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ClearTV X-72 HDTV Digital Indoor Antenna by ClearTV

  • Easy to set up- just plug it in!
  • No contracts, no monthly fees.
  • No unexpected price hikes!

Product Description

New technology lets you bypass cable and satellite companies and receive hundreds or crystal clear digital and HD shows for FREE. * Enjoy hundreds of the top-rated network shows, sporting events, sitcoms, local news & weather, kids programming, and more! * No contracts, no monthly fees. No unexpected price hikes! * Easy to set up- just plug it in! * Enjoy uncompressed HD signal that's better than what your satellite or cable service can provid


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Docooler® HDTV Antenna X-71 Indoor Digital High Definition Home with Sucker 450-860MHz F Male Connector for HDTV / DTV for United States by Docooler

  • No external power required.
  • Setting it up couldn't be easier: Simply screw the cable into the...
  • F Male connector is suitable for United States.

Product Description

Do you want to enjoy national television programs and local programs for free? This specialIndoor Digital TV Antenna can meet your needs. By connecting it to your TV, you can receive digital UHF television signals, and you can greatly enjoy your HD TV shows. This digital TV antenna with its attractive appearance and practical performance will brings you much fun and convenience.

Specially designed to receive digital signals, and it enables viewers to receive hundreds of crystal clear digital and HD shows for free. No expensive and unnecessary cable bills needed.
Easy to set up: Simply screw the cable into the existing antenna or cable port on your TV, and attach the lightweight, razor-thin antenna to a window or exterior wall (with included suction cups).
Fibrous material FR-4, copper coated copper wire shield GB.
No external power required.
F Male connector is suitable for United States.

Frequency Range: 450-860 MHz
Color: Black
Main Item Size: 17.5 * 17.5 * 0.1cm / 6.89 * 6.89 * 0.04in
Main Item Weight: 107g / 3.77oz
Package Size: 23.5 * 20.6 * 2.5cm / 9.25 * 8.11 * 0.98in
Package Weight: 170g / 5.99oz

Package List:
1 * Digital TV Antenna
2 * Suckers
1 * English User Manual


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2017 Model Volger TV Antenna - 50 Miles Digital Antenna Indoor - High Reception - Super Fun and FREE for Life by VOLGER

  • FULL HD - 50 MILES LONG RANGE ACCESS- Working frequency: VHF...
  • SLIM & HIGH PERFORMANCE -Paper-thin design makes free HDTV antenna...
  • Free for Your Life-Get the free HD Channels in 50 miles rang from...

Product Description

Features Soft, light weight, super slim, less than an inch thick(0.02") but still delivers on the ANTV promise of a quality HDTV viewing experience with a 360 degree Omni-directional reception pattern. With table stand and double sided sticker included, convenient for multi-positioning. 50 miles from point of signal origination. Multiple set-up options allow you to place antenna on a wall or window. reception note Before you buying, Please find out channels available in your area via the; is important. besides, Please make sure your TV has a HDTV Tuner, If not, we kindly suggest you buy a Digital Converter Box, if with tunner you can directly to inser your TV, and we hightly recommend you should put it on the higher position or near the window, for best receptions, if you close to signal tower, you do not need to use amplifier. Secondly, The antenna is very sensitive to movement, after the position was changed, please do signal re-scan, Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices to avoid interference. we are not based on benefit, rather than the customers' experience, hope we can bring a wondeful shopping experience to you!


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TV Antenna - Wsky 1080P 50 Miles Digital HDTV Antenna Indoor - Upgraded Version USB Powered Amplified Antenna Super FUN And FREE For LIFE! by Wsky

  • ★1080P 50 MILE LONG RECEPTION RANGE: Extensive range of receptions...
  • ★EXCEPTIONAL VALUE: Keep one in your home, or gift one to a friend...
  • ★Upgraded Amplifier To The Fullest:The upgraded amplified antenna...

Product Description

✿Wsky Super Thin 1080P Digital HDTV Antenna:
Our Super Thin Antenna is specially designed for receiving digital over-the-air (OTA) TV broadcasts from all your local
television stations. So never pay hugely expensive cable or satellite fees again and get all your local channels in crystal
clear quality, absolutely free!

✿Indoor TV Antenna Specifications:
Frequency range:147-230MHZ
Receiving range: FM/VHF/UHF
Gain: 28dB
Output Level:100dBμV
Impedance: 75Ω
Noise figure: ≤3dB
Power Supply: Via USB Power Adapter(5V/100mA)

✿Troubleshooting tips for Poor signal reception:

1) You need to stay at a place where you can receive the signal
2) TV requires digital function
3) Need to stay away from trees and mountains and some other obstacles
4) If there is interference from other radio waves or obstructions, it will also affect the acceptance of the signal
5) To stabilize the signal reception, install as close as possible to the direction of the radio wave
6) In order to stabilize the signal, need to use in a stable place (such as the car will affect the acceptance of the signal)
7) where the signal is strong, do not need to connect the booster; where the signal is weak, the connection booster can
enhance the signal reception
6)For higher location or longer coax cable, you could purchase this coax cable, Link:

1. Indoor HDTV antenna with 16.5ft coax cable
2. USB power adapter with spare cable
3. Amplifier signal booster


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Indoor TV Antenna Amplified HDTV Antenna 60 Miles Range Amplified Digital TV Antenna with New Version Amplifier and 16.5 FT Coaxial Cable(Black) by FREESAT

  • FULL HD & CLEARER TV PROGRAMS- Adopt upgraded crystal clear filter...
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our Digital HDTV Antenna comes with a 100%...
  • ENJOYING FREE TV CHANNELS FOR LIFE - Never pay expensive cable or...

Product Description

The antenna is designed for Digital TV with built-in tuner for free view. Simple to use and free
forever. With it, you can enjoy the TV program free at home!

Before purchasing, please double check
If your location has ATSC signal
If your TV support ATSC

Before use, please connect the antenna and move it to find the best location for stronger

Connect antenna to your TV
Place the antenna to window or stick to window glass
Choose correct signal source.
Start to scan channels. You can move the antenna and then rescan to find the best install location

How to use
1. Connect the Freesat TV Antenna to the back of your TV coaxial receiver.
2. Power on the antenna by below ways
Powered by TV's USB charging port
Powered by Digital STB charging port
Powered by External USB power adapter(not included)
3. Attach the Antenna on the wall or window, behind a picture, on a shelf or anywhere to get the
best reception.
4. Select correct signal source and then start a channel scan with the antenna. If the reception is
sporadic, move the antenna to another location and rescanning.
5. Enjoy your FREE TV program.

1. Placing the antenna higher or closer to a window may get better reception. You must rescan
whenever you move the antenna.
2. Go through your TV manual to make sure your TV is with built-in tuner for free view.
3. TV reception depends on the distance from your home to the transmitting tower and the
surrounding environments.

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We test the Clear TV antenna
We test the Clear TV antenna
about Clear TV X-71 HD TV Digital Indoor Antenna HDTV AS SEEN ON TV ...
about Clear TV X-71 HD TV Digital Indoor Antenna HDTV AS SEEN ON TV ...
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Clear TV Antenna Zoom In
Clear TV Antenna Zoom In