A new storage bug is blighting Google Pixel devices

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Multiple Google Pixel owners are reporting issues with their devices after installing the new January 2024 Google Play system update, resulting in access issues to data kept on internal storage. Symptoms include crashing apps, an inability to play music or videos, and being unable to access the phone camera.

Google told 9to5Google that it’s “aware of this issue and are looking into it.” Several Pixel users facing problems with their phones have drawn similarities to the Android 14 multiple profile update bug that blighted devices last October. “The symptoms are all the same,” said Reddit user Liv-lyf. “Internal storage not getting mounted, camera crashes, Files app shows no files, screenshots not getting saved, internal storage shows up empty in ADB Shell, etc.”

The bug has been reported across Google Pixel 5, 6, 7, 8, and Fold series devices. The January 2024 Play update hasn’t been widely rolled out, and not every Pixel user has experienced problems after installing it. You can check which version your Pixel device is running by heading into the Settings app > Security & privacy > System & updates. If you’re still on the November 2023 version, it might be best to avoid updating until the issues are resolved — though, according to Android Central / Android Authority / Android Police expert Mishaal Rahman, Google has paused the January 2024 update while it investigates.

There’s no effective workaround for these latest issues besides resetting impacted devices to their factory settings. Google was able to fix the similar bug last October within a few days via a software update, though some users needed to use a specialized Pixel Repair Tool to prevent their devices from constantly rebooting.

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