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DiSEqC H-H Motor FTA Satellite Dish Rotator Rotor by Yesat

  • With plastic gears
  • 42MM (1.68") Shaft
  • Diseqc motor designed to upgrade your stationary system to a...

Product Description

• Specially design for receiver with diseqc 1.2 • Diseqc motor designed to upgrade your stationary system to a motorized one • Everything is controlled through only 1 coaxial cable • Easy Installtion with LED indicator • FOR DISH UP 90CM • With plastic gears

DiSEqC H-H Satellite dish motor rotor USALS by Yesat

  • FOR DISH FROM 1.0M-1.2M
  • Accommodates 55MM (2") dish shaft size only
  • DiSEqC motor with metal gears

Product Description

• Specially design for receiver with diseqc 1.2 • Diseqc motor designed to upgrade your stationary system to a motorized one • Everything is controlled through only 1 coaxial cable • Easy Installation with LED indicator • FOR DISH FROM 1.0M-1.2M • With metal gears



MChoice Mini Size 1080P Digital DVB-S2 Satellite Wifi KeyTuner Receiver TV Box HDMI PVR by MChoice

  • Customized menu by end user any time
  • This Mini Size Digital DVB-S2 Satellite WIth IKS Receiver.
  • Basic Advertisement system

Product Description


Hard Specification:CPU:Montage.

Memory: 512m

Flash: 4M

USB 2.0: Embedded One Host.

Software Features:

Fully comply with DVB-S/S2, MPEG-2/4 H.264 Standard.

Supports single / multiple or blind search satellite search.

Automatic PAL / NTSC conversion.

Support DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2/1.3 (USALS) Motor protocol.

Various channel editing function (favorite, move, lock, skip, delete, rename, find, sort).

Support USB Wi-Fi dongle supported (Require Ralink5370/7601 Chip)

3G dongle supported(Huawei E303s/E177/E153/E3131/E1750/E1752C)

IKS Function:Support Power VU And BISS KEY Code and Support CCCAM NewCAM MgCAM GSCAM.

Support teletext/subtitle/multi-language.

Powerful and highly effective 7-day EPG function.

Media Supporting:USB media player to playback the media in USB flash disk or USB HDD or USB card reader with memory card

Favorites Channel:8 different favorite groups selection,Channel edit function including Favourite, Move, Delete, Lock,Skip,Rename

AUTO, 16:9 Pillar Box, 16:9 Pan G Scan, 4:3 Letter Box, 4:3 Pan G Scan, 4:3 Full, 16:9 Wide Screen.

Video output resolution: 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080P.

Package Includes:

1 * Mini Size DVB-S2 Receiver

1 * user manual

1 * Remote controller

1 * RCA cable

1 * Power adapter

1 * Extender IR Cable


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ASC1 DiSEqC 1.2 Satellite Dish Actuator Positioner and Polar by Titanium Satellite

  • Compatible with any DiSEqC 1.2 satellite receiver or stand alone...
  • Automatic or manual control of 199 satellite dish motor positions...
  • Lifts the heaviest dishes 36Vdc (max) / 5 amp (max)

Product Description

Searching for the highest quality and value with features that no other satellite dish controller can match? The ASC1 is simple to install and easy to use. Automatic dish positioning and polarity control with any DiSEqC 1.2 satellite receiver.

Do you remember when you could simply change channels on your C-band receiver and the your BUD dish automatically moved and the polarity was automatically selected? If the signal was weak or it had interference, you would press the skew left or right to raise the signal strength, attenuate interference and improve the picture quality? Titanium Satellite remembers and decided that it was time to once again make it easy to watch satellite TV, scan for new channels and provide the optimized reception that is required for reliable reception of the new demanding digital modulations!

See User Review:

Enjoy the performance of a polorotor feedhorn and the convenience of automatic polarity and optimized skew offset with fine tuning. Don't juggle a legacy analog/4DTV IRD remote just to move the dish and switch polarities! Now any member of the house can simply change channels on your favorite digital DVBS/S2 receiver and the dish will automatically move and the polarity and offset skew is automatically selected.

The ASC1TM is truly a heavy duty and quality built, high grade controller that provides features and functions that are not even available on expensive controllers costing 10x more! The ASC1 has another great feature not found on any other consumer positioner. Update with new firmware, back-up the user database by saving the satellite positions, names and polarity settings with skew offsets as a PC file. The machined aluminum housing with louvered side panels and integrated lifting handles are assembled with contrasting Allen Head hardware. The ASC1 looks great and protects your investment from bumps and drops.

Freesat GTMedia GTC Satellite Receiver DVB-S2/-C/T2 ISDB-T Amlogic S905D android 6.0 2GB RAM 16GB ROM BT4.0 by Freesat

  • Amlogic S905D 2GBRAM +16GBROM. Built-in Wifi 2.4G+BT4.0,...
  • Typical features of GTC product: Android+DVB-S2+T2+C+ISDB-T ISDB-T:...
  • GTC comes with GT Media APK. (Paid Account typically demands USD 60...

Product Description

CPU: Amlogic S905D up to 2.0 GHz, Quad core ARM Cortex-A53
GPU: Penta-core ARM Mali-450 , up to 750MHz+(DVFS)
Flash Memory: eMMC Flash 16GB
3D Graphics: OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0 and Open VG 1.1 support
Video Decode: UHD 4K 60fps HW decoding, supports multiple formats including H.265 10-bit, H.264 and AVS+FHD 1080p 60fps HW encoding, supports H.264
Audio Decode: MPEG1 layer I, MPEG1 layer II, MPEG1 layer III, MPEG2 AAC, MPEG4 HE-AAC,EAC-3,Dolby+
Panel display: 4-digit LED display
LED Indicator: Power ON :Green; Standby :Red
Wifi: Built in 2.4G  WiFi  Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
IR: Exit IR for 38KHz,Infra Remote control
Standard: Fully comply with DVB-S/S2 (SCPC and MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellite), DVB-T/T2/Cable/ISDBT, MPEG-2/4 H.264 Standard
switch protocol: DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS Motor fully support, 13/18V DC @ 400mA MAX,Overload Protection, 0/22K
Favorites: 8 different favorite groups selection
OSD Color: 256 color/16bit On Screen Display
Picture: JPEG,BMP,PNG,GIF Supported
Channel Search: Supports NIT Search ,Automatic network search for newly added transponders
Channel Edit: Various channel editing function(favorite,move,lock,skip,delete,rename,find,sort)
PAL/NTSC: Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
SoftUpgrade: Software upgrades through USB port, Support OTA and HTTP/FTP upgrade.
Subtitle: support DVB EN300743 and EBU
USB 2.0: Support FAT/FAT32/NTFS big capacity hard disk
PVR Option: USB 2.0 for PVR,TIMESHIFT,media files playback Product Size (mm):124*119*36(L*W*H)
Gift Box size(mm):188*152*85
Accessories: Gift Box, Adapter, IR remote control, HDMI Cable, User Manual

How to set up an HH (dorizon to horizon) DiSEqC Motor on a satellite antenna dish.

For More Info: Instructions on how to install and align a motorized satellite dish.

Technomate TM-Twin-OE -

There was a time, back when Pocket-lint was still in school, where satellite TV was just about the most exotic technology you could use. If you ever got to go to someone's house, who had a massive dish and analogue satellite receiver, you could access a world of, mostly free, TV channels that were beamed from all over Europe.

Things started to change with the arrival of Sky,...


Samsung SMT-S7800 - TechRadar UK

Samsung has thrown its hat in the Freesat receiver ring with the SMT-S7800 500GB PVR.

The new Freesat G2 specification will bring, at some unspecified time, further integration of broadcast and broadband delivered programming.

Samsung sees no need for delay here in delivering a twin-tuner PVR with a sprinkling of its Smart TV magic, saying that when G2 boxes become...


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  • Kathrein UFS910 HD Linux STB

    01/12/07 ,via Tech Watch

    Strangely, the specifications only mention DiSEqC 1.0, and not the DiSEqC 1.2 required to drive a DiSEqC motor. Either something to watch out for, or a typo – we’re not sure which! Kathrein are a very well respected dish manufacturer, and have already ...

STAB HH 100 Diseqc Motor
STAB HH 100 Diseqc Motor
Diseqc-motor 1,2 SG2100 MOTEK
Diseqc-motor 1,2 SG2100 MOTEK
Stab DiSEqC Motor HH90
Stab DiSEqC Motor HH90
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