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Best Deals : HIFI MC Micro Music System : Ultra-Portable, Bluetooth Speaker : Premium, Wireless, Music System : Integrated with : FM-Radio, Micro SD Insert : Perfect for Golf, Travel, Home, Beach .... by Modern Portable

  • TOP NATIONAL TECH REVIEWERS AGREE - "With its retro-inspired style...
  • EASY SETUP & SUPER FUNCTIONAL : With the HIFI MC Micro Music...
  • ULTRA-PORTABLE, RETRO STYLE & MODERN FLAIR : Extremely lightweight...

Product Description

POCKET SIZED MUSIC SYSTEM &, BLUETOOTH SPEAKER WITH PREMIUM Hi-FIDELITY AUDIO : Bluetooth Speaker features HIFI 3-D sound accompanied by rich, accurate bass providing surprisingly powerful sound for you to enjoy. *The pocket-sized music system that makes Bluetooth speakers obsolete! ___________________________________________Much more than just a Bluetooth speaker. Of course, it features full Bluetooth functionality and a speakerphone, but that is just the start of what it can do. It's a complete, full-fledged speaker that also includes FM radio, a media player that plays songs from removable flash memory, and of course, an auxiliary connection. Best of all, it sounds great, is small enough to fit in your pocket and costs less than $30 - the price of an ordinary, one-trick-pony Bluetooth speaker. Retro Style with Modern Flair genuine leather strap reminds you of the classic, transistor radios, and with the auto-programming FM function you can listen to your favorite radio stations at a picnic, a ball game, wherever you are. The volume dial not only looks good and pays homage to the past, it also allows you precise volume control of any speaker on the market. The large, front facing black speaker takes its styling cues from iconic 1970s, 8-track players, and like the 8-track player, it plays recorded media, but from a TF (MicroSD) card. You can use it to expand your available music as well as allow you to enjoy your system without your phone, not only freeing your phone for other tasks but saving your phone battery as well. Small size, big sound :: Though it is small, the HIFI MC sounds big, with deep, powerful bass and plenty of loudness. You can play it on its side or on its back, try both to see what sounds best. When you hear it, your eyes will not believe what your ears are telling you. ***Don't settle for a simple Bluetooth speaker when you can get so much more... a pocket-sized, great sounding, full-featured music system for the same price.



KING VQ4510 Tailgater Bundle - Portable Satellite TV Antenna and DISH HD Solo ViP 211z Receiver by KING

  • Portable satellite TV antenna with DISH HD Solo VIPs 211z Receiver....
  • Powered through receiver with no separate remote or power source
  • Fully automatic satellite acquisition

Product Description

Enjoy live DISH HD TV wherever the fun takes you with the KING Tailgater portable satellite TV antenna and DISH HD satellite receiver. Designed for sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, the Tailgater for DISH is ideal for watching the big game in parking lots, campsites and more. The automatic-aiming antenna is easy to set up and works right out of the box. Payment is simple, too. With no contracts and no extra fees, the pay-as-you-go plan from DISH only bills you for the months you use. When the season ends, simply cancel the satellite service at any time without penalty. Already have DISH at home? Just add the new receiver to your account for one bill. You'll never have to be without TV again. Call DISH to see if local channels are available in your area.


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Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker HD Portable Satellite Antenna (RV Portable Satellite Dish, Tailgating Portable Satellite Antenna) by Winegard

  • Sleek & Compact Portable Satellite Antenna - Requires minimal space...
  • Enjoy DISH TV in HD - Works exclusively with DISH HD solo satellite...
  • Portable Satellite Antenna - Perfect for the RV, camper, motorhome,...

Product Description

Winegard PA-1000 DISH Playmaker RV Portable Satellite Antenna:

The Winegard DISH Playmaker is specially designed for watching DISH HD programming while in the RV, camping, hunting, or make your tailgate party the ultimate tailgater! This easy to use portable satellite system automatically finds satellite programming with no antenna pointing.

Winegard Company designs and manufactures the greatest spectrum of world class terrestrial and satellite video and data antenna products and accessories for residential and mobile applications. Winegard's superior antenna design and manufacturing facilities total 410,000 sq. ft and include a state of the art testing, validation and measurement center.

Effortless Portable Satellite Setup:

The DISH Playmaker is a fully automatic portable satellite antenna and is easy for anyone to set up in just a few minutes. Simply connect the included 25 foot coax between the DISH Playmaker and the satellite receiver, then connect an HDMI or coax from the satellite receiver to the TV. Power up the satellite receiver and TV and complete the satellite receiver setup.

Pay-As-You-Go Satellite Programming:

Compatible with your current DISH subscription or pay-as-you-go satellite programming providing convenience of no long contracts or commitments. Winegard programming specialists are available to help walk you through the entire process.

DISH Playmaker RV Portable Satellite Temporary Mount Options:

Temporary mount options for this portable satellite TV antenna make usage easier while also raising the antenna off of the ground for better reception. The Winegard TR-1518 tripod mount and MT-SM30 window or side vehicle mount are built to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.


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KING AL1000 Portable Satellite Antenna Alarm by KING

  • Connects between antenna and receiver, powered by the receiver
  • Alarm sticker is included to put on your portable satellite antenna
  • Alarm to protect your portable satellite antenna

Product Description

The KING AL1000 Portable Satellite Antenna alarm connects between your antenna and receiver. An audible alarm sounds if the antenna is disconnected.


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Sirius SUBX3C Premium Sound System by Sirius

  • Listen privately using the headphone jack
  • Enjoy class-leading sound quality with a powerful 30 watt amplifier...
  • Plug into an available AC outlet or listen anywhere with battery...

Product Description

Connect MP3 players, CD players or other audio devices via the Aux In jack (Aux In cable sold separately) Compatible with the following satellite radios: SiriusXM Lynx, SiriusXM Edge, XM Onyx, XM XpressRCi, XpressRC, Xpress & XpressEZ, XM XMp3i and Pioneer XMp3, Sirius Sportster 5, Sirius Starmate 8, Starmate 5, Starmate 4 & Starmate 3 and Sirius Stratus 6, Stratus 5 & Stratus 3.

Winegard Carryout - Automatic Portable Satellite Antenna System

This is a product information and demonstration video of the Winegard GM-1518 Carryout Portable Satellite System. This lightweight and fully automatic satellite ...

Movie: World Architecture Festival 2015 finalists exhibition - Dezeen - Dezeen

"What we've done is bring to life the identity of the festival. So it's made up from W-shaped forms that clip together to create a display over eight-metres high."

The large structure screens off a performance area, where finalists presented their work.

"It breaks up the space and provides an anchor for the various event activity going on," Richardson... Source:


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    Aaron Richardson of Populous explains how the architecture firm used paper and cardboard to create a portable display system to showcase shortlisted ... at the World Architecture Festival's London satellite event in June, consists of a gallery displaying ...

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