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DVB S2 HD Satellite Receiver, Free to air FTA with AC3 1080P blind scan. Great for C Band and KU Band satellites like Galaxy 19, 97 west. Also great on motorized systems and positioners. by Dynosat

  • Includes satellites from 24W to 139W C-Band and KU band. Includes...
  • USALS and DISEQC motor positioner compatible
  • Blind Scan - QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK Demodulation MPEG 2 & MPEG 4

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This satellite reciever requires a KU or C Band dish installed for it to work. Includes remote control that can be programmed to turn TV on/off. Our High Definition DVB S2 satellite receiver is designed for North America and set to NTSC and 1080p capable. It has fast, accurate, blind scan. Receive hundreds of Free To Air channels and supports a maximum of 5000 channels. Remote control, batteries, HDMI cable, RCA Cables, and user manual are included. Ultra-Connectivity Includes an RF output for connecting to older style televisions. The RF output is also good for watching TV in two rooms with one receiver. Simply run a coaxial cable from the RF output to the other room and watch TV on channel 3. Use the included HDMI cable for the best output, up to 1080P. The unit also has an optical audio output for use with HIFI sound systems. Connect a USB thumb drive and start recording live TV or schedule an event to record so you can watch it later. With a thumb drive you can pause live tv and resume later. It is also useful to back up your satellite settings and channel list.

Motorized FTA satellite Dish Set Up 4 of 4 You can see how a Motorized Free To Air Satellite Dish tracks the Clarke Belt satellites.

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Stationary FTA systems & Motorized FTA systems
Stationary FTA systems & Motorized FTA systems
Sonicview 8000 High Definition Motorized Fta Satellite System #2
Sonicview 8000 High Definition Motorized Fta Satellite System #2
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