV manual to make sure your TV is with built-in tuner for freeview.

2. You should retune your Freeview TVs and digital boxes from time to time to ensure you are receiving all available services. Retuning takes only a few minutes and can be done with your remote control.

3. Make sure your tuner is HD tuner, otherwise you can't watch HD channels.

4. The signal quality determines how many channels you can get as well as the picture quality. After you get this antenna, hook it up to your TV, and try to find the best point to place the antenna, you can get more HD channels than you think you would.

5. We make a commitment that all our TV antennas have a 12-month warranty. If you are not satisfied with the channels you get, please DO contact us. We will take care of your issue immediately and help you solve any problems you come across while using our antenna.


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Amplified HD Digital Outdoor HDTV Antenna 150 Miles Long Range with Motorized 360 Degree Rotation, UHF/VHF/FM Radio with Infrared Remote Control by Tree New Bee

  • Wireless remote controller for rotor (included)
  • Included Items: HDTV Yagi antenna with built-in roter & amplifier;...
  • Built-in 360 degree motor rotor

Product Description

Super active, rotating & powerful receive antenna. High quality far ranging reception. Uhf/vhf tv and FM radio with infrared remote control. Parabolic focusing reception. Built-in high gain booster. Built-in low noise circuit. 360 all directional rotation. With infrared remote control. Can operate antenna manually. Easy to install and operate. Ac 110v/60hz.


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ANTOP UFO Amplified Digital Outdoor TV Antenna with Omni-directional 360° Reception ,Indoor/ Outdoor/Attic/RV HDTV Antenna for FM/VHF/UHF, Anti-UV Coating, 16ft Coaxial Cable by ANTOP

  • ★ It's UV coating, weather resistant finish and compact design make...
  • ★ NEW CONCEPT ANTENNA Engineered and Design in The USA by ANTOP,...
  • ★ Antenna effectiveness is influenced by the distance from signal...

Product Description

Channel reception quality will vary depending on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers, and your surroundings
BEFORE PURCHASING this antenna, please CHECK OUT what channels are available in your area AT """ or""

Product Feature
- Omni-directional Reception
- Anti-UV Coating
- Weather Resistance
- Multi-way Installation
- Home & Protable Use

By following the simple tips below, you can enjoy FREE TV with you ANTOP Antenna
- Re-scan the channels after each switching of the Smart Switch.
- Scan channel monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed.
- Do not put or hide the antenna in/behind any metallic objects.
- Install the antenna as high as possible and near the window for better reception.
- Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference

Product Information
Range: 30 to 40 miles from point of signal origination
Power Supply: DC 12V
Reception Pattern: Omni-directional
Polarization: Horizontal
Color: Piano White
Size: Ø4.40in
Exclusive Technology: Smartpass Amplifier, Built in 4G LTE Filter
Smart Switch On: Long range reception
Smart Switch Off: Short range reception

What's in the box
AT-416B UFO Smartpass Amplified Digital Outdoor/ Indoor (Attic) HD TV Antenna
AC/DC Power Adapter
Power Inserter with Smart Switch
Outdoor Bracket
Mast Clamp Kits
16' Coaxial Cable
Instruction/User Manual
2 Way TV Splitter
Two pieces of screws


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1byone Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna with Omni-directional 360 Degree Reception, Amplified 75 Miles Indoor/Attic/Outdoor/RV Digital TV Antenna for FM/VHF/UHF, Anti-UV Coating, 26ft Coaxial Cable-White by 1byone

  • Longer Cable, Easier Setup- Included 26ft high-performance coaxial...
  • New Concept Design Antenna - Modern with a compact size to reduce...
  • 360 Degree Omni-directional Reception - Receives signal from all...

Product Description

1byone Antcloud Omni-directional HDTV Antenna:
This modern 360 degree-reception outdoor TV antenna provides excellent receiving ability with no need to adjust its direction. With waterproofing and snowproofing as well as Anti-UV coating, its receiving ability is much improved over traditional antennas.
Never Pay Hugely Expensive Cable or Satellite Fees Again! You Can Get All Local Channels in Crystal Clear Quality, Absolutely Free!

Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna Features:
1. Fashionable design that fits with your home decor. Compact to save space.
2. Comes pre-assembled for easy installation, and saves money on instillation fees compared with big traditional antennas.
3. 360 Degree omni-directional reception so there is no need to manually change the antenna's direction.
4. Various mounting location options including balcony, attic, living room, window with mast, roof, etc.

Antcloud Outdoor TV Antenna Specification:
Frequency Range: 87.5-230MHz; 470-700MHz
Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
Antenna Range: 75miles
Impedance: 75Ω
Output Level:100dBμV
Noise figure: ≤2dB
Power Supply: via Switching Adapter(12V/200mA)

Locate Digital TV Broadcast Towers
The distance to your local broadcast towers will vary based on the location of your home. Visit or similar sites and enter your address or zip code for details about the towers near you. This information will assist in selecting the correct antenna model and placing your antenna for the best results.

What You Receive:
Antcloud Antenna with Built-in Amplifier, Power Supply Box, Power Adapter 12V 200mA, 26ft Coaxial Cable with Waterproof Kit, Mast Clamp, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card, 30-day full refund, and 12-month warranty with friendly customer service.

Jack RV Digital TV Antenna

Upgrade to the latest RV Digital TV Antenna technology with King Controls' new JACK Digital HDTV antenna system. This is an amplified, ultra high gain ...

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Nowadays, cords are everywhere. Phone and computer chargers snake through our houses, offices and coffee shops.

Columbus-based Nikola Labs is committed to changing that. The company’s first product, a phone case, takes what would otherwise be wasted radio waves and converts them into energy that keeps the phone charged as much as 30 percent longer.

The company, which is...


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RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
RV Digital TV Antenna - No Crank-up!
this antenna with the surelock tv signal finder point your antenna ...
this antenna with the surelock tv signal finder point your antenna ...