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Clear TV Key Digital Indoor Antenna Stick – HDTV Signal Receiver Antena Full 1080p HD – Easy Installation & Setup – Sleek, Slim Design Hides Behind Your TV Set by NeeGo

  • SAVES MONEY & HASSLES - The Antenna is Totally Self-Sufficient; No...
  • INDOOR HDTV DIGITAL ANTENNA - High-Tech Receiver Delivers High...
  • HUNDREDS OF CHANNELS - Watch All Your Favorites Across Networks,...

Product Description

Say goodbye to your cable guy!

Want to feel less connected, at least when it comes to you and your cable provider or satellite service? With the Clear TV Key Digital Indoor Antenna from NeeGo, you can cut the cord and enjoy hundreds of channels-broadcast network, cable and satellite-without a contract or recurring monthly fees. Compatible with all digital TVs, this simple stick antenna just plugs into the coaxial port at the back of your TV. Then just scan the channels and within minutes you're ready to relax and binge-watch your favorite guilty pleasures.

Don't worry about adding another unsightly electronic device to your décor. With its black finish and slim, sleek design, the unit discreetly hides behind your TV, yet still has the power to receive high definition signals for a beautiful, clear picture. The TV Key's range is approximately 25 miles, and it receives 480p to 1080p channels. Find your freedom and put a Clear TV Key in your cart today!

What You Get

  • Clear TV Key Digital Indoor Antenna Stick
  • Sleek, slim addition to your contemporary TV setup
  • Freedom from cable and satellite TV!

Specs & Details

  • Type: Indoor TV Antenna receives 480p - 1080p
  • Frequency range: 146 - 176MHz
  • Working voltage: 220V
  • Color: black

How to Enjoy

  • Plug unit into coaxial port at back of your TV
  • Scan for available channels within 25 mile range
  • Grab some snacks and settle in for hours of HDTV!


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Indoor HD TV Antenna 1080P, DMYCO 60+ Mile High Definition with Signal Booster, Home Digital TV OTA Receiver, Power House DTV Amplified Air Aerial for Free Internal Local Channels with 16.5FT Cable by DMYCO

  • QUICK & EASY TO SET UP - Plug it in TV and start to scan channels....
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - DMYCO Digital HDTV Antenna comes with a...
  • FULL HD & CLEARER TV PROGRAMS- Adopt upgraded crystal clear filter...

Product Description

The antenna is designed for Digital TV with built-in tuner for free view. Simple to use and free
forever. With it, you can enjoy the TV program free at home!

Before purchasing, please double check
If your location has ATSC signal
If your TV support ATSC

Before use, please connect the antenna and move it to find the best location for stronger

Connect antenna to your TV
Place the antenna to window or stick to window glass
Choose correct signal source.
Start to scan channels. You can move the antenna and then rescan to find the best install location

How to use
1. Connect the Freesat TV Antenna to the back of your TV coaxial receiver.
2. Power on the antenna by below ways
Powered by TV's USB charging port
Powered by Digital STB charging port
Powered by External USB power adapter(not included)
3. Attach the Antenna on the wall or window, behind a picture, on a shelf or anywhere to get the
best reception.
4. Select correct signal source and then start a channel scan with the antenna. If the reception is
sporadic, move the antenna to another location and rescanning.
5. Enjoy your FREE TV program.

1. Placing the antenna higher or closer to a window may get better reception. You must rescan
whenever you move the antenna.
2. Go through your TV manual to make sure your TV is with built-in tuner for free view.
3. TV reception depends on the distance from your home to the transmitting tower and the
surrounding environments.



ClearTV X-72 HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna by ClearTV

  • Enjoy hundreds of the top-rated network shows, sporting events,...
  • No unexpected price hikes!
  • No contracts, no monthly fees.

Product Description

New technology lets you bypass cable and satellite companies and receive hundreds or crystal clear digital and HD shows for FREE. * Enjoy hundreds of the top-rated network shows, sporting events, sitcoms, local news & weather, kids programming, and more! * No contracts, no monthly fees. No unexpected price hikes! * Easy to set up- just plug it in! * Enjoy uncompressed HD signal that's better than what your satellite or cable service can provid

Clear TV HD Digital Antenna - As Seen on TV - No More Cable Bills New Black ED by Genuiskids

  • Watch your favorite network TV shows without signing a contract or...
  • Simply screw the cable into the existing antenna or cable port on...
  • Clear TV is easy to set up, and provide viewers the opportunity to...

Product Description

Color : Black
Setting it up couldn't be easier:
Please Note:
For a reception, you need to follow the instructions very carefully as it depends on where you are installing the product or where is the TV installed.
If there is a barrier or a big wall, then you may not get the expected reception.
Package Included:
1 x HD TV Digital Antenna
Note:Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/-1-3cm.

Phoneix Clear TV Antenna Key HDTV Free Digital TV Indoor Antenna Cable by Phoneix

  • Plugs into any TV and play.
  • Network Availability Varies by Area/Location.
  • Please note: The main function of this product is signal...

Product Description

Watch 100s of FREE HD & Digital TV Channels
Plugs into Any TV
Fast & Easy Setup-Just Plug it In!
No Contracts, Monthly Fees, or Price Hikes!
Crystal Clear Picture
Size:11.4"x 7.5"
NIB Clear TV KEY "As Seen On TV" HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna
Brand New in Sealed Package! Fast Shipping!
No more Expensive Cable/Satellite Bills!
All you need is the Free TV Key from ClearTV and you can watch your favorite broadcast network shows for free!
The Free TV Key hides behind your TV and is easy to install.
No tools are needed for installation.
Just plug it into your TV's cable input and you are all set.
It's compact design makes it perfect for any size space.
You can put it in your house, boat, RV, garage, condo....the list goes on and on.
The Free TV Key Receives HD 480p-1080p channels with no contracts or monthly bills.
30 mile directional range
Network Availability Varies by Area/Location
Please Check this PRIOR to Bidding
To find out what stations are in your area please visit and you can also visit
to find a reception map.
In order to receive an Excellent Signal Strength, you should ideally be located within 25 to 30 miles of a broadcast tower.
Please note: The main function of this product is signal enhancement, so the distance between the search channel and the signal tower is directly related.
Package Included:
1x HD TV KEY Antenna

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We test the Clear TV antenna
We test the Clear TV antenna
about Clear TV X-71 HD TV Digital Indoor Antenna HDTV AS SEEN ON TV ...
about Clear TV X-71 HD TV Digital Indoor Antenna HDTV AS SEEN ON TV ...
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Clear TV Antenna Zoom In
Clear TV Antenna Zoom In