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Thuraya satellite Satsleeve + (Plus) for Smartphones iPhone Android by Thuraya

  • SatSleeve+ features a new voice routing system that improves on the...
  • Easy-to-Use Simply connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi to the...
  • Thuraya does not offer global coverage so please ensure that the...

Product Description

The Thuraya SatSleeve+ lets you make calls, use messaging applications, update your social network, send and receive email and SMS, and access apps. It also comes with an additional safety feature - a programmable SOS button that works even if your smartphone isn't connected. This convenient function allows you to call a predefined number of your choice. The Thuraya SatSleeve package includes: Thuraya SatSleeve Battery AC Charger (4 international adaptors) USB Data Cable Quick Start guide Warranty Documentation


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Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL Satellite Phone by Thuraya

  • Dedicated SOS button The XT-PRO DUAL has a dedicated SOS button,...
  • Incoming call notifications in satellite mode The call notification...
  • SAT and GSM "Always On" Make and receive calls simultaneously on...

Product Description

The Thuraya XT-PRO DUAL is the world's first dual-mode, dual-SIM phone, bridging the gap between satellite and GSM communications. By using both a satellite and a GSM SIM card, you can keep call costs to a minimum yet still enjoy connectivity no matter where you are. Highly ruggedized with a shockproof, water and dust resistant body, the XT-PRO DUAL also comes with advanced navigation capabilities through GPS, BeiDou, Glonass and Galileo for the highest flexibility in all regions. Thuraya's comprehensive satellite network provides reliable, clear and uninterrupted communications in more than 160 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia; and in GSM-mode the phone supports most 2G/3G frequencies across the world.


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Thuraya XT Battery by Thuraya

  • Replacement or Spare Battery for Thuraya XT. Talk time up to 6...

Product Description

This works as a back-up battery for your Thuraya XT. A freshly charged spare battery extends usage time in areas where you don't have access to electricity. Keeping a spare battery on hand ensures that your Thuraya XT is always ready for use. The charging time of a fully discharged Thuraya XT battery is approximately 2 hours 25 minutes.


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Thuraya XT Pro Satellite Phone by Thuraya

  • Important: Thuraya does not offer global coverage so please ensure...
  • The Thuraya XT-PRO enables you to stay connected via satellite mode...
  • Dedicated SOS button The XT-PRO has a dedicated SOS button which is...

Product Description

thuraya xt pro

Product Description

The Thuraya IP+ is the first of its kind - the world's most compact, lightest satellite broadband terminal of its class. It delivers the fastest IP speeds for a terminal of its size and class. It's designed and manufactured to support a wide range of mission-critical/sensitive applications. It's also highly portable, as it can be carried anywhere and deployed from a backpack in a matter of seconds. It relies on Thuraya's extensive satellite network, which covers two thirds of the globe, including over 160 countries. This means that you can access high speed internet anywhere you take this device, including even some of most remote locations in the world. The Thuraya IP+ Terminal by Hughes is a very lightweight (1.4 kg) portable terminal engineered to support a broad range of mission-critical applications in the Thuraya coverage area (shown right). It has both Wi-Fi and a physical Ethernet port. Standard IP data speeds up to 444 kbps and streaming data speeds up to 384 kbps are possible. Optional accessories include a spare internal battery, a DC car charger accessory, a rugged soft case, a Pelican transport case with soft-case insert, a portal 10-Watt back-pack-lashable solar panel with an integrated 72 WHr battery pack and an ultralight fold-up 26 Watt solar panel.

Using Your Thuraya XT Satellite Mobile Phone

"A step by step guide to using Thuraya's XT Satellite Mobile Phone."

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Thuraya XT Dual Satellite Phone
Thuraya XT Dual Satellite Phone
Thuraya XT Portable Satellite Phone
Thuraya XT Portable Satellite Phone