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[NEWEST 2018] Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna with Long 65-80 Miles Range – Support 4K 1080p & All Older TV's for Indoor with Powerful HDTV Amplifier Signal Booster - 18ft Coax Cable / Power Adapter by U Must Have

  • ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our team of professionals is constantly...
  • ✔ FULL HD CRYSTAL-CLEAR TV & HD SOUND QUALITY: Our smart tv antenna...
  • ✔ UP TO 65+ MILES RANGE: The indoor HDTV antenna can reach up to 65...

Product Description

✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our team of professionals is constantly working to make you happier. We provide technical support for customers 24/7. We are confident in the quality of our product and give you LIFETIME WARRANTY and great customer support. Click "BUY IT NOW" and ENJOY QUALITY OF OUR NEW TV ANTENNA.



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Indoor Digital HDTV Antennas Amplified 60-80 Mile Range 4K HD VHF UHF Freeview for Life Local Channels Broadcast by MUJAY

  • ☑️ Up to 80 mile range - The HD antenna can reach up to 80 miles...
  • ☑️ Easy as Plug, Power, Scan - Connect antenna to 'ANT IN' on the...
  • ☑️ Free for Life - Get access to your local news, weather, sitcoms,...

Product Description

You no longer have to pay high monthly cable or satellite bills, you'll soon be able to watch popular national TV networks and local TV shows at no cost!

TV Antenna With Supreme Material & Design:
1.The unique Plastic Shell the entire network, Silver slurry imported from the US, and all the accessories are all pure coopper to assure the contact loose.
2.We bundled Velcro and two air sucker, which solve the problem the 3M sticker hard to deal with.
3.Attached high quality coaxial cable to make it easy to position the antenna and find the optimal TV signal reception.
4.New generation flat design indoor TV antenna with only 0.02 inch thickness.
5.Specially compatible with HDTV of various digital terrestrial(DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/H, ATSC) and DAB/FM radios.

Kindly Note:
The actual receivable range may highly dependents on your distance and location. Areas with large obstructions such in valleys, mountains,etc,. will reduce effective range.
Always re-scan channels after moving the indoor antenna, the result may be better.
You can Remove the Detachable antenna amplifier if your house is within 20 mile range from the tower.
We do NOT Recommend to use this amplifier or booster if your house is very closer to the broadcast tower and the signal is already very strong.
Keep the antenna away from the sources of interference, keep the antenna away from those big power consumption devices, such as air conditioner, elevator, hair dryer and microwave oven etc.

Working Frequency : VHF(170-240Mhz) \ UHF(470-860Mhz) Compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4K/ ATSC
Impedence : 75 Ω
LNA Gain : 30dB
Connectors : F Male
High Performance Coax Cable : 1.5C-2V / Black L=13.2FT
Voltage : 5V
Power supply connector: USB

1. Indoor HDTV antenna with 13.2ft coax cable
2. USB power adapter with spare cable
3. Amplifier signal booster


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Chaowei DVB66 TV Antenna for Digital TV Indoor - Portable Indoor Outdoor TV Antenna for ATSC Television,PCI/USB TV Tuner - With Magnetic Base by Chaowei

  • Angled Connection to TV - Make it more stronger;The magnetic base...
  • Easy to Set Up - Just screw the Coax cable into your TV's Coax...
  • Free for Life - Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again!...

Product Description

Stytle:35 Miles

Chaowei Portable Digital TV Antenna is an indoor outdoor HDTV TV antenna,working best for TV Tower 10-35 miles away, NO amplifier

Pls check the available channels and signal strength in your area by visiting"" or "tvfool" or "AntennaWeb"

1, If you are 35-50 miles away DTV Station and if the signals are weakened,pls try to couple with Chaowei AMP1801 TV signal amplifier booster,DVB66 TV Digital Antenna will outperform an 50 mile amplified antenna by leaps and bounds.

2.Small antenna but strong.It is acceptable for all portable applications: portable tv,PCI/USB TV tuner,mobile TV,ATSC tuner,RV etc.Good for car,truck,trailer.

3.If attach the magnetic base antenna to a largest and tallest piece of metal available near your TV will improve the reception.And the magnetic base makes it setting a lot more stable and sturdy than other products out there.

4.Setting Options-Put on top of any iron surface like file cabinet,metal rack,DVD player,cable box;Or sit on tv,hidden behind TV/door/bookcase,even mount on roof if the cable allowed,it would work like a deep space satellite dish!!

Chaowei Indoor TV Antenna Specs:

Frequency:VHF-Hi 170-240 MHz,UHF 470-860MHz




Volts: 5V/25mA

Operation temperature: -30~85℃


How well it works,depends on many factors,specifically the distance to the TV tower,signal strength,terrain,building construction,trees and elevation all affect TV reception

If your antenna is not working:

1) Make sure your TV has a builtin ATSC tuner;if NO, pls get a HDTV receiver/set-top box to work;

2) Make sure there are available digital channels in your area,and the signals are strong;

3) Try to moving it around your house or Pointing it in various directions and Auto tuning again,then re-run a channel scan.


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Grell 60-100Miles Indoor HDTV Antenna - Upgraded Digital TV Antenna with Amplifier TV Antenna Indoor High Reception for Free Channels Gain 4K 1080P with 12ft Coax Cable by grell

  • 【High Performance Reception】60-100 Miles signal reception range,...
  • 【12FT Suitable Coaxial Cable and USB Power】With extra suitable 12ft...
  • 【Fast and Easy Set Up With 3 Steps】:Unwrap,Plug it in ,then scan...

Product Description

Grell 60-100 Miles Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

Fast and easy set up in 3 steps:
a.Connect the antenna to"CABLE/ANT IN"on the back of any HDTV
b.Place the antenna in an optimal position, usually on a wall or window(strongly recommend)
c.Scan TV channels and be ready to enjoy free HD TV!

Two really useful websites to find out what channels you should be able to get at your home
1. is run by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters.The interface hasn't changed in over a decade, but it's simple and the information is useful.
2. is more complex, but gives a lot more detail including gorgeous plots of theoretical signal strength and where the broadcast towers are located.
Tips: And if you're looking for a cable-style TV schedule, is a free Web service that lists local programming.

Model Number:GL01
Frequency Range: VHF 47-240Mhz, UHF 470-862Mhz
Receiving Range: FM/VHF/UHF
Gain: 30dBi with Amplifier
Maximum Output Level: 100dBμV
Polarization:Linear Impedance: 75Ω
Noise Figure: ≤3dB

1* Grell 60-100Miles TV Antenna with 12ft Coax Cable.
1* TV Channels Amplifier Booster with spare cable.
1* User Manual.
2* EVA Stickers.


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HotCat HDTV Antenna, 2018 NEWEST Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antennas 60-90 Mile Range with Newest Type Switch Console Amplifier Signal Booster and 16.5 Feet Coaxial Cable For 4K 1080P 2160P by HotCat

  • 【Warranty for Your Satisfaction】Don't worry about our quality!...
  • 【What You Get?】Not only TV antenna, you also get new type of Switch...
  • 【High Performance Reception】60-90 Miles signal reception range,...

Product Description

HotCat focuses on the design and manufacture of antenna products. We create lasting products that help people benefit from the power of technology and make life better, easier and more fulfilling.
Come join our family with over 20 million satisfied customers and counting!

Product Features:
1.New generation flat design indoor TV antenna with only 0.03 inch thickness.
2.Comes with a sticker at the base for convenient multi-positioning such as windows, tables, walls etc.
3.Attached high quality coaxial cable to make it easy to position the antenna and find the optimal TV signal reception.
4.Specially compatible with HDTV of various digital terrestrial(DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/H, ATSC) and DAB/FM radios.

For the best reception please check the following conditions:
1.Keep the antenna away from the sources of interference, keep the antenna away from those big power consumption devices, such as air conditioner, elevator, hair dryer and microwave oven etc.
2.Place the antenna near windows for best results.
3.If there are interference between antenna and transmission tower, it may cause some slight signal loss. Install the antenna as high as possible.

Setting and Connections:
1.Light as a Feather, allows you to place it anywhere.
2.Match your home decoration can be easily hidden behind a picture, bockshelf or television.
3.Fast and easy set up with 3 steps-Unwrap,Plug it in and Scan channels. can put it higher on wall; lay flat on table; on window,(strongly recommended),and it will provide you with opportunities to watch crystal clear digital & HD showsl.
5.if you don 't want to stick the antenna on the wall/window,the TV antenna stand. Allows you to move the antenna freely.

90-day full refund and 12-month warranty!
Now Choose HotCat Antenna and Cut the cable , get access to FREE HD programs forever!

Indoor Digital Tv Antenna

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Amplified Indoor Digital TV Antenna HDTV Freeview Compatible
Amplified Indoor Digital TV Antenna HDTV Freeview Compatible
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