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C1-PLL C-band LNBF - WiMax 4G LTE WiFi Filter - PLL Phase Lock Loop by Titanium Satellite

  • World's First PLL (Phase Lock Loop) C-band LNBF with WiMax 4G LTE...
  • Stability: +/-50Khz and 10Khz @ operational temp
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against Defect and Frequency Drift

Product Description

The Titanium Satellite C1-PLL features WiMax filter and the simplicity of voltage controlled polarity with exceptional performance and stability required for reliable reception of S2, high FEC and narrow bandwidth satellite transponders. The C1-PLL is filtered below 3.7Ghz to eliminate interference from WiMax 4G LTE wide area WiFi. Developed using the latest PLL chipsets with a balance of gain, isolation, stability and amplification to produce a Phase Look Loop C-Band LNBF that outperforms all other C-Band LNBFs. Titanium Satellite products are factory line tested to assure specification compliance, performance and inspected by an independent third party service to insure complete manufacturing and performance compliance. The C1-PLL heavy cast aluminum mass and thick wall housing sports a glossy snow white color protective finish. This attractive finish with offsetting cool grey hardware not only looks great, but also reduces overheating when exposed to direct sunlight. The natural color aluminum cooling fins also assist in dissipating heat from the electronics and body mass resulting in a lower operating temperature with increased performance. The craftsmanship, quality components and innovative design make the C1-PLL superior to any C-band LNBF available on the market. Provided with a secure fitting, Royal Blue color feedhorn cover, dielectric slab insert for circular C-band reception and mounting hardware. The included universal flat type three ring scalar is tapped for mounting on button hook, three and four leg prime focus dish designs. Titanium hardware is secured with the provided Allen Head type screws and key tool. Titanium Satellite also introduces to C-band LNBF production the waterproof, 3GHz, blue-insert, F-fitting coax connection. The C1-PLL is a simple way to increase performance and signal reliability of your C-band satellite system without breaking the bank! The C1-PLL, C2-PLL, C1WPLL and C2WPLL logos are trademarks of Titanium Satellite

Satellite Dish Feed Horn Polorotor Throat Cover C-Band Digital Home Satellite Dish by NAC Wire and Cables

  • bees and other obstructions that reduce signal
  • Protects feed throat from bugs

Product Description

Protects feed throat from bugs, bees and other obstructions that reduce signal.


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C KU Band Combo LNBF - KU PLL 50KHz Stability - CK1S by Titanium Satellite

  • One KU-band Output 11.7-12.75GHz Standard LO 10750
  • One C-band Output Wideband 3.4-4.2GHz - LO 5150
  • Combined C and KU-Band LNBF

Product Description

Receive both C and KU bands with one LNBF. The Titanium Satellite CK1S is the best performance LNBF for combined C and KU band reception. We carefully tested and compared products from several factories and found this design to provide excellent performance, accurate scale markings and reliable operation. The CK1S kit includes: A Prime Focus Flat Scalar suitable for mounting on 3 or 4 leg feedhorn support arms or buttonhook design. Three point Allen head mounting screws for exact centering. Dielectric Slab insert for C-band circular polarity reception. Zinc Coated Allen Head screws - feedhorn/scalar mounting with Hex Tool. FD Scale marking on the feedhorn for easy installation. Horizontal & Vertical Alignment Marks for "0" Skew reference. Two Year Warranty. * For mounting on an offset design dish we recommend the optional CS1 Conical Scalar to fully illuminate the reflector. Please note that combo C/KU LNBFs work best on 8 foot or larger dishes as the feedhorn design has a slight loss compared to side-mounting separate C and KU LNBFs.


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C-Band LNBF Single Output BSC421 by DMSI

  • Voltage-Controlled H/V Switching (13/18V)
  • Excellent D.R.O. Stability
  • Extended Frequency 3.4 GHz ~ 4.2 GHz

Product Description

Lightweight design in 100% waterproof environment.


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CS1 Conical Scalar Kit for Offset Satellite Dishes LNBF and Feedhorns by Titanium Satellite

  • Conical Scalar Kit for mounting on .5 - .8 FD Offset Type Dish
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against Defect
  • Optimize Signal collection for standard and miniBUD installs

Product Description

The Titanium Satellite CS1 Conical Scalar kit provides optimal offset dish illumination for C-band and combo C/KU-band feedhorns and LNBFs. The aluminum cast body is CAD designed for maximizing C-band RX signal quality by properly illuminating .5 - .8 FD offset type satellite dishes and attenuating undesired interference from out-of band frequencies and sources. The cool grey color poly coating protects the CS1 from corrosion and will look great for many years of reliable performance. The scalar is securely attached to the feedhorn by three chrome 5mm Allen head screws. The included Allen key tool allows easily and precise adjustment to provide the exact reflector illumination. Under or over illumination of the reflector surface can severely degrade the signal quality readings and result in poor or no satellite reception. Under illuminate the reflector and you are only catching a percentage of the signals reflecting off of the reflector surface. Over illuminate and terrestrial interference or off-axis / adjacent satellite signals may be directed into the feedhorn. A universal poly 50 - 68mm feed horn clamp and hardware is included for mounting the feedhorn / LNBF on many brands and models of offset dishes. Options for bottom or side mounting holes are provided for attachment to the many varied feed support arm designs. While we cannot guarantee that the universal clamp will fit on every dish design, it provides a secure grip and can be easily adapted with minimal fabrication to meet unique mounting requirements. The Titanium Satellite CS1 is quality built using only the highest grade materials to ensure performance and reliable operation. All Titanium Satellite products are inspected by an independent third party for manufacturing and specification compliance. Unlike other brands, there are no "B" stock or secondary markets for Titanium Satellite products.

Cband NPS 4DTV Satellite Install 1 of 5

NPS founded in 1983 as nationwide C-Band satellite service provider and retailer National Programming Service, LLC. NPS was the largest C-Band ...

IAF formally inducts indigenous Akash Air Defence missile

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar formally handed over indigenously designed, developed and produced Akash Air Defence missile system to the Indian Air Force (IAF) in a glittering ceremony at Air Force Station Gwalior July 10.

The induction ceremony was held in presence of senior officials from IAF and Secretary Defence (R&D) Dr S Christopher, Chairman and Managing... Source: Naval Open Source INTelligence

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    07/09/15 ,via Satellite news

    BRIsat will be blasted into orbit in 2016 atop an Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, making BRI the world’s first bank to launch a communications satellite. It will offer C-band and Ku-band services for the regions of Indonesia ...

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    07/07/15 ,via Bonner County Daily Bee

    He installed the vast majority of C Band Satellite TV systems in the Panhandle of Idaho during the 1990s, as well as many LDS Church systems during those years and the early 2000s. In his mid-60s, his role at Satcom afforded him the opportunity to travel ...

  • Ariane 5 begins summer launch campaign

    06/30/15 ,via Broadband TV News

    which is to launch the Star One C4 telecommunications satellite for Brazil and Europe’s MSG-4 meteorological platform on July 8. Eutelsat 8 West B will introduce a C-band mission to the 8 degrees West orbital slot, with 10 operational transponders ...

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