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GEOSATpro 36"/90cm FTA Satellite Dish and .5dB NR SL1PLL Single Standard LNBF by GEOSATpro

  • GEOSATpro 90cm exclusive "easy level" universal wall / roof tripod...
  • Satellite Dish Antenna is Perfect for reception of any Ku-band...
  • Compatible with SG2100 Motech, STAB, SG6000, and most all other...

Product Description

Considered among dealers and hobbyist to be one of the best constructed 90cm dishes available. GEOSATpro and Azure Shine have formed a partnership to provide high quality satellite dish products at low competitive prices. Patented rolled reflector edges provide the support necessary to maintain a perfect parabola. The LNBF arm is attached to the elevation bracket and strengthened by two support arms creating the strongest tripod LNBF support structure of any consumer dish available. This exclusive design provides an incredibly strong support for even the largest LNBFs. The sturdy adjustable elevation bracket allows for dish aiming angles from 0 - 90 degrees. All hardware is hardened SAE with serrated locking washer nuts. The attractive and durable finish coating of charcoal colored textured poly withstands the elements and will look great for many years! GEOSATpro 90cm exclusive "easy level" universal wall/roof tripod post makes dish mounting a breeze. No more hassles with off center foot plates throwing the mast out of plumb. The unique slotted post attachment to the footer plate allows for 360 degree post leveling, not like other designs which only permit front to back adjustments. No need to carry a level on your install. The included bubble spirit level is placed into the top of the mast for quick verification that the post is plumb and level. Tripod legs can be mounted at any point on the mast, at any angle to assure a solid and secure mounting even in the strongest wind. GEOSATpro hardware is developed to be simply the best! Technical Specifications Effective Aperture: 90cm/36inch Diameter: 93.5cmx85cm F/D: .5 Offset Angle: 24.62 degrees Surface Accuracy: +/-0.01 deg." Elevation Range: 0-90 deg Finish: Textured Poly Powder Coat over Galvanized Steel. Feed Support: Universal 40mm / 23mm Clamp Frequency Range: 10.95 - 12.75 GHz Gain at 12.5 Ghz: 39.6 dBi Aperture Efficiency: 75% Beam Width: -3 dB - 1.8 deg. Wind Loading: Operational 65MPH Survival 125MPH


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  • Has a molded in LNB rotation scale
  • Features a 30 mm and a 40 mm circular LNB holder to fit just about...
  • Use this LNB Bracket to add a LNB to any 18" DTV dish, Dishnetwork...

Product Description

Universal Single LNB Bracket is perfect if you want to add a LNB to any dish!

Sadoun S1-PVR200 36" FTA Complete HD DVR Satellite System Free To Air by Sadoun

  • Universal wall mount included
  • 36" / 90cm Dish and Mounting Hardware (Taiwan)
  • SatHawk PVR200HD Receiver with PVR Recording & High Definition...

Product Description

Watch FREE to air TV. Live News, Drama, Sports, and Entertainment. No Monthly Fee, No contract, Buy once and watch FREE, Easy to install satellite system. Watch hundreds of free to air channels from around the world. TV and Radio channels available in dozens of languages. The popular Galaxy 19 satellite has the following channels 3ABN Afghanistan Arabic Armenian Chinese Dutch Ethiopian Farsi Glorystar Haiti Korean Kurdish Mexican Nigerian Polish Romanian Russian Spanish Thai Turkish Ukraine Vietnamese. System include: MPEG4 DVB-S2 HD Receiver, IR Remote, 36" Dish, Universal LNBF, Universal Wall/Roof Mount. Dish ships separately and may arrive at the same time as the receiver, LNBF and motor or within a few days later. Installation of the system is entirely your responsibility. Guidelines and tips provided on our website are intended to help you achieve a successful installation of your new satellite system. We are not responsible for installing any equipment you buy on from us. You are advised to consult a professional installer if you need more support. DISCLAIMER: We don't claim or guarantee that the FREE TO AIR channels will remain free to air for any period of time. Some of these channels may go off the air at some point or become encrypted and new channels may show up. The New version software is with KOQIT Logo now. The items were correct. It is a Black model was:KOQIT K1

LOT OF 5 pcs Universal Single LNB Bracket Sat Dish FTA 30mm, 40mm LNB Moun

  • Has a vertical height adjustment scale
  • Complete with all hardware including the bolt/nut to attach to the...
  • Has a molded in LNB rotation scale

Product Description

Brand New Universal Single LNB Bracket is perfect if you want to add a LNB to any Ku band dish! Use this LNB Bracket to add a LNB to any 18" DTV dish, Dishnetwork Dish, Super Dish, and 33", 36", or 39" FTA Dishes. The flat attaching bracket will attach to virtually any dish arm (May need to drill a new attachment hole in your dish arm) Features a 30 mm and a 40 mm circular LNB holder to fit just about any Ku LNB such as all Standard/Universal FTA LNBs, Dishnetwork and Directv LNB's .

MIDLITE A360HDMI-WH HDMI(R) Custom 360 Right-Angle Adapter & Wall Plate Kit by Midlite

  • Height - 1.10
  • Model_Number - A360HDMI-WH
  • Width - 3.25

Product Description

Make cable connection easier with the Midlite HDMI Custom 360 Right Angle Adapter amp;amp; Wall Plate Kit. Able to accommodate applications up to 36 feet, the kit features a gold-plated connector to minimize millivolt drop while improving signal connectivity, and its 360 adapter rotates in 45 increments to align the cable run with the connector and to provide strain relief for improved signal reliability. It has been designed to provide a closer fit to the wall, making it ideal for flat panels, projectors, HD receivers and more.

Motorized FTA satellite Dish Set Up 4 of 4 You can see how a Motorized Free To Air Satellite Dish tracks the Clarke Belt satellites.

Resources: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Watch TV Without Cable – Important Equipment to Consider There are so many people in the world who watches tv without any subscription to a cable company. Although not many do this in our country, it’s possible to do so! They call this free viewing of channels as “free-to-air”. It?s a great substitute for paid cable. When we mention FTA or free-to-air viewing, it doesn’t necessarily mean...

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    06/17/15 ,via Fin24

    Sabido is launching a new free-to-air satellite platform called Openview HD via subsidiary ... The free services will cost consumers only the R1?900 for the decoder, satellite dish and installation. They will get access to between 12 and 20 channels ...

  • Broadcom Expands Low-power ODU Satellite Device Portfolio

    01/05/15 ,via Yahoo Finance

    The new device adds support for up to 32 resident set-top boxes (STBs) on a single coaxial cable within a multiple dwelling unit, enabling operators to deliver additional services to more subscribers without requiring new satellite dish installations.

  • free to air satellite decode/channel showing world cup

    06/14/14 ,via Tech Zim Answers

    Find an installer (me included) to refocus your dish from Intelsat 20 to Eutelsat 7. You can even try it yourself 1. Go to manual scan and select new Satellite. 2. Go to Transponder edit and add: 3. Twist your LNB until it points right up. 4. Twist your ...

WS9036 90cm / 36" Offset FTA & Ku Band Satellite Dish Antenna
WS9036 90cm / 36" Offset FTA & Ku Band Satellite Dish Antenna
Details about 36 Inch 90 cm Free To Air FTA Satellite Dish & HD LNBF
Details about 36 Inch 90 cm Free To Air FTA Satellite Dish & HD LNBF
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36 Inch 90 cm Free To Air FTA Satellite Dish & HD LNBF For Sale
36 Inch 90 cm Free To Air FTA Satellite Dish & HD LNBF For Sale