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Product Description

It works for all the following FTA receiver models: Ariza 400/500
Ariza 700/750
Blackbird ST1000/2000
Conaxsat Mini/Nano/Duo/Trio
i-Link 210 & 8000
Coolsat 4000/5000/6000
Coolsat 7000/7100
Coolsat 8000/8100
Digiwave 7200S/6800
Evolution X0.01
Extremeview Magnum
Fortec Mercury II
Fortec Lifetime Ultra
Homesat V6
Megasat YT6688
Mvidea FS 4000
Neosat Lite
Neosat SP-6000
nFusion Nova/Solaris/Phoenix
Orasat 3.0
Orasat 5.0
Pansat 2700/3500/6000HX/9200HD
Pansat 2500
Sonicview 1000/4000, 360 Premier, 360 Elite, 8000HD
Viewsat Platinum/Extreme/Ultra/Lite
Captiveworks Cw 600 700 800 600s 650
(Note: Premium model only, will NOT work for CW600 Standard model)

Pansat Universal Remote by Pansat

  • Works for 2700 Pansat Receiver
  • Works for 2500 Pansat Receiver
  • Works for 6000HX Pansat Receiver

Product Description

The Pansat Universal Remote works for Pansat receiver 2500, 2700,3500 and 6000HX.


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Homevision Technology Replacement Remote for Pansat II (2700 & 3500), Black (DGARMPS2) by DigiWave

  • Programmable buttons
  • Remote control for Pan sat II device
  • Learning ability

Product Description

Digi wave DGARMPS2 is a replacement remote for Pan sat II receiver(2700 and 3500), this remote works perfectly with your original Pan sat II receiver, it does exactly the same thing if you looking for replacement remote for your Pan sat II receiver.


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Digiwave DGARMPS1 Replacement Remote for Pansat I (2500) by DigiWave

  • well-know brand
  • Best for installation
  • Some assembly required

Product Description

Replacement Remote for Pansat I (2500).

Pansat Universal Remote Take a look at Pansats Universal Remote Control. Compatible with the PS-4500, PS-3500 and PS-2500A models. Brought to you by ...

pansat remote control list price $ 29 00 our price
pansat remote control list price $ 29 00 our price
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